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SWINE FLU - Beware The Pandemic

As of 4/28/2009, Swine Flu has been upgraded to a Level 5 Disease by WHO, which is a step away from a full-blown pandemic. In the eyes of myself, and many others around the country, this entire situation is overblown and a joke. At least, hopefully its all this will be.

EDIT - This piece was mentioned in the New York Times (art blog)! AWESOME! [link]
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It is a severe pandemic that has devastated Washington, and other propagandist media outlets. The only cure is to vote out the government PORK. 
Get rid of corrupt, crony government and stop getting your information from the Media-wing of the American Progressive Party.

Issolate and starve the virus, and eventually it may become extinct
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Another nice poster, you always crack me up. :lol:
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The thing is, you don't realize how much it sucks until you get it.

I think it's all a big hype, but to be honest... getting the flu sucks. I think I'll go take more DayQuil now.
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Lol! My boyfriend lives in Mexico City - the dreeaaaded heart of the eeeevvviiil! **long ominous tone** buuuuuugghhhhhaaaaahh hooooooooo! **rattles chains*
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Those who still remember SARS know what I mean when I say this is a big hype. But epidemics and celebrities sell, so you "can't" blame the media ^^
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Media Hype and complete Bullshit.
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People love to panic...
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yeah... i mean, there's thousands of people in the United States with the flu currently, and some poeple do die from regular flu, so its not like we're completely caught off-guard by a terribly dreadful, horrible plague no one has a cure for. :P
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and may make people zombies.then it will truly be the pigzompocalypse!
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This is classic. People are far too panicked about this.
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