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photoshop brushes

59 - good for smoothing out and shading gently
411 - great for hair and for sharp details like eyelashes
292 - texture 
73** - everything brush! i like it for blocking out color and shading 
174 - color wobble brush; fun for playing with tones in backgrounds and clothes and stuff
80 - good for hair and shading and rough sketches
193 - freckles! and skin textures
11 - sketching, really nice and round, good for line art too

most are custom made by me, no credit needed if you use them but let me know if you enjoy them!
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Thank you so much!

thanks a lot for sharing.

Thanx a lot..:)

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Hey, I love the way you've used your brushes in this artwork!
Thanks for sharing those, I tried to download them but sadly dA says "The page you were looking for doesn't exist."
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Okay, for anyone that experiences the same issue, I clicked on the title link which reloaded the page and then the download button worked like magic. ^^
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I will definitely download and try these out, you've made great things happen with them. Thank you so much for sharing! :D
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