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February 27, 2013
Before the days of King by *luulala
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Before the days of King

What happened between the end of AC3 and DLC" Tyranny of King Washington“ , When he refused to be the fellow of the most powerful man in this new country ,who already got the piece of Eden. (I'll write a more detailed short story later...)
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excalibur321's avatar
I get no word has been so good!:D:clap:
Lotrmaster6's avatar
Really atmospheric drawing. Really enjoy this one.
Elimate98's avatar
康纳和George Washington这个坑我跳定了 XD
PyuayunibasaruChuse's avatar
I played the DLC for AC3, and I gotta say the special abilities Connor gets (The wolf, the Eagle, and the Bear) were pretty alright. Though what annoyed me was how persistent the enemies were. They always seemed to notice me and would attack on sight. It was a bit glitchy for me, but other than those few things it was pretty good.
monkeypoke's avatar
nice, a little tribute to Assassin's Creed 3 goes a long way when it's accurate. Love it.
theweirdwonderz's avatar
Wow. Just.. Wow. I'm just gonna go do a happy dance, this looks amazing! Awesome job, the fire looks so real! -Holly
Evangeline40003's avatar
That looks so real...
musicknoll's avatar
Stunning how real this looks, its so awesome! :happybounce: 
Arasteia's avatar
Wow, you captured the feel of AC3 perfectly! 
Faerach's avatar
This reminds me of the masterpieces of the old :) And the fact that you depict a character of a modern game in this style is really awesome. Makes me think of future museums keeping stuff like this.
Passin's avatar
Very good piece
jinmaojieke's avatar
FridgeTravellerBS's avatar
wow,This is Amaing! :D
Luccorvus's avatar
Holy cow cirkus... I love this. It's beautiful!
Wxiao's avatar
Dibbs0nJasperxx's avatar
Wow Luula this is fabulous. There is so much detail I can't stop finding new little things that I love the more I look at it. The clothing and fabric and the texture of the wood that Connor is against is perfect. I'm even convinced I can feel the warmth of that fire and the chill of the snow. Beautiful. Congrats on the DD as well, dear, you deserve it!
seryi95's avatar
супер мощно....!!!!Очень впечатляет!
corbiedaydreamer's avatar
Your work is amazing! Love your paintings so much.
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