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The Weight of the World and the Choices to Make by luvataciousskull The Weight of the World and the Choices to Make by luvataciousskull

I'm really proud of this one. I rarely draw how I feel and over the last 3 days I worked on this. It's an expression of my anxiety, stress, and even periodic depression from it all.

But I feel really happy to have done this! I did a ton of brush work, some minor pen with, and experimented with new ways of doing and showing things.

grind-the-rust Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017   General Artist
Whoa, your brush control is immaculate, dude! 

I especially like how you managed to give the bony skull such a human, anguished expression.
luvataciousskull Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you!

I wish I could say it's a "brush" brush, but really its just a brush pen. That said, its still insanely difficult to work with and it took a ton of time and effort to learn how to control it without getting nothing but bold lines.

The skull was something else. I decided to make sure to not take it too seriously and instead focus on showing emotion. The hardest part was keeping it fairly realistic without getting "cartoony".
grind-the-rust Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2017   General Artist
Oh dude, I'm brush-penning it myself at the moment, so I know where you're coming from with how difficult the medium can still be to control. So yeah, I gotta take my hat off to you. Those are some crisp damn lines.
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