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My very first yarn-tail. Not as fluffy as I hoped, but very fluffy nevertheless. The core is made from the wire of a normal hanger, is very flexible, yet suprisingly stable. Shaping it is quite hard and for small parts, like the loop connecting to the buckle, you have to use tools.

You can find a Video here: [link]
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did you already saw
i'm laughting so much right now 
but other than that, it's a good idea for a kjhait cosplay
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LIVE IT!!!!!!!!
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Nice! Using a hair straightener on the brushed out floof, will help you get the results you're after. 
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The amount of time that must have took... but it looks AMAZING!
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Yes but yes. And I had worse ^^°
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What is the core made out of? :0
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Wire of a cloth hanger. See the linked tutorial also
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So doing this later
This literally blew my  mind.
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I notice I'm a shallow bit late on this, but what wire did you use for this?
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I guess I have to write an FAQ on this, especially this question allone, which I also answered I don't know how often X) I used a cloth hanger, very cheap and durable
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did you use a flat iron?

and did you trim the tail? cus mine always turns out with a pointy tip :p
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Yea, a flat iron (don't know what happens though if you use a riffeled one though... more volume? ), but never altually had to trim (except when I wanted a thinner part or a pointy tip ^^ )
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Is it posible to make leperd spots?
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I guess not, cause the markings will blur. Maybe you wanna try it out by yourself.
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Ok i may do cheeta spots air brus wold probably work if you did it right but i dont have one so if you wold like if i make the tail wold you like to here how it goes?
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Thanks for posting this! I had no idea you could get such great results from yarn.
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I used your tutorial to make some fur for my husbands costume, thanks so much for posting! I made sure to link back to this page as well. 
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Wonderful, would love to see the finished costume!
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using a hair straightener on the yarn at a 360 degree temperature would help make the yarn longer and nice and silky, plus would probably add the fluff you want ^-^ just saying! It is a beautiful tail tho! I wish my first tail came out that nicely. :3
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Yea, forgot to mention/do that the first time I made (and documented) the tail XP
oh...that's cool...i would to try
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