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hi all :)
just wanted to let you guys know i'm still here and will definitely be coming back. currently occupied with something else, and will be back here when i'm ready ... hope you all had a wonderful New Year celebration, and may 2013 be a great year for all of us :)

Luthien :)
this morning i opened my DA to an outpouring of messages and immediately knew great magic in the name of Daily Deviation has taken place whilst i was asleep. this magic has happened for the 3rd time now, and i feel utterly thankful and humbled that my friends at Deviant Art felt that my work deserved this immense honor once again. Thank you SO MUCH for all the messages that came in, all the favourites and all the watches!! i am truly truly touched, from the bottom of my heart. i spent the whole day answering your comments, and thanking you for the watches. as such, i've been accused of being a spam many times by DA :) and have had to stop many times ... i still have 130 of you to thank :) but i am happy ... very very happy :)

i would like to make a special mention of :iconanmeher: for the DD suggestion and :iconfrocktarts: for the DD feature. thank you guys!!

thank you once again for your continuous encouragement, sweet messages and support!!
Luthien :)
I am delighted to announce that my work has been featured on Ontologica - A Journal of Art and Thought… on their latest Winter Issue 2011.
Thank you so much :iconcerseenailo: , for the invite and subsequently for the feature :)

Happy New Year to all my friends at DA ... May the coming year bring to you lotsa joy, good health, great abundance and buckets of inspiration!!

Luthien :)
Just wanted to wish all my friends on DA a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

and for those of you who have answered to my last journal entry POTTER v TWI ... thanks you so much! it was mind opening to read your opinions of both these universes and your feelings about them :)

hope you're having a wonderful day!!

Luthien :)
i was just wondering ...

1) why are there so many who outwardly dislike the Twilight Saga, but there seems to be no animosity at all towards the Harry Potter Canon?

2) do Harry Potter haters even exist? (at least i've never come across anyone who outwardly say they hate Harry Potter)

3) why do people hate Twilight more readily? is it becos of the story, the writing, or the hype surrounding the actors?

i personally like both of them (books & movies) and they are both just as inspiring to me as say Narnia or LOTRs ... so i have always wondered why some who love HP cannot like Twi ...

tell me your thoughts ...
i just wanted to leave a little note to thank all of you who have recently added me to your watch and all of you who faved my work.

i know i've been uploading loads of curious jewelry and i hope i haven't bored you :p ... but from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

i know some of you have faved nearly every piece i have uploaded and that means so much to me!!

you guys are ALL AMAZING!!

luthien :)
dear frens :)

just a quick announcement to introduce my new shop at etsy called ALTERED ALCHEMY, where you will find my latest art journals and mixed media jewelry  :)

pls feel free to come and browse :)
here's the link :

let me also take this opportunity to thank you for all your comments, watches and favs thus far ... i really appreciate all the support, love and encouragement from all of you :)

luthien :)

this is so so awesome!! thank you so much :iconmyntkat: and :iconsammyluvsdanny: for this wonderful feature on ARTISAN CRAFT!!…

after a long time of being "dormant" due to health issues this is such a lovely surprise!! you made my day :)

luthien :)
... to all of you who have watched me, faved and left such sweet comments on my work :) ... and for those llama badges too ;) i really really appreciate all your support :)

sorry i haven't been as active as i use to be as i've not been well for 2 months now. i have also stopped crafting and taking orders for a bit. have been just resting and taking it easy :) nothing to worry about ... i think i'll be up and about soon enough :)

hope everyone is having a great month of may!! :)

luthien :)
my goodness ... i've been getting llama badges!! what in the world are they?? i can't see them physically, i dun know how to retrieve them, i'm suppose to give back?, i dunno how to give one back, i dun even know what they are!!!

it's driving me crazy!!!

i tried to check but found no explanation whatsoever about what in the world they are!!

so for those of you who have given me one ... thank you ... if you want one back, you gotta tell me how to do this!

"i'm your biggest fan i'll follow you until you love me :)"

thanks DA ... for pulling a gaga on me!

gaga :)
the time is now!

the gals at inspiration avenue have worked tirelessly these past couple of months organizing an art charity auction for the organization angel faces. angel faces is a place, a sanctuary for adolescence girls who have facial and body disfigurements due to burns. angel faces empower these girls through counseling and therapy (mostly in the form of art) and help them find their confidence and their place back in the society. check out angel faces here…

please take a detour to inspiration avenue at inspiration-avenue-team.blogsp… and check out the fabulous handmade items that the girls have donated for this cause. the auction goes live on the 7th march and will end on the 14th march 12noon EST.

i have also donated a piece of neck adornment which you can check out here but bidding proper is made on the inspiration avenue blog.

hope to see you all there next week between 7th - 14th march 2010 :)
thank you for your kind support in advance ... we really appreciate it!

luthien :)
ahhh... it has sort of cooled down a little today :) yesterday i woke up to 60++ mails in DA and i was quite surprised. only to discover that one of my jewelry pieces have made it to DD :) at first i didn't know what it was (cos i'm quite new here) but when i found out what a DD meant ... i was utterly overjoyed!!

then it was the whole morning of non-stop messages coming in ... probably close to 300 more!!

went to work around noon and didn't get on the computer until after 7pm. but when i came into DA again after 7pm ... there were 700++ messages waiting for me! my eyes POPPED!!! GOOD POPPED that is :) i had the most lovely time reading all your sweet and kind words!

thank you sooooo much to all of you who have sent wonderfully encouraging comments my way ... all the watches and the favs :) i really do appreciate all of this :)

finally, thank you these two ladies for making this possible :) :iconmyntkat: :iconjustdontask:

luthien :)
wow!! i've never opened up to so many messages in my life!

thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my art and for all your favs and watches :) i reaally reaaalllly do appreciate this!

i also wanna say a big thank you to :iconjustdontask: and :iconmyntkat:  for making a DD feature possible for "Ainu Estel"…;

thanks :iconpetrova: for telling me how to make these little avatars and links appear :)

BIG HUGS to all of you :))
luthien :)
"i have been looking at my stash of recycled printing papers piling up for a couple of weeks now. i always recycle printed material by printing them on the other side too. it saves cost, furthermore, isn't it such a waste to throw away papers that have only been used one side? well ... maybe i'm a hogger but i don't even throw away papers that have been printed on both sides! i have no idea what to do with them, yet i keep them. so ... this pile has been sneakily building up.

i dunno what gave me this idea but yesterday i decided to make new paper from my used papers. i remember watching on discovery channel a long time ago, a village in china that specializes in making paper. i don't necessarily think that this is the most correct way to make them but somehow the paper did materialize :)"

to read more please go to…
very new here ... need to take time to navigate more :) still cannot understand some of the terminologies, and definitely not the "prints" stuff that keeps coming up each time i load an image ... But really looking forward to meet some like minded people and to be inspired :))

Happy New Year 2010!!

luthien :)