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Hail Courtney, Full of Grace

HOLE Tour Poster 2010

You know what I love? Pop art, the 90's, and Hole.

I bought the album "Live Through This" for the first time only a little more than a month ago. It's astonishing that it came out when it did, only a few days after Kurt Cobain's suicide. Songs like "Miss World" and "Violet" are abrasive, in you face, and to me, showed a woman who wasn't afraid to show who she was.

This piece is a reflection of a lot of things from that album, but also as a way to see her in a different light.

Courtney Love is a lot like Nancy Spungen in that she was... well, meant to be with Kurt Cobain like Nancy was meant to be with Sid Vicious. In fact, Courtney Love demanded she get the roll of Nancy when "Sid & Nancy" was being filmed.

Some people see her has this drugged-out loser, and I just don't see her as that. I see her as someone who actually is really beautiful, but has had that light hidden from the world for one reason or another. Someone who was never afraid to be who she is and be herself, no matter what, for better or worse.

I remember growing up that mom once said I always tend to draw the worst in people. This wasn't meant to prove her wrong, but I did want to try hard to do the opposite and show her in a different light.

Why Mary, you ask? And with a cigarette?

Well, Mary was just a woman, wasn't she? She was married to a carpenter and gave birth to something that changed the world. She was just a normal woman who one day was picked to do something amazing. I think updating the idea to Courtney Love kinda reminds us of that, and just makes you question what your conception is of both her and Mary.

As for the cigarette... well, what can I say other than I can't imagine Courtney Love without a cigarette.
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She tuely is a beautiful woman.
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Hail Courtney, full of grace, Kurt's money is with thee.

I like her music with Hole (well, I think it's okay), but I hate that she just barely sold Nirvana's publishing rights, when Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic should've owned them all around.

I always kinda saw her more as the Yoko Ono to Kurt's John Lennon. IMO.

Still, this drawing is great, Larry.
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:D:horns: Yeah, very cool.
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This just came up as newest upload and I was intrigued to look. Its a very interesting piece, but your explanation catches my eye. As much as I disagree on the whole "Meant to be" thing, (Big Sex Pistols fan here), I agree with the comparison entirely. Its a nice change to actually see a piece of art with a proper explanation, and an honest one at that.

Good job!

-Random random comment is random.
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Thanks. :)

When it comes to those two relationships, I only go for "meant to be" since, in the end, both guys were ultimately self-destructive to some end and the women in their lives... well, how many other women would be up for that stuff, right? LOL!

I try to keep the explanations honest, and when it comes to Courtney Love, it seems incredibly easy.
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True heh. Watched you btw, your an incredibly underrated artist! Your stuff is amazing!
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Why thank you very much!!!! :D
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