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"Bad Devil" is just a classic little devil dude, and the name comes from one of my favorite Devin Townsend songs of the same name (which you really should listen to!). It was a really easy piece to draw, but inking it wasn't. I wound up inking it twice; the first time I just used a brush, the second time I used my classic technique and a ton of brushwork to get the more "cartoony" look to it.

I was on the bus today and I started to think about my style. When I was in high school I took my first art classes and I had it in my head that to be an artist you had to do things a certain way. I had a great teacher who encourage me, and I remember her one day saying I had "stylized eyes and ears". To me at the time, "Stylized" meant "wrong". The truth is, "stylized" just means "uniquely you".

Sometimes I'll work on a piece and think something is "wrong" when, really, its just different and... well, ME. I decided to just sketch something, ignoring that part of my brain, and see where it went. It may have been for laughs, but I think I got my style back!
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