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Kreator Poster - Priestess

The actual name of the piece is "Evil Priestess of Hell (Enemy of God)"

This piece is actually less about Kreator and more about the subject matter. It's weird; it basically drew itself, but the design took a while to do. But it's also based largely on the album cover for "Enemy of God Revisited"

On the surface, this is just a semi-generic piece, with a skull, inverted cross, and some hint of nudity. Below is some actual meaning and purpose. Is the piece a statement of the futility of religion in and of itself? Am I saying that going down the path of "evil" will lead to your demise?

The odd thing is I don't honestly know.

There's a meaning to this piece, a sense of purpose here, that even I can't honestly explain. In the end, it could be nothing more than me taking a bit of a poke at Catholicism without really thinking about it. Why?

The inverted cross, while modernly referenced to Satanism, is actually a symbol of cleansing and purification. In fact, Peter, one of the 12 apostles, asked to be hung upside-down as he didn't find himself worthy of being killed the same way as Jesus. As you may know, Peter was "the rock" upon which the Catholic Church is built.

At the same time, upon this head, we see a skull attached to a woman's body. In reference to that last point, am I saying that this is, in fact, a dead church? And since there is a woman's body, that said dead church gives life at the cost of death?

Maybe. Now that I think of it, it could be.... or maybe I did just want to draw something that looked awesome. :D


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Something ... hmm ... the neck. It's a bit, too long? But a nice piece ntheless.
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:wow: awesome... my favourite band...