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Portrait - Iffy (Redux)


Well I tried a few different new things on this painting - dramatic lighting, blending modes, different brushes - and I think I might have overworked the painting. I don’t’ feel that the lighting is uniform throughout the piece, especially in Iffy’s hair. The background may be too busy for the portrait and worst of all her expression is very bland and doesn’t give you a sense of who she is. I don’t know if I will keep this one up here, I need to walk away from it for a few days and re-evaluate after my eyes and brain have rested.

Anywho, my second attempt at Iffy’s portrait. She’s a troll hunter and the love of Ereana’s life. Along with Chance, Iffy’s all black dire wolf, she and Ereana make for quite the power couple. Iffy is very serious in nature - doesn’t speak much, prefers the wilderness and solitude to busy cities; quite the polar opposite of Kai, but her heart is pure and she will defend those she loves till death. Kai found Iffy gravely wounded during an Alterac Valley skirmish and once recovered the hunter pledged her life to protecting the Priestess. Iffy’s world was shaken to the core when Ereana entered the picture, the wild emotions she felt toward the bloodelf paladin confusing and exhilarating. You will often find the quiet hunter on the edge of camp with a small smile on her face as she watches Kai and Ereana banter back and forth or at the fatherly tenderness in which Branch handles the rest of the party.

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Love how you shade eyes

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Thank you!! It means a lot that you stopped by!

//ZOMG pounce hugz!