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First impressions: The colors really pull me in, and my eyes is drawn to the desk and floor first, then out the window to the buildings beyond. The room almost looks cluttered with the many, seemingly unrelated objects on the desk, and I'm not sure what the space is used for. Ideally, it would be nice to have the viewer be able to garner some information about whoever might sit at that desk at a glance, instead of trying to puzzle it out one item at a time.

I love how you added texture to each object instead of blanketing it all with an overlay! The floor looks very realistic, as does the mat. It would be nice to see more realistic textures on the other objects as well.

The biggest issue seems to be the perspective of the interior compared to the exterior of the room. The two environments seem to be tilting away from one another. This is mainly due to the viewing angle of the desk and the floor. A great resource for checking perspective of buildings/rooms/objects is Google SketchUp, where you can pop a few items in and tilt the camera so you can see them at whatever angle you like :D Paperwings Podcast posted an excellent tutorial for this: [link]

I would definitely like to see more of this house, inside and out, and the characters that might live there! Keep up the good work!
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Otakatt Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012   Digital Artist
Hi, thanks so much for taking the time to critique! I have known about Google SketchUp and I know others have used it but I tried it once before and I was so overwhelmed I couldn't make heads or tails of it... however I downloaded it again and looked at a couple videos and it doesn't seem nearly as overwhelming. Just tinkering some and I was able to put together something that resembles what I was going for, but is in correct perspective. [link] Plus more counter space and more items might make the idea of it being a store come across more strongly?

I'm gonna be checking out a lot of Google SketchUp stuff because the program still kinda confuses me, but thanks a bunch for nudging me in that direction because I think this is just what I needed. <3
lutra13 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Professional General Artist
Yay! I'm glad it helped! Love the mockup image there, with the larger window! One other thing you could do to indicate it is a store is to have writing on the outside/ backwards on the window.
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