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Black Label - Est 1985

I've had the idea for a while of doing an emblem for myself, and now, its finally here.

The "eye in the pyramid" may be best known as a symbol for Free Masons and the "Illuminati", but the origin is actually is a symbol of enlightenment.

The letters around the symbol are in Hebrew and, when read from the lowest point counter-clockwise, reads "לִוְיָתָן", which translate to "Leviathan". Leviathan and Lucifer are both names related to Satan, but are also the origins of my user name on here and in my magick practices.

In the back are two swords crossing, symbolizing both my fierce nature (as swords are a symbol of anger and strength) as well as a martyrdom I've felt my entire life, both on and off.

The snake circling the back is Oroborus, a serpent that swallowed its own tale and represents a never-ending circle. The circle means many things: My will, my determination, my love, and my passion, to name a few things.

The goat means a few things. I'm a Capricorn, and the goat is a symbol of the sign of the Zodiac. Capricorns tend to be determined, strong, and know what they want in life. Goats have also been connected to carnal thought and early pleasures.
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Beautiful Work!Dark and Magical.So much beauty that comes out of Darkness.
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I was really proud of this piece when I first did it, and I'm considering re-drawing it. I'll let you know if I do.
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Whoaaa.. cool!
it seems i have to check my gallery!
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