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My Sisters

The picture was taken on May 4 2004..... hum... wonder where we were???.. its a horrible pic of me..but not of them..oh yeah them is ... Ari on the left and Mary in the middle..sry i stole ur deviation mary..couldn't resist!! if there was some way to get me out...hmmm....
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:hug: it at ASU!!!:) its beautiful!!!
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yeah its the same pic u had..rem. ur mom took with my camera too :hugs: hey i just got a note from evadne that she is going to the hospital monday..and be back next week im scared.... so neways wassup w/ u
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yeppers :nods back: lol :hugs:...hey did u give that book to neone..if u haven't give it to raymond M. he makes sure he sees me ...goober!!!(im being nice)lol
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aww, yay family!