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Belial's Servant

"Belial's Servant" was created out of passion more than anything else.

I wanted to get back in touch with my religious roots, and it felt really good to work on this. I originally had no concept in mind for this, and it really wound up drawing itself.

I used the Celestial Alphabet on her chest to have some fun. It says "Pure Evil"... yeah, a bit cheesy, but I like it.

Other than that, this is a fairly seriously piece. I took the symbol of Belial and put it on both of her arms. For those who don't know, Belial is known as the spirit of the Earth and the master of mankind. In The Dead Sea Scrolls, he's known as the Prince of Darkness.

Her axe has two different symbols. The first is the symbol of Astaroth. The second is a bit more complicated and depends of who you ask. The double-cross and infinity symbol have been associated with sulfur in relation to Alchemy and also with Lucifer himself and a never-ending reign.

At the same time, I wanted to create a symbol behind the servant to show her affiliations. Belial's in the center with another one to the bottom left, the symbol of Lucifer above, and the symbol of sulfur and never-ending power to the right.

In terms of the execution of the piece, it was incredibly difficult... and a LOT of fun! Not much to say, really. A ton of inking, a ton of coloring, and a lot of lost sleep!
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Holy hell, that's one bad ass woman.