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wow so deep. really makes you think. truly a masterpeece
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Borderline sexist I feel

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seriously shut the fuck up

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I'm Not Like Other Girls*TM
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Love this picture!  I can relate so well.  Thank you for making it!
Wow. Just... wow.
Love it!!! Thank you very much for this kind of art that put us to think in what kind of people do we want to be. Greetings and my best regards!
This is excellent.  I *love* thought-provoking art.  👌❣️👍👍👊
Why is one holding a book upside-down?
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I truly love this ...
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Most impressive, my friend.
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i LOVE girls that have an sufficient self esteem to an extent that resists society's constant attempts at breaking their spirit and bend them to the will of selfish, abusive brutes who decide FOR them, what to like, what to look up to, what to listen, what to play with, what to dress, how to talk, stand and act, etc.
basically women that don't look like total robotic mannequins mass produced mannequins.
if one wants do dress that way for self purpose, i can understand, like "i like to look this way" or "it makes me feel comfortable"
i can totally get that, but when someone does it purposefully to be pretty, cool, attractive, and my favorite "accepted" socially,
then they are just blind, gullible, naive, brain dead slaves to a culture that doesn't care about them. and shows false conditional promises of acceptance and admiration
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Um is this even yours? Not to be mean or whatever, but it says here that you posted it in 2013 and if you do a quick google search, this picture is seen posted on sites from almost 300 days ago which was last year... I mean unless you posted it there instead, which, if you did, then that's cool, but yeah maybe you should get on that.... Also, doesn't this picture shame girls who decide that they like showing cleavage, wearing shorts, putting on makeup etc. by making it seem like they're less of a person...?
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What's wrong with shaming them if it's something to be ashamed of?  You think it's a good thing that women aspire to look like prostitutes?  Do you see a lot of men showing off their skin?  Nope!  Because in this sexist world, it is almost always the woman who has to put herself on display as a sexual object to get attention and approval, whereas a man is valued for his brain.
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So what, you hide any comment that dares to challenge your art? You're one of the great ones, you are.
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I hide them because I dont know how im supposed to respond to them.
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this picture is really awesome! in a society that values how women look over their intelligence, it's nice to see someone acknowledging how girls who are more interested in books than make-up are often labeled as abnormal. it can be hard feeling like you're the only one with an interest in intellectual pursuits (or even just a good book) but i'm glad there are still girls like the one you depict here!

the artwork itself is also really good. it's simple, but that just draws more attention to the details, all of which are excellent. the "factory perfect" girls are almost perfectly identical without looking like you copy-pasted them (am i right in thinking this is all hand-drawn, except maybe the label text?) and it's really impressive how they all look so obviously alike even though they're all in different stages of putting on their make-up. you manage to be very provocative with such a simple drawing, and it's obvious you have a lot of talent!

btw, are you aware that tumblr user sourcedumal has altered the content of your work and posted it to tumblr without crediting you? she wrote some pretty nasty comments about it too: you can find her post here [link] or just search her blog for the tag "special snowflake". tumblr user kinkyturtle also had some choice things to say about it: you can find her comments here [link] . i wouldn't take her too seriously though; it's pretty obvious she's only pushing 11.

have a great day!
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I did not alter the work. The world was already altered when I first saw it, and as such, I couldn't find the original artist via google search.

And I will unapologetically stand by my opinion of this piece.
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i took me all of two minutes to find the artist; if you couldn't, then you didn't try. putting that aside, instead of just leaving it alone and going on your merry way, you decided to post the work without crediting anyone and completely trash it without pausing to consider any meaning of the work besides your knee-jerk reaction. you posted someone else's work and criticized it for an incredibly shallow reason, and then proceeded to rake in the notes and praise for being so cool, edgy and original without doing any work whatsoever. you have done exactly what you accused the author of doing; jumping up and down screaming "look at me i'm so cool and different" without pausing to consider the implications of your actions or the morality behind them.

i will unapologetically stand by my opinion that you are a narrow-minded, selfish, shallow, base, bigoted, sorry excuse for a human being.
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It's not a shallow reason at all.  The barcodes on the 'clones' are dehumanizing as all hell. To 'label' those 'clones' in such a manner is dehumanizing to feminine women. And I'm not here for it.

I never said I was different. I just said it was not okay to make that point at the expense of other women.

You can call me bigoted all you fucking want. It doesn't change the problematic nature of this image.

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Thank you I'm glad you liked it :D And she's entitled to her opinion too so its fine :) But thank you so much for your opinion and yes I'm glad you caught that :)
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it's still really not cool of her to post without crediting you, but if it really does't bother you then that's a very mature attitude to take.

please continue being awesome. :D
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