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Municipal Waster Tour Poster


Thus is the battle cry of Municipal Waste, one of the greatest thrash metal crossover bands of all time, and THE best of their generation! I've had the honor of meeting them once, and in honor of them coming to Philadelphia, I wanted to do a poster for their upcoming concert.

This was one of the easiest, and most difficult, pieces I've ever done.

The idea was easy and took only one thumbnail sketch done in 10 seconds. The full-blown pencils only took 10 minutes, with an extra 10 needed to fix the left hand. It was odd; it was if an outside force was controlling the illustration end of this.

The inks were done in record time: 45 minutes. The result was some of my boldest inking to date. I ran out the house to Kinko's so I could reduce it, got home and scanned it, and did comp layouts on the train ride back over the copies.

When I got home... it fell apart. The colors didn't seem to work, the composition threw me off, and I wasn't happy with anything. The more I worked on it, the less it looked like what I had imagined. I added a distressed effect and it all began to click.

What you see if the finished result. I went with the look and one thing led to another and BAM! Retro while still keeping modern sensibilities!
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Hipsters stay home! xD Spot on.
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I snuck into the Drunken Unicorn to see these dudes! Shit was INSANE!
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I learned how to use a spray gun from Landphil and I work with his bro Hallhammer :D

Municipal Waste and Cannabis Corpse 2 of my fav bands!!!!!!!!!!
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Dude, that's AWESOME!!!!
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Good old thrash times :D
luvataciousskull's avatar
Ha ha, yeah! Thanks!
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