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Live Work Die

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"Live. Work. Die. You're good for nothing else." - This message brought to you by the Department of Life.

This is the fifth poster in a series of propaganda posters made for The Department of Trepidation, an organization dedicated to helping and informing the public of what their government is up to.

You can view the full site here: The Department of Trepidation

This poster was largely inspired by just how I felt about a lot of things going on at my life. I know a lot of people may feel that way. That even though you are the most creative person around, even though you know deep inside yourself you're better than everything you've been through, that you're stuck in a place where you're nothing. You're left to Live, Work, and Die.
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The only thing people want you for is working - as little life elsewhere as possible and if you're a really cheap and productive worker they might even want to make you work for as long as possible before you die off.
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Lol, sharp eyes
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Working, yes. Living and dying, though? What good are those in themselves? And don't forget procreation, so we can produce the future work force.
I guess the only sense in having a population would be work and procreation. Nice not being so sensible.
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I hear you.
I also posted this on Twitter.
I m happy to see you continuing your work!