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Lamb of God 2012 Poster - Holy Mother

I did this when I heard Lamb of God was coming to Philadelphia for the first time in years, and not only that, but were playing The Trocadero, the same place I saw them two nights in a row when they filmed Killadelphia!

Sadly, the show is sold out, but I wanted to do something for them, anyway!

EDIT: I got to meet Lamb of God and have them sign it and I also gave them a copy! They loved it, and gave me a free pass! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!


So, about the piece:

While it was originally "blasphemy for the sake of blasphemy", I quickly realized there was a lot more to my idea than that.

The woman you see in the poster is actually Mary, mother of God. I asked myself a question: What if the events of the New Testament happened today? What if some unwed teenage mother who was seeing someone but never had sex suddenly got pregnant? What is she believe her son would be the savior of mankind?

How would she react once they killed him? You're seeing just that.

She's wearing a crown of barbed wire to symbolize the pain of her son. The tattoo of the heart is the one held by Mary in the most famous painting of her, which is also why her left hand is the way it is.

In essence, the fact there are so many bullets and guns behind her and the sunburst and halo are supposed to represent "salvation through destruction"; in essence, the concept is that in order to save everyone you must destroy some small part of everything else, even yourself.

It's an incredibly destructive concept when put into the wrong hands.

The words around her head, although hard to see in this piece, are of her thoughts as she steps forward to embrace her own faith:

"I bathed in the blood of my son, the savior of mankind! I am the mother of the Lord, your God. I will save you all with my grace as you face the wrath of God!"

In this case, "Grace" and "Wrath" are actually both references to the band Lamb of God, namely the song "Grace" and the album "Wrath". I thought the comparison was incredibly powerful.
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wow this is really cool!!!..You were there at the Killadelphia show!! that must have been epic.
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It was, it really was! I was in the front row both nights and wound up just running around halfway through their sets. Randy lunging into the crowd was just surreal!
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:D this totally rocks!! :headbang:
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awesome work!!
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Awesome concept, keep giong!
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