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ANVIL Tour Poster 2010

I love Anvil.

Back in 2003, I bought the Metal Blade 20th Anniversary box set and there were two songs on there by a band called "Anvil". The songs always stuck out in my mind and in 2009 when I heard that Anvil was coming to town based on a movie about their lives, I had to go. Since then, the band has always held a place in my heart.

About a week ago I got a copy of "Metal on Metal" and thanks to that AND the fact that they were coming to town, I decided to do a tour poster for them! It was inspired by the feeling I get from them and their music, and the fact that, music aside, they've become something bigger than themselves: A symbol of the triumph of perseverance.

Carry on, ANVIL!
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Awesome work here man!! Dig all the old skool speed metal references from back in the glory days hahaha!
Anvil kicks ass. I wish I heard of these guys sooner. I got their album this is
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Same here, and I agree, truly awesome band!
I hope to get a a lot of their albums. How about you?
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THIS is a killing poster !
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great work on the design! good job!
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Saw them ins konzert w/ Iced Earth and Jag Panzer back in 1998.
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Nice! I can't wait to see them again myself! :D
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Yeah! Was quite the orgy of metallic mayhem! Kinda like when I saw Kreator and Destruction at Harpo's.
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