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Mafia! Hetalia X Seductive! Reader 2
Part 2~
  Backstage in a dimly lit room, the woman sat cross legged sitting in front  of a vanity mirror with brightly lit bulbs. She steadily put on her bold red lipstick.
  The room was small, but at least large enough to fit a black love seat, and a bed built for two. A lovely aroma of vanilla and cigarette smoke sweetly wafted through the air.
  The woman turned around when she heard a rather excited knock on the door. She arched a brow and sat silent for a second.
  *knocknocknocknock*..."(Y/n)? Are you in here?!"
  She smirked when she heard the voice knowing exactly who it was.
  "Yes I'm here darlin'. Come on in if you please." She purred.
  The door opened, and her smile grew.
  "Why hello there Mathias..."

   "Hello yourself Ms.(L/n)" The sandy blonde chuckled back.
   Name:Mathias Køhler
   Status:Head of the Danish mafia
:iconfreedom-machine:Freedom-Machine 185 181
Mafia! Hetalia X Seductive! Reader
  A dangerous bar. For dangerous men. At least 3 people are shot here a week. But did anyone really care? Nah. They were gangsters. They were the mafia! And no one dared to get into their business.
   "Ciao Lovino! Do you-a know which heads of the houses are here-a?"
A brunette man with a pinstriped suit, sat back in his chair whilst glaring at his twin brother with amber eyes.
   "Of course I do-a Feliciano. I must for the sake of our-a Italiano branch." He replied. It was true, if you didn't know your people here, you would have no business running.
   He glanced around the room full of young lethal men. Identifying each one individually.
   Arthur Kirkland: 26 years old. Head of the British Mafia.
   Alfred Jones: 26 years old. Head of the American Mafia.
   Ivan Braginski: 29 years old. Head of the Russian Mafia
   Ludwig and Gilbert Beilschmidt: Brothers. 27 and 28 years old. Heads of the German Mafia.
:iconfreedom-machine:Freedom-Machine 417 152
~Old Doll~ Doll!Russia x Reader

Old Doll

Doll!Russia x Reader

"An old doll contains memories, and these memories will remain."
     She had been warned, many times, to stay away from the attic. Her brothers had told her that nothing was there, that it was dangerous to step around, that there were whispers to drive her insane. In the beginning, she had chosen to believe them, not wanting to be cursed by whispers or killed from falling wood.
     Being scared of the attic, however, did not cause her to stop thinking about it. Often, she would lay in bed, staring up at the roof above her, wondering what laid between the drywall and the attic. ___ dreamed of mystical things up there, toys her brothers abandoned, books on old fairy tales, treasured reminders of the old family, before she had been adopted.
     Every so often, ___ would catch two of her brother's conversing about the attic,
:iconanomalykj:AnomalyKJ 256 32
Poland x reader -Beach Day
   You stood on the shore of a beautiful beach. The sand was soft and the sun was out. You sat in the shade of your umbrella as you applied sunscreen and awaited the arrival of your best-friend Feliks.
   Feliks was a peculiar type of guy, one which had managed to get on your good side and befriend you, also he liked to wear women's cloths. You in particular had no problem with the whole dressing in feminine cloths. But others found it downright wrong.
    Feliks always liked to arrive about half an hour late from the starting time of anything, that included now. Feliks preferred to call it being 'fashionably late'.
   "Hey _y/n_,like how goes it?" You looked up from applying your sunscreen to spot your friend Feliks. His almost shoulder length blonde bob hung lightly atop his head as he ran over to greet you. "Hey Feliks! I'm fine, but you're late." He let out a lighthearted laugh, "Oh, you know that you'd totally wait for me, like no matter how
:iconiluv2camp99:iluv2camp99 44 7
Russia x Mochi!Reader
   What were you exactly? Well, you were a mochi. Yes, you were a sticky Japanese treat. And somehow, by defying all logic, you were alive and breathing. You were a living being that was thrown aside and mistreated. But, despite your rough upbringing you still lived through thick and thin, many people treated you as a mutant or even a disgrace to society. But, there were a select few that warmly welcomed you into their life. And this is a story of one such person.
  Last week you had been rummaging through a garbage can in an alley in the rain. Those were some pretty rough circumstances, but in the end you were captured by the local pound and brought to the shelter.
  Where you currently resided was in a type of jail cell. You weren't the only one in this situation and that you were thankful for, you were surrounded by these annoying creatures called puppies.  Everyday a puppy was taken home until you were the only one left in your cage.
 One day a strange
:iconiluv2camp99:iluv2camp99 99 21
SpainxPregnant!Reader- The Magic of Pregnancy
You rub your temples in a slow, circular motion. Having migraines while being pregnant was NOT fun. Though pregnancy was supposed to be a beautiful thing, but for the last nine months, you've felt like you've been placed into a living hell. Well, maybe you're exaggerating a little bit, but it hasn't exactly been easy. What with the food cravings, morning sickness, mood swings, swollen ankles and back pain, it certainly felt like a little slice of hell.
For a moment, you actually felt a bit sorry for the Spaniard, who had to go through your constant mood swings and frequent trips to the grocery store. But nonetheless, he was very understanding despite the fact he was a clueless airhead. It made you smile a bit and appreciate him just a bit more. Then the dull throbbing in your head finally made itself known once more, and you scowled slightly. Hauling yourself up from the couch with a groan, you waddled to kitchen to find coffee, hoping that the caffeine might dull the pain in your head
:iconawesomeninjaperson12:awesomeninjaperson12 661 177
Osomatsu-san Icons by Kiss-the-Iconist Osomatsu-san Icons :iconkiss-the-iconist:Kiss-the-Iconist 1,483 409
Half-cat!Spain x Reader
“Toni!! Dinner!” you called for your feline who was currently outside, playing with two other cats from the neighborhood Francis and Gilbert.
Antonio’s ears perked up as he ran towards the cat door and came inside.
“Here you go” you set his bowl down as he rubbed against your leg in gratitude.
The phone ringing snapped you out of your thoughts. You quickly rushed to pick it up. Sadly, you were not fast enough and the machine got it.
“Hey (y/n), listen, I wanted to call you to tell you things aren’t working out between us. I’ve started seeing another girl. I think its time you do the same. I hope you find someone great. Bye” that was your boyfriend (random guy's name), who had dated you for two years and who had dumped you over the phone!
You stood frozen as tears spilled from your (e/c) eyes. You collapsed onto the floor and began sobbing. You had a history of men breaking your heart. You had thought he was the one, and that he woul
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 526 55
Muneca (Spain x Reader)
Games 'n' Guys - Spain
"Oh, chica! You're finally here!" The Spaniard wrapped his arms around your torso, lifted you off the ground and smothered you in a hug.
Not that you were complaining or anything, but what did he just say?
"Um,Toni? What do you mean by 'finally.'? you asked as the tall man waltzed into his home and placed you on his couch. Once you were settled he scratched the back of his head sheepishly.
"Bella told me you were on your way here." he chuckled nervously. You puffed out your cheeks in annoyance. The little witch. You knew that she would get involved since Spain was like a brother to her.
"Even though you are cute when angry, there's no need to be. At least we still get to spend time together~"
He plopped himself down and grinned at you in a way that made your knees feel weak. You blushed and pushed the game into his chest.
He observed it, turning it from the front to the back. Once he realized what it was he nearly tackled you.
"Oh wow! I've always wanted to play
:iconxcosmetic:xcosmetic 561 111
Canada x Ghost!Reader
   You were a young girl that had been around for many, many years. Too many in fact, that you had lost count a few decades ago.
   Your full name was _f/n_ _m/n_ _l/n_, _l/n_ being your maiden name.
   For several years you had sat on a bench in the cemetery 'though it was more of a museum than anything.' And in those years you had witnessed the toll of time upon everything that was familiar to you. From the houses to the townsfolk. Nobody was able to see you and this led to years of solitary confinement. Also years of one-sided conversations.
   You wore a dress that dated back to the mid-eighteen hundreds. Currently though, it was the year 2014, and the clothing worn by today's woman are not those of a proper young lady. Their skin is showing way to much, and the lack of clothing is showing off things that should only be shown to the husband of a married woman!
   The people of today's world needed a stern talking to. Something that
:iconiluv2camp99:iluv2camp99 141 27
Spain x Reader (Romano's mother) part 2

It was a few months after you had lost the baby, in fact today would have been your due date. You looked outside and watched the rain as it poured and sighed. You wished you hadn't lost the baby, but you knew at least it was in a good place. You heard someone running down stairs and looked to find Romano being chased by none other than France.
"Hey! Leave Romano alone!" You yelled scoping Romano up as he hid in your hair.
"Mon cher (my dear) I was only playing with him," France said.
"Sure, maybe in France playing consists of making kids cry while you chase them, but not here," you said giving him a dirty look. "Stay away from my son."
"S-son?" Romano asked amazed as he looked up at you after you had walked up stairs to keep from strangling a certain Frenchy.
"Si, that's what you are right?" You asked smiling down at him.
"Ti amo Madre (i love you mom)," Romano said hugging you.
"Ti amo too Romano," you said kissing his forehead before you got attac
:iconcrazzzychic:crazzzychic 328 134
Spain x Reader (Romano's 'mother' )

You sat watching your amazing Spanish husband as he tried to explain to Romano what you had just found out; you were 3 months pregnant with Antonio's (Spain) child and Romano was going to be a big brother.
"Madre (mother)!" Romano said running to you pouting. "That-a tomato loving idiota said you were going to have a baby!"
"Because I am silly," you said happily, but your smile faded when you noticed Romano wasn't crying happy tears. "What's wrong, Romano?"
"W- when you-a have the baby you won't want me anymore," he said trying to hold back his tears. "B-but I don't-a want you to get rid of me madre!"
"Now who told you I was going to get rid of you?" You asked shooting Toni a look, but he looked at you wide eyed and confused so you knew it wasn't him. "Romano listen. I love you and so does Toni, you're just going to be a big brother more that's all that's going to be different."
"Y- you mean you won't-a do like grandpa Rome and get rid of me?" He as
:iconcrazzzychic:crazzzychic 375 124
Don't leave me!
Sister!Greenland!Reader x Brother!Denmark
“(e/c)” means insert eye color “(h/c)” means insert hair color
You waited anxiously on the beach, searching for sails in the horizon. Today, your brothers were going to visit.  You lived pretty far away, so they couldn’t visit often, but you enjoyed their company for the few times that they visited you each year.  Although you were lonely when they weren’t around, you knew that they were busy, and being the personification of Greenland, you got pretty busy too.
Suddenly, something in the sea caught your eye. You jumped up and squinted your eyes, using your hand as a shield for the sun. In the horizon, you saw a red and white flag waving over a large ship.  You ran to the docks as fast as you could, despite knowing that it would be several minutes before they landed.  When you got there, the chilling ocean breeze blew through your (h/c) hair.  As the ships came in, you began to look fo
:iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 79 13
Husband!Canada x Wife!Reader: Bed Hog
~Matthew’s POV~
“I love you Mattie” (y/n) smiled as she handed me a plate of pancakes and kissed me. I was so happy as a poured maple syrup over the fluffy cakes.
“M-Maple!*THUD*” I yelped as I toppled off the bed. I had been awakened from my nice dream, due to (y/n) kicking me off the bed. I love my beautiful wife, (y/n), but she gets rather unpleasant to sleep beside. She kicks, hogs blankets, and gives me little room on our bed. I’m thankful she doesn’t snore.
The only time I can get her to share the bed and not kick or steal the blankets is after we make love. She would cuddle up to me and share the blankets so we’d both be warm. The last time we were intimate was a few weeks ago. Now she’s back to her usual sleep routine. I would usually shrug it off and continue to sleep beside her, but not tonight. I wanted a decent amount of sleep tonight and that meant only one thing.
“Looks like I’m back on the couch” I s
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 164 39
Ignored!Reader x Canada: We're not invisible!
“Um excuse me” you say, tapping Alfred on the shoulder.
“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! IT’S A GHOST!” He screams, running down the hallway.
You hug your books to your chest. This kind of thing always happens. You decide to go get the homework from someone else. You scan for someone who will maybe acknowledge you. You see Arthur and Francis arguing over something or another. You decide to go and ask one of them
“Um, excuse me?” You ask politely.
They ignore you, and so after about 5 minutes of waiting, you tap Arthur gently on the shoulder like you did for Alfred.
“What was tha-” he asks as he turns around, accidently smacking you in the face in the process.
“Ow” you cry.
Arthur apologizes, and as your about to ask for the homework, Alfred shouts for his older brother, and Arthur is distracted. You try asking Francis, but he just starts talking with Gilbert and Antonio, completely forgetting that you were there.
:iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 141 59
Good Night, My Precious Little Sister
“_____” means add your name here “(e/c)” means insert eye color “(h/c)” means insert hair color
      Gilbert walked towards his boss’s office, his red eyes bloodshot. He, Ludwig, and ______ were called to sign a treaty, forced upon them by the Allies. He knew that he was going to be dissolved, and he was scared. He didn’t want to die, but deep inside, he knew that by dying his little brother and sister would be safe. He would do anything for them, and if it meant that the awesome Gilbert died, so be it. He took in a deep breath as he reached the door to his boss's office. Knocking firmly, he waited for a reply.
“Come in Gilbert”
Gilbert slowly opened the door to see his boss sitting at his desk, doing paperwork while talking to a young boy in the seat opposite him. The boy looked familiar, but Gilbert couldn’t put a finger on where he had seen him before. They stopped talking, and Gilbert’s boss inv
:iconyukihitomi:Yukihitomi 135 35

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Best Friends Till The End by luuluu34 Best Friends Till The End :iconluuluu34:luuluu34 3 1 Dragon Girl by luuluu34 Dragon Girl :iconluuluu34:luuluu34 2 0 Happy birthday DeviantArt by luuluu34 Happy birthday DeviantArt :iconluuluu34:luuluu34 6 0 Devil girl by luuluu34 Devil girl :iconluuluu34:luuluu34 2 0 Me As A Neko by luuluu34 Me As A Neko :iconluuluu34:luuluu34 5 5
Chapter 2
One day, I did the usual routine. I went to school, humiliated. Pushed into lockers and getting tripped. Slapped in the face by other girls, and beaten by the boys. I never got any of my bruises properly healed. I don’t have any money to buy any medicine. I sat down in class, getting my face pushed onto my desk, and my long dark hair pulled. This all happened until the teacher came in with a boy. He wasn’t a boy 100%, but I mean like, a young man of our age. He had a dark blue jacket with a hood on his head.
“Students! I have a new student here. Please. Listen. I’m going to introduce Andrei Nanaka, who will be in your class. I hope you will help him and make him feel welcome. Now, Andrei has had a few problems and….”
She looked into thin air.
“He has done things that are wrong in his life before. Please treat him well.”
She told him to sit next to Nikolai, one of the boys who push me into lockers the most. Nikolai laughed
:iconluuluu34:luuluu34 0 0
One Piece - Takeshi - OC- profile by luuluu34 One Piece - Takeshi - OC- profile :iconluuluu34:luuluu34 1 0 Tatsu's Freedom by luuluu34 Tatsu's Freedom :iconluuluu34:luuluu34 1 6 Toxic by luuluu34 Toxic :iconluuluu34:luuluu34 2 0
Dear Assassin - Chapter 1
Chapter 1:
My name is Jedan. In my language, it means one. My parents named me this because I was their only child. Their one child, called One.
When I first started school, everyone called me Jedan, because my parents protected me from people who wanted to make fun of me. Then, my parents died in a terrible accident. This was recent. At the beginning of my high school years. I’m now still in my first year. My mother decided to go see my grandma, who was sick. My father was driving; my mother was in next to him, when a car stopped very suddenly. My parents crashed, and never came home. My grandmother passed away soon after too. It was an assassin that did that. At least the police think it is. He or she, we’re not sure, is nicknamed Red Light. I lost everything. That’s when people started calling me Nula. Zero. I had nothing. I was nobody’s number one. I had no protector. I was alone in a big world.
After my parents died, I had to pay for my own sch
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One piece Shipping Meme by luuluu34 One piece Shipping Meme :iconluuluu34:luuluu34 2 7 My 2 brothers by luuluu34 My 2 brothers :iconluuluu34:luuluu34 1 0

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So I was tagged by GiuliaDraws95 Thank you for being my first tag! Heart Ayano Tateyama (Bows) [V12] 
So I have to do my top 10 anime characters
I tried my best 
Also sorry If I spoiled anything

10. Shirahoshi (One Piece)
Even though she's a big crybaby, she is so cute! I love how she wanted to protect her people as well as how she wonders what the human world is like.
Shirahoshi by Cheezieball

9. Russia(Hetalia)Russia (Joy) [V6] 
Even most countries are afraid of him I think he is just one big teddy bear besides his deadly side I think he is a great person.

8. Jinbe (One Piece)
I Just love this big guppie and how much he wants to help Luffy and how he whooped Arlong's ass! 
Jinbe Avatar by AvatarW0rld

7. Edward Newgate /Whitebeard/ (One Piece)
I just love love this giant dad ad how much he wanted to save Ace! And his devil fruit is the best!
Whitebeard's Jolly Roger by Z-studios

6. Emporio Ivankov (One Piece)Ivankov OP Icon 1 
I Love this Diva he so fabulous I also love his female side This guy is one of a kind!!

5. Portgas D. Ace (One Piece)Ace (Suffering) [V3]ace flash
This guy will always be in my heart and how he was such tsundere as a kid! I died inside when he died and it was just so heartbreaking for me! Live on Ace!

4. Germany (Hetalia)Germany (Not Impressed) [V4]
Since my aunt lives in Germany every time I see the character I think of her and i'm her favorite niece! I know that has nothing to do with the actual character but I don't care -3- XD

3. Sweden (Hetalia)[APH ICON]- Sweden Omfg face
When I first herd his voice I was really surprised about how deep it was. Since he doesn't talk much it reminds me of when i'm at school since I don't much there and I ship him Denmark 

2. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)Luffy - hai
I just love this big goofball! When I saw his Gear 4th form and how took down doflamingo I was amazed. Also how he going up against Kaido! Luffy is one the most awesome characters I've seen!

1. Portgas D. Rouge (One Piece)
She is one of the most strongest women I've seen! How she had given up her life just Ace to live is amazing! I just love her hair color and flower just basically everything about her even though not much is known about her I still love her! She is the most beautiful character in my eyes in one piece that I've seen so far! 
Portgas D Rouge by Opirou

Well that is my top 10 favorite anime characters!
I tried my best 
So I'm going to tag :



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Thank you so much for the fave!!Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] :heart: revamp 
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