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City of Philadelphia Logo

Technically Philly decided to do something about the fact that my home town of Philadelphia got one of the worst logos of 2009, so they had a contest to see if someone could do better with the deadline being 5 days from the start of the contest. This is my entry.

I decided to use a lot of the history in America in the logo since one of the slogans of Philadelphia is "Birthplace of America".

There are 13 stars around the eagles head representing the 13 original colonies. The bald eagle itself is a symbol of the United States, and looking toward the left. Philadelphia itself was founded around 1680 and was established as a city in 1701 by William Penn.
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I like it, Larry! Hope it wins.
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Thanks, Ron! I worked pretty hard on it and I'm happy with how it came out! Depending on how this goes, who knows where it'll go!
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Hopefully it'll be the new city logo, Mr. Mayor.