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Simpsons Satanic Tryptic - Helen Lovejoy by luvataciousskull Simpsons Satanic Tryptic - Helen Lovejoy by luvataciousskull
When I drew Marge, I didn't plan on doing a series, but then inspiration hit and I drew an evil Helen Lovejoy. In jest I wrote the following line:

"Maude Flanders Bakes Cookies in Hell and they are delicious! Haw Haw" 

I was excited, and when I finished and posted it online I realized I basically needed to do a full trypic and I kicked myself for using such an awesome joke on this piece.

Helen Lovejoy, for the uninitiated, is the wife of Reverend Lovejoy, the Pastor at Springfield Presbyterian Church.

Helen's hat is styled as the Pope, she has a third eye to help her show wisdom as its open, her chest piece carries the symbols of Baal and Astaroth, and the robes has "lies" on the left (her right arm) and "truth" on the right (her left arm) in Enochin script. I used Theban script on the circle. Her robes are also adorned with the Sigil of Lucifer and her hat has the Alchemy symbol of sulfur, often referred to as the Satanic Cross.

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