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The Nebula's Tide ch 17
A Stranger in the Night There were few things that Veska enjoyed more than an evening storm. They always made her feel like something exciting were about to happen. It had to do with the electricity in the air and the trembling in the ground. Every time the sky cracked, you could feel the life and power of everything around you. It was your choice in that instant to fear the will of nature, or let it fuel you. A month from now, the thrill of being locked inside by the torrents of a summer swell would fade. The storms to come would frequent at least three times a week. And even if the thunder didn’t show, the incessant rain always made an appearance. But for now, it was new and it was exciting again, and Veska was determined to savor it for as long as she could. At the moment, Veska sat reclined in her living room with her feet up. A light, knitted blanket was across her lap. A cup of li plum tea sat on a nearby table, its purple steam floating with the grace of a dancer on the cool evening air. Veska was going over her assigned reading for the week, making annotations as she went. Before settling in, the young lady had donned a hefty pair of thick-rimmed glasses. They had no lenses, and were purely for show. But wearing them made Veska feel smarter, as silly as that sounded, and helped her to concentrate. Kala had teased her about them once, blatantly stating that, in her opinion, wearing fake glasses when you didn’t need them was ridiculous. She hadn’t meant to be cruel about the remark, and later apologized for it, but the moment stuck with Veska and instilled in her a self-conscious embarrassment about wearing the beloved frames around other people. Now, she only ever wore them when she was alone, and a study night like this seemed the perfect occasion. Adjusting the glasses, Veska reached for her tea. She brought the small stone cup to her lips and blew cool air across the surface of the steaming liquid before closing her eyes to savor the first taste. Just then, there was a knock at the door. Veska’s eyes opened, her drink poised in her hands, the fragrant steam playing in her long lashes. That can’t be right, Veska thought. Surely, she must have misheard the distant thunder. But even with the thicker ear pads she had put in to compensate for the storm, Veska felt fairly certain it had been the distinct sound of three steady knocks upon the door and not the crash of lightning that had caught her attention. Curious, she waited to see if the noise would come again. It did. As clear as day. What was almost more surprising, and somewhat unsettling, than the fact that someone was unexpectedly knocking at this time of night in the middle of a storm, was the polite and patient nature behind the sound. As if it meant to say, ‘no rush here, just checking in.’Veska set down her drink, threw the blanket off her lap and made her way towards the side entrance. Grabbing a shawl on her way, she wrapped it around her shoulders, covering her bare arms in anticipation of the outside chill. Though the situation was unusual, Veska had no reason to suspect anything of a sinister nature. Someone was outside in the pouring rain. So, without hesitation, she turned the lock and opened the door. A tall figure stood just outside the circle of light that pooled from the open doorway. She saw right away that the person was not Hantae, so their unusually tall stature caught Veska by surprise. She was used to looking down at most alien species she had met, but this individual stood at roughly her same height. It lifted its chin, revealing the angular face previously concealed beneath the wide brim of an officer’s cap. Veska noticed the eyes first, shining at her through the darkness, one dark brown, one a crystal blue.The evening visitor raised a hand to its hat, tipping it respectfully as it addressed her, “Good evening, Miss Leahy. My name is Vico Dioli. If it’s not too much trouble, I’d like to have a word with you. May I come inside?” *“Would you like a cup of tea?” Veska asked, “I just made a pot of li plum. It’ll help warm you up after that nasty fall.” Dioli looked down at himself. The evidence of his mishap was splattered all over his coat. “Yes, thank you.” He said, and proceeded to wipe some of the mud from his boots. Veska was about to head for the kitchen but stopped when she saw the way the stranger was dragging his feet against the entry mat. While he was preoccupied, she looked him over, her eyes landing again on the phaser rifle that was slung across his back. “There’s a walk-in dryer just through there. If you wouldn’t mind leaving your boots and your rifle by the door…” He looked up at her. Veska fidgeted, but continued. “I’d appreciate it.” He seemed to think for a moment, scrutinizing her and the situation. To her relief, he nodded and carefully propped his weapon against the wall. Veska gave the man a shy smile and left him to dry off. Pouring a second cup of tea, she platted some marple biscuits in case he was hungry, and returned to the living room. Veska collected her text books and folded the throw blanket she had been using, finishing just as her guest reemerged. His clothes were still dirty, but at least they weren’t dripping with rain. Dioli wasted no time making himself comfortable. He parted the walls of his large duster as he plunged into the nearest chair, revealing a colorful outfit beneath his black coat and the gilded hilt and scabbard of an impressive-looking sword. Veska looked at the weapon and then back at the man. He met her silent question with a smirk that said, ‘Where I go, it goes.’ Veska sat a little straighter, maintaining a firm grasp of the warm stone cup in her hands. She wasn’t frightened, but she was wary. Swords weren’t a common weapon used on Ursus anymore. But, judging by the peculiar way the stranger was dressed, maybe it was just part of his uniform. He spotted the refreshments she had laid out and went after them eagerly. All the while Veska kept her eyes trained on the complicated lines around the man’s mouth, watching the way they moved and changed as he took quick, but deliberate bites. Now that she could see him clearly in the light, Veska was able to identify what he was. Mr. Dioli was a Devourer. She had never met one of his kind in person before tonight, but seven years of xenology classes helped her to recognize the distinguishable form of his jaw and the shapes it carved into his gaunt cheeks. Her gaze drifted across the man’s face, taking in his full lips, his manicured mustache and the dark makeup that was painted heavily around his multi-colored eyes. In studying her guest, Veska also noted the bent shape of his nose. It looked like it had been broken, likely more than once, which was shocking for a Devourer. Their people were known for their flexible skin and adjustable bone structure. She wondered what could have happened to him to inflict such permanent damage. Finishing the biscuits, Dioli whipped his hands and mouth with a silk handkerchief pulled from his breast pocket. The colorful fabric was then carefully folded and tucked back into place. Now his attention was on her and Veska was left wondering what to say to the man. Her face started to grow warm under the scrutiny of the stranger’s gaze. Is he studying me? She wondered. Veska supposed that was only fair, after all she had been shamelessly starring at him for the past several minutes. I wonder what he sees in me? “Your glasses are fake.” He said. The observation was as much a blatant statement as it was a harmless remark, but hearing it instantly set Veska’s face aflame with flushed embarrassment. She had completely forgotten about her stupid glasses! Quickly she took them off and folded the frames sheepishly in her lap, her cheeks burning a deep purple.“They’re for studying,” she all but blurted out. Veska’s ‘cool composure’ had been shaken and the time for casual observations with a mysterious Devourer had past. “Anyway, what can I do for you, Mr. Dioli? It’s awfully late and I have a big exam tomorrow.”He didn’t answer her, but glanced around the room instead. He eyed the light fixtures, the plants and the wall cubbies where the family’s books and trinkets sat on display. Reaching into his coat pocket, Dioli retrieved a round, hand-held device. A few keys were pressed on the sensor pad which caused the small dome at its center to hum and rise into the air. The pod stopped a few inches above the base in Dioli’s hand and hovered there.“Before we begin,” he said, “I’d like to do a quick sweep of the area, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.” He pressed the pad with his thumb and sent the dome zooming forward. Vesak dogged the device as it swooped past her shoulder, swinging her head around to see it scanning the room’s various nooks and crannies in a meticulous flyby. “Hey, now wait a minute! You can’t just snoop through my things without permission.” The beads that hung around her face swung and clacked together as she turned back toward him. Letting this stranger into her home maybe hadn’t been the best idea.“I’m just scanning for bugs.” Dioli said calmly, “I have to be sure no one’s listening.” The pod returned and landed smoothly on its base, glowing a soft blue before turning off. Satisfied, Dioli put the disk back in his pocket and reached again for his cup. “Who would be listening? It’s just me here.” Veska tried to keep her tone light, all the while growing steadily more warry of the sword-barring man she had let into her living room. He must be paranoid, she thought, and instantly brought to mind the stories she had heard of astronauts plagued by ‘space madness.’ A lot of strange things could happen to a person up there. Again, Veska’s train of thought went to the man’s broken nose and the trauma that could have caused it. He met her gaze, “The Federation has been monitoring you, Miss Leahy. That’s why my visit had to be unannounced. I apologize for the late hour, but we’re running short on time. It’s about your sister, Kala.”A switch flipped inside her and suddenly her senses were on full alert. Veska set down her tea and leaned forward. “What is it? What’s happened?” “Sometime in the next few days, the Federation will inform you that your sister has been killed.” Her eyes widened with fear but he continued before she could interject. “This will be a lie, but it is very important that you act as if you believe them.” Struggling to filter the avalanche of reactions and questions tumbling inside her, Veska sputtered for a moment, her mouth agape. “What?! That doesn’t make any sense. Besides, why should I believe you? I don’t even know who you are.” “Who I am isn’t important, in fact it’s better if you don’t know. That will make lying to the Federation easier when they come to you. As for whether to believe me or not, you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to choose. Once we’re done talking here, I’m going to transmit a CQC to your sister’s location. Then you’ll be able to see her and she can tell you herself.” This was unreal. Veska felt as if she had been suddenly thrown into an alien espionage thriller. The mysterious stranger, the secrets, the collusive government conspiracy. To be honest, part of her loved it. If not for the fact that any bad news involving her sister sent her stomach spiraling into knots, Veska would have otherwise jumped at the opportunity to participate in something this sensational. Chewing on her lip, she sat for a moment, taking her time to collect her thoughts. Veska glanced up at Dioli. He looked back expectantly, almost impatiently. “Kala is safe, right? Before we do anything else, I need you to promise me that.” Not bothering to delve into the inherent fatuity of trusting the promise of a complete stranger, Dioli nodded and did his best to look genuine. If this gets me out of here faster... “I promise.” He said.Veska leaned back a bit, her shoulders releasing some of their tension. “Alright then. How do you plan to send a CQC?”“From my ship,” he said, rising from his chair. Lightning stuck close by, drawing Dioli’s attention to the storm raging outside. “It’ll be easier if the signal doesn’t have to breach the cloud cover.” He glanced at Veska. “Have you been in a space cruiser before?” Veska’s eyes widened, momentarily mesmerized by the idea of riding in an actual interstellar starship. But caution quickly reeled her back to Ursus. She paused, squinting at Dioli as he readied to leave. “How do I know this isn’t all a trick so you can kidnap me or something?” He chuckled then, and surprised Veska with the musical inflection of his laughter. “Don’t worry, you’re not my type. And I don’t mean that as an insult, it’s just nature.” Dioli winked at her, confirming a hunch she had from earlier. As he made for the side door, Veska stopped him. “Where are you going?”He paused, “…Back the way I came?” “Up Acaleerah?” She asked, her tone heavy with skepticism.“Yes…?” This time it was Veska’s turn to chuckle. Walking back towards the kitchen, she retrieved a key fob from the ceramic bowl in the hallway. She then stepped into a nearby closet, and came out holding a long metal bat.Propping the bat against her shoulder, she dangled the fob from her finger. “This will be faster. Where did you dock?”
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Thank you to all the other groups that give us their support. We support you too.
FINALLY, I figured out how to get into the account I made to host this group. So, I've made some BIG changes.

1. Co-Founders - Congrats, you've officially become group demi-gods. I fixed the admin settings and now you have full control, short of kicking me out ;) No mutiny allowed lol. This should allow you to easier run the group as you see fit. You can make and edit and delete new folders (and open them. PLEASE don't forget to OPEN the new folders you make so members can submit into them). I went through and opened Dr. Who and Gen-whatever it was for submissions.

2. Features Folder - CLOSED! I closed the folder and it will not take submissions ANYMORE! I'm sick of seeing the group used as a dump. If your art belongs in one of the folders we have, put it in there. I don't want to see Stitch on the Featured when we SPECIFICALLY have a Disney folder. If a folder does not exist, you may have to put it in a catch-all, such as the TV, Comic, Book, Other, Original, and so forth. If you want to see a folder for a particular fandom, please ask the Co-Founders. If there is enough need for such a folder, one will be added (*Co-Founders, PLEASE remember to open the new folders you make so submissions can be put in. With your upgrade in privileges, you should be good to go).

3. Clean-Up Contributor - Seeking to add a Clean-Up Contributor to the admin collective. This person (or persons) will have limited access to editing. Your duty will be to clean up the folders test new folders to let Co-Founders know if they are open for submissions, and MOST IMPORTANT, you will be sloshing through the Featured Folder and placing all those images
         A. In their proper folders
         B. Deleting content that does not belong (things that are more pure Mecha or too Human, Alien Landscapes (unless a folder was created for this, but that's all up to the Co-Founders), too troll-ish (keep in mind some people do have less art skill than others, but an increase in obvious shit art should be removed), and anything else deemed inappropriate for the group for one reason or another.

4. Steven Universe- Curious about the Admin and Community Vote on this one, despite not having an actual poll. I was debating is Steven Universe would count to y'all. They are humanoid, but very distinct as well. So, that is a discussion I'm posing for everyone. Do you want/need a Steven Universe folder? Or, do you feel it is still against the purpose of the group (aka too human looking)?

5. Community - This group will continue to become just an art dump if people don't participate a little more. I see a movement for a Contest, which is nice. However, a see a lot of people being hesitant about joining the contests (which is a pity, cuz y'all are getting way better damn prizes than when I was officially running things LOL). This is a community that you've joined. You don't HAVE to join every contest, but this group has almost 1,000 members! (Holy shit, one of MY groups has almost 1,000 members?! How'd I do that?!). I think we should see more than 3-10 people wanting to participate in interacting and creating art. Seriously, it's sad that only a dozen people are actually using the group effectively with 978 lurkers.

No one is in trouble or anything. I'm just saying that, for as large as we are, it would be nice to see a little more activity as a group, rather than an art dump where we never do anything together from time to time. Perhaps even after I get my shit together (things are really chaotic here), I'll offer a prize once in a while for contests (I don't do requests anymore and all my art is commission work or personal.

Anyway, just wanted to throw this update out there. No one is in trouble. Just kinda threw in some much needed updates I couldn't do before. So, Co-Founders, you get to do more boss stuff. Clean-up/Clutter Contributors, apply and tell me why you are applying :)
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Contest/Prizes & Webcomics

Any contests occurring will be mentioned here, along with all the information you need to take part. Remember, these contests are for members only.



If you love aliens and webcomic, why not check out our featured webcomic authors!!! If you are creating or have created an alien-related webcomic and have it hosted somewhere online, let us know and we'll post up a link. Alien freaks like me love alien materials ^-^


Trying Human

Greys, Reptoids, Nordics, Humans, Area 51, Conspiracies, and Love Triangles! Caught your attention yet? If so, check out Trying Human by :iconintroducingemy:. This is an awesome webcomic with lots of alien yumminess, sweet stuff, dark stuff, and funny stuff. Can't go wrong!

Check it out here:



Also, if you enjoy Grey webcomics, check out Pandora too by :iconnatheyecea:. It's just starting up, so everyone hop onto the Grey bandwagon and enjoy the Grey goodness! Check it out here:


Alien Fishbowl

Looking for something a little more silly and random? Why not try Alien Fishbowl by :iconbpurg:? If you have an open mind and a very good sense of humor, this can be a lot of fun.

Note: Anyone offended very easily probably shouldn't read it. But, if this doesn't apply to you, have fun!

Read it here:…


Kila Ilo

:iconhideousblob: has offered to share an alien webcomic as well, and describes it as: "It's about a bunch of aliens living on a future version of Earth and running a mad science lab."

I dunno why but something about it reminds me of Pinky & the Brain which makes me giggle. Check it out!

Read it here:


The Greys

:iconxavuk: had offered to share a webcomic called The Greys which is a wonderful collection of parodies and comical Grey antics.

Check it out here:


Denim Trousers

:icondenim-trousers: has offered to share his collaborative webcomic which covers topics from aliens to the Grim Reaper. Check it out here:



:iconluv-with-an-alien: is a group where alien lovers of all sorts can come together. It doesn’t have to be all romance, either. In fact, we encourage aliens of all natures, be they friendly, hostile, quirky, etc. We do not, however, accept a lot of artwork of spacecrafts or space scenes without aliens present.

This group is dedicated to the aliens that have changed our lives via through television, movies, comics, or actual encounters. So, let me give you some valuable information and you’re ready to go:


1. Try to stick to alien-looking characters in your artwork. I know there are a lot of human-like races to choose from, such as Nordics, Pleadians, Saiyajins, Superman, but they look TOO human. If they are nearly impossible to pick out of a human crowd, they may not count. But, characters such as Na’avi, Thundercats, Predator, and characters that have certain special physical features would be fine, since they are visibly different from human beings. If you have a question about placing your artwork here, feel free to ask. We’re pretty easy-going. Keep in mind that human characters and human-like characters ARE allowed to be IN the submissions, so long as they have something more alien in the image as well.

2. I don’t put a submission limit on my group. I also don’t put a rating on my group. So, you can post those more suggestive pieces of original or fanart. All pairings are acceptable, be them straight, yaoi, yuri, yiff, etc. Post responsibly, however. Make sure that your work has the proper maturity warnings. I don’t mind cross-overs either. My only preference is that the work be at least somewhat tastefully done. We don’t want a ton of meaningless smut. Also, remember the younger members ^-^ [The maturity warnings are normally already covered when you upload the art into your own gallery. It’s at the bottom before you submit it]

3. Be friendly to the other members. Critique, but don’t be cruel. This place is supposed to be fun for everyone. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

4. To affiliate, there’s a button on the top of your own group’s page. It kinda walks you through that. You don’t have to be an alien group to affiliate with us.

5. WEBCOMICS! We feature a collection of webcomics on this group. We still cover an alien theme, although now it can be ANY sort of alien of inner or outer space, including human-like aliens and astronauts. If you have a webcomic that meets this criteria and you would like to share it, send a note to :iconin-luv-with-an-alien: or :iconluv-with-an-alien: and provide the following information:
:alien: The title of the webcomic
:alien: The URL/Web Address
:alien: If possible, the update schedule
:alien: A short description of the webcomic. Please give a warning if the content may be offensive to some unsuspecting readers.

Before you submit artwork, be sure to find the right folder. If you cannot find the right folder, just be sure all the information about the work is in the descriptions and leave it in the Featured section and we’ll place it. Also, fanfiction is accepted in just about every folder so long as it meets the topic of the folder. So, to make life easier, let me explain the folders to you:

:alien: Contest Entries This is where you place submissions that are for our current contest. We have a contest section, as well as many blurbs on the blog with information about the current contest running, due date, and topic, as well as some guidelines. Read the guidelines carefully. We wouldn’t want anyone to miss out by accident if they entered. UNLESS MENTIONED OTHERWISE, ALL alien fandoms are acceptable for contests. Fanfiction is not always accepted in this folder. Please read the guidelines of each contest to be sure. If you would like to submit fanfiction or an original written piece, please note the group or :iconin-luv-with-an-alien: to ask if the exception can be made. Sometimes guidelines can be shifted to accommodate written work if people are truly interested. But please, ASK FIRST.

:alien: Contest Winners Members do not have access to this feature. When a contest ends and a winner is chosen, only Admin can access this. The winning entry will be placed in this folder with the winners of past and future contests.

:alien: Alf This is a classic television show about an alien named Gordon Shumway, aka Alf, a Malmakian alien that crashed landed his spaceship on Earth, more specifically, into the Tanner Family’s garage. Chaos and Comedy ensue as Alf becomes a member of the family.

:alien: Aliens in Movies This folder is for the fanart you have that does not have a specific folder already. So, perhaps you have fanart from Aliens or Predator. Perhaps you have art from Planet 51 or Signs or Spaced Invaders. If you don’t see a specific folder for it, it goes here. Please keep in mind that, though I know there are aliens that appear human, let’s try and go for the more alien-looking sorts if possible. Also, OC’s for these movie fandoms are also accepted. Fanfiction is accepted.

:alien: Aliens on TV This folder is for fanart you have done of aliens that appear on television shows, past and present, and do not already have a folder in the group. Maybe it’s a picture of a Nemakian from Dragonball Z or Kazoo from The Flintstones. Maybe you have the entire cast drawn from the classic cartoon Galaxy High. Of course, let’s not forget fanfiction. If you don’t already see a folder for it, it goes here.

:alien: Asgard The Asgard is a race of Grey-like aliens from the Stargate Fandom. They appeared in Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis. Canon and OC characters are accepted as well as fanfiction so long as the Asgard play an important part in the piece.

:alien: Alien Fishbowl Alien Fishbowl is a webcomic about religion and aliens. A lot of original artwork from the creator is featured here. But, fanart and fanfiction of this webcomic is allowed as well.

:alien: Avatar This movie, by James Cameron was an instant hit. ?, a paralyzed marine is sent to the planet Pandora where he controls a Na’avi avatar. He is then sent to mingle with the Na’avi, a race of tall blue aliens with tails to learn their ways and find a way to allow their two worlds to live together peacefully. Consider it like a space age version of Pocahontis. Anyway, the Na’avi became a very popular topic of art after the movie was released. So, any Na’avi artwork, canon or OC is accepted here. NO PHOTO MANIPULATIONS. This folder will also accept any of the animals featured on Pandora, including OC animals that follow the same style. Fanfiction is accepted.

:alien: Brackenwood The Brackenwood Series was created by ? and featured as flash cartoons and can also be seen on Youtube. While several characters were introduced, the most popular was a satyr-like character, known as a Dashkin named Bitey. You can see the cartoons here: link, or you can see them on Youtube. Fanart and Fanfiction is accepted here.

:alien: Comics and Memes If you have a comic strip you would like to share or one of those nifty meme thingies, this would be the place to put it, so long as it is alien related.

:alien: Cosplay This is a fun folder. If you or any of your friends have cosplayed an alien character of ANY sort and taken pictures, then this is the folder for you. Also, don’t be surprised to see artwork here. If a human character in a piece is cosplaying as an alien OR if an alien character is cosplaying as another fandom character, you may find it here. No fanfiction or original writing is accepted in this folder.

:alien: Crafts & Merchandise This folder is for photos or features of objects that have been made, such as T-shirts, bracelets, charms, pendants, ornaments, plushies, apparel, and other sort of things members have made with aliens features. If you are selling these items anywhere other than the DeviantArt store, such as through Zazzle or other online stores, please provide the URL/Web Address. Obviously, no written material is featured here unless you are offering a comic book or novel. If that’s the case, information regarding the publication will be needed.

:alien: Cryptids This folder is for those creatures that don’t QUITE meet the alien requirement, but are connection directly or indirectly. So, this folder accepts artwork of creatures like: The Loch Ness Monster, The Flatwoods Monster, Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Mothman, Athool, Jersey Devil, etc.

:alien: Destroy All Humans This is a video game series that was playable on Playstation 2 [and probably other game consoles]. It featured a Grey-like alien known as Furon, which were seeking cells from human brains to harvest ancient Furon DNA to revive their race. The two main characters of the series was Orthopox [Pox] and Cryptosporidium [Crypto]. If you have any fanart or fanfiction about this fandom, it goes here.

:alien: Disney Aliens This could be the little green aliens from Toy Story, Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, Wall-E from Wall-E or any alien from a Disney feature. Fanfiction is welcome here.

:alien: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial It wouldn’t be a proper group without this fandom. E.T is a movie about an alien that was accidentally left behind on Earth. He meets a boy named Elliot and the two become close friends. When E.T starts to become ill, Elliot and his siblings make it their mission to help E.T phone home. Fanart and Fanfiction regarding this Speilburg classic are accepted here.

:alien: Greys Greys are a race of aliens thought to actually exist. They are skinny with teardrop heads and almond shaped eyes. Considered one of the most recognizable alien images on the planet, they are popular topics of art. If you have pieces that feature Greys, this is the place. Perhaps they are Greys you’ve actually encountered, or perhaps they are part of a project you are working on. Grey images of all sorts are accepted here. NOTE: Artwork involving the movie Paul is accepted both in this folder and in Aliens in Movies. Greys featured in Webcomics are also accepted here if a folder has not already been made. Grey Hybrids are also acceptable in this folder. Also, fanfiction is accepted in this folder but original writing is NOT. If you have original writings for a story or your personal encounter with Greys, submit it in Original Writings. Also, if Greys are a particular interest to you, check out this group: :icongrey-communion:

:alien: Invader Zim This was a cartoon/comic that was created by Jhonen Vasquez and featured on Nickelodeon. An Irken, known as Zim is sent to Earth to conquer it once he has learned the best way how. However, the mission was a ruse by the ruling party: the Almighty Tallest to get rid of him. Now, along with his malfunctioning robot, Gir, Zim continued to believe that he is on a top-secret mission and battles head to head with Dib, the only person who knows Zim is an alien. This folder is tricky. While Invader Zim fanart is accepted, try to remember that the human characters are odd but not aliens. Be sure that Gir, Zim, or some other Irken or alien character is featured along with Dib or Gaz to make it acceptable. All alien and alien/human pairings are acceptable. Fanfiction is definitely accepted here.

:alien: Irken OC’s Why does this have a folder of its own? There are so many OC Irken characters out there that they don’t even relate to Invader Zim at ALL except for the fact that they are Irken. SO, if you have an Irken OC that is NOT connected to the original IZ fandom, it would probably fit here. If any canon characters appear in the artwork, it goes in the fandom folder, not here. As far as writing is concerned, original writings [not involving any IZ canons] are welcome. The ONLY canon characters allowed in the writing are the Almighty Tallest.

:alien: Keroro Gunso also known as Sgt Frog is a Japanese manga series by Mine Yoshizaki and was later adapted into an anime series by Junichi Sato. The anime series ran from April 3, 2004 – April 3, 2011 and has 358 episodes. Both the anime and manga are comedies that follow the attempts of a platoon of frog-like alien invaders to conquer Earth. Sergeant Keroro, the titular character, is the leader of the platoon, but is at the mercy of a human family of three after he is captured while trying to hide in one of the family member's bedrooms. In both the manga and anime, Keroro is forced to do meaningless chores and errands for the family after his army abandons his platoon on Earth. The platoon has many failed attempts at taking over Earth. All Keroro Gunso fanart and fanfictions are of course, welcome in this folder but please, no out right pornographic works. Fan characters from any species in the Keroro Gunso universe are welcome, along with crossover fanart (example: Keroro Gunso and Invader Zim) but with crossover fanart and fan fictions, these must contain at least one character from Sgt Frog.

:alien: Marvin Martian This character was featured on Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies. He was known not only as Marvin Martian, but also, I believe Commander X-2. He also became the main protagonist in shows like Duck Dodgers and the 24th ½ Century where he would do battle with Daffy Duck and Porky Pig. Anyway, not only is Marvin Martian artwork accepted here, but also that of the Queen of Mars and other Martian characters in this fandom. Don’t forget Tiny Toons! Martia Martian, Marvin’s niece, is also accepted. Fanfiction is accepted for Marvin, Martia, and the Queen of Mars. Duck Dodgers fanfiction is accepted here as well so long as Marvin, Martia, or the Queen of Mars is featured prominently.

:alien: Pandora This title is a webcomic by :iconnatheyecea:. Nova is sent to a compound in space to learn from alien mentors. Along the way, she gets to meet other amazing alien individuals. Original artwork from the creator is featured in this folder. However, fanart and fanfiction of this webcomic are also accepted here.

:alien: Original Aliens If you created a race of aliens, you may feature them here. But, they must not be able to fit in any other category. These aliens must be made up by you. OC’s are acceptable if they do not fit in other categories, as in, they cannot be a Grey or Irken or Malmakian, etc. Stereotypical aliens may be featured here, such as the stereotypical Martian. No canon characters of ANY sort from other fandoms can be featured here. No writings are accepted here.

:alien: Original Writings No fanfiction of any sort is allowed here. You cannot mention any canon character or copyrighted race, such as Irkens or Malmakians. This folder is for original written work or excerpts. Perhaps you’ve had an actual encounter and have written it down. Perhaps you have a story about aliens. This is the only folder where the alien can be a race such as Nordics or Pleadians, which appear human. If you have something original you would like to share, this is the folder. If have written something pertaining to Greys, Reptilians, or Hybrids, you have the option of submitting it here, in the corresponding folder, or you can submit it to both the corresponding folder AND this one. Please, no excerpts from published and copyrighted material unless that material is yours.

:alien: Other Fan Work Perhaps you have a fanfiction or fanart from a webcomic or book series. If you DO have work that does not fall under any other catefory, then here is a good place to put it. Remember, if you have fanwork from a TV series or movie, put it under those folders. Anything else that is not covered goes here.

:alien: Paul Yes, now we have a folder specifically for the movie Paul! Any fanart or fanfiction is welcome here featuring this foul-mouthed but hilarious little alien.

:alien: Reptilians Reptilians are thought to be existing aliens. They are basically humanoid reptiles with the ability to shapeshift. Some have wings and horns. Some appear to be dragon-like and some are lizard-like. This folder is for any reptilian sort of alien such as a Draco, Terran, perhaps even ancient gods like Quetzelcoatl and Sobek. If it has intelligence and scales, it may very well belong here. Reptilian hybrids are also acceptable. Fanfiction about Reptilians that does not have another folder may go here. If you have any original writings or encounters you would like to share about Reptilians, they would also be accepted here. If Reptilians are of interest to you, check out :iconreptilian-resistance:

:alien: Stamps Icons & Journal Skins Stamps seem to be a big thing on DeviantArt. If you have any stamps that are alien related, this is the place to share it. Also, this folder accepts avatar icons. It can be from any alien-related fandom. We also accept emoticons here. For those who have made journal skins for DeviantArt, we also accept those in this folder as well. For Journal Skins, we accept spacecraft art and space world art as well as actual alien art.

:alien: Trying Human This webcomic was created by :iconintroducingemy: and is featured here: . Rose is a young woman that has been repeatedly abducted by aliens. She eventually befriends one of her captors, a Grey named Hue. From then on, she becomes part of a story involving mystery and intrigue, as well as a horde of other amazing characters from Reptoids, Greys, and the Majestic 12. Any artwork or fanfiction for this fandom goes here. NOTE: All human characters must be featured with an alien character. The characters may be in their “Circuit” form. The ONLY exception to the “No Solo Humans” rule is MJ-6, aliens in “Circuit” form, and hybrid OC’s. If you are a fan and would like to see MORE Trying Human artwork, fanfiction, and take part in fun contests, check out these groups:






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