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Devin Townsend Tour Poster

Christeen, it's all I ask of you!

Devin Townsend is, without a doubt, one of my favorite musicians of all time. Although he isn't headlining this tour, I felt he should and, in turn, did this poster for the show and my own personal amusement.

The poster is based on a few things:

1. Listening to Devin Townsend is the closet I'll come to a religious experience, so the joy and ecstasy on the robots face is supposed to represent... well, joy.

2. The doves symbolize peace, and Devin Townsend is the only musician I've heard who can actually calm me down when I'm mad.

3. The robot was inspired by my love of Hajime Sorayama's robot women. What can I say? I think of Devin Townsend... I think of hot robot chicks.
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wow! Very nicew work!
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Hell. Yes. Especially "Terria", something about that album is soothing to me. Specifically the last few tracks.
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Damn straight! The Dev is awsome!