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''Where were you born, Sportacus?'' by luthien-black ''Where were you born, Sportacus?'' :iconluthien-black:luthien-black 9 1
Marina's Sweet Sixteen - Chapter Four
It was the week before the long awaited day, and Suzi started the waltz lessons for her friends who were going to dance in the Sixteen Couples Waltz. The whole gang was there at the first day, what cheered Suzi up, 'cause the more people learning how to dance the better. Suzi even reunited with friends who she haven't seen for a long time, such as Keika and Tikara, Doreen, who was going to be lead by Angel, and Luca, that was going to dance with the help of a special mechanical wheelchair invented by Frank. She even met Irene, a sophomore that are friends with Jim Five, and Monica had confessed to Suzi that she was very jealous of her. And talking about jealousy, Tony have showed up to the first rehearse, surprising everybody. Suzi, seeing everyone there reunited, couldn't avoid thinking about her childhood memories and the face Violeta, her best friend back then, popped in her mind. Suzi wished she was there with them.
Marina came to talk with Suzi, waking her up from her daydream. To
:iconluthien-black:luthien-black 1 0
Moar Flipline Girls by luthien-black Moar Flipline Girls :iconluthien-black:luthien-black 15 4
Marina's Sweet Sixteen - Chapter Three
On the next day, Marina called to Monica's asking Suzi to meet her at the playground square by the afternoon. Suzi wondered what she wanted. When both met, Marina said:
"Suzi... I want to ask you a favor..."
"Sure darling! Whatever you want..." agreed Suzi.
"Well... I noticed that the guys are pretty confused about that waltz thing... Mainly the boys. I even tried to teach Frank one or two steps, but he's not much of a good learner when the subject is dancing, you know..."
"I see... Boys tend to take a while more to get used to dancing..."
"Yeah, so..." Marina hesitated a bit. "I wanted to know if you couldn't help them... I know you had dance lessons before, and you know how to dance any kind of-"
"Of course I'll gladly help you, sweetie!" interrupted Suzi, kindly. "The boys aren't that much into dance, but it'll be easy. Don't worry, I won't let anyone do badly at your party, okay?" she said, smiling.
Marina jumped of joy, hugging Suzi and planting little kisses all over her face:
:iconluthien-black:luthien-black 2 0
A Rather Weird Friendship by luthien-black A Rather Weird Friendship :iconluthien-black:luthien-black 12 10
Marina's Sweet Sixteen - Chapter Two
Not only Suzi was bewildered with the idea of getting herself a partner. Monica was also very nervous when Maggy said that she should ask Jim Five to go with her. After a few minutes of courage enhancement, Monica decided to talk to him, but Carmen reached him first:
"Yes?" Jim Five replied, not paying much attention.
Suddenly, Monica became furiously red:
"Sorry sweetie, but Jimmy already said 'yes' to me." said Carmen cynically.
"Huh? I said 'yes' to what??" asked Jim Five, confused.
"To the waltz, of course!" said Carmen "Bucky and Nimbus already have a partner! You're the best option I had left."
Suzi stopped paying attention to them at "Bucky and Nimbus already have a partner!". She looked at Nimbus, and he was talking to a very skinny girl with long pitch black hair. The first thing that came to her mind was to choke that skinny neck of hers, whoever she was. But then she thought better... If he wanted it to be like that, so be it. Nimbus looked back to Suzi
:iconluthien-black:luthien-black 1 0
Marina's Sweet Sixteen - Chapter One
Weekend. The day was just starting. Suzi entered the shower, having a good bath to have a good day. She was humming her favourite song while washing her long blonde hair.
"Do you believe in Magic?
Come along with me
We'll dance until morning, just you and me..."

All of a sudden, the bathroom door opened and Monica entered, with her laptop on hands:
"Oh my God, what the heck, Monica???" cried Suzi, peeking from behind the shower curtain, shampoo running through her startled face. Monica was still in her pajamas and was jumping with her blue bunny slippers.
"Oh sweetie, I'm sorry! But Maggy just called me and look what we just got!!"
Suzi wiped shampoo from her eyes while trying to focus on the laptop screen. There, in giant flourish letters, was written:
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Suzi cried again, jumping inside the shower box. "A sweet sixteen party?? How awesooooome!!!!"
"Isn't it?" said Monica. "I am so e
:iconluthien-black:luthien-black 2 0
Salt's Flipdeck Card by luthien-black Salt's Flipdeck Card :iconluthien-black:luthien-black 7 0 Sugar's Flipdeck Card by luthien-black Sugar's Flipdeck Card :iconluthien-black:luthien-black 5 0 Twins by luthien-black Twins :iconluthien-black:luthien-black 9 1 Bowsette by luthien-black Bowsette :iconluthien-black:luthien-black 10 2 Leach by luthien-black Leach :iconluthien-black:luthien-black 20 0 Leach +Lineart+ by luthien-black Leach +Lineart+ :iconluthien-black:luthien-black 5 0 Sketchbook 2018 - NXT Girls by luthien-black Sketchbook 2018 - NXT Girls :iconluthien-black:luthien-black 7 2 Friendship Beyond Time by luthien-black Friendship Beyond Time :iconluthien-black:luthien-black 10 0 O T P by luthien-black O T P :iconluthien-black:luthien-black 9 2


IT_Pennywise by Ariata IT_Pennywise :iconariata:Ariata 92 5 Booette by Prywinko
Mature content
Booette :iconprywinko:Prywinko 1,428 43
What will i wear today? by Bembiann What will i wear today? :iconbembiann:Bembiann 59 2 Even a monsters need a vacation by Bembiann Even a monsters need a vacation :iconbembiann:Bembiann 42 12 Vogue: Fashionista monsters of our time by Bembiann Vogue: Fashionista monsters of our time :iconbembiann:Bembiann 173 18 Bill? by Bembiann Bill? :iconbembiann:Bembiann 27 3 Hey, Andy! Do you wanna see some Pennywise? by Bembiann Hey, Andy! Do you wanna see some Pennywise? :iconbembiann:Bembiann 35 9 GOTCHA! by Bembiann GOTCHA! :iconbembiann:Bembiann 88 30 What took you so long? by Bembiann What took you so long? :iconbembiann:Bembiann 214 37 It was real enough for Georgie! by Bembiann It was real enough for Georgie! :iconbembiann:Bembiann 211 17 No, Pennywise! BAD! by Bembiann No, Pennywise! BAD! :iconbembiann:Bembiann 144 30 Found! by Bembiann Found! :iconbembiann:Bembiann 160 11 PennyRoman Skarsgard by Bembiann PennyRoman Skarsgard :iconbembiann:Bembiann 220 14 Romanwise Skarsgard by Bembiann Romanwise Skarsgard :iconbembiann:Bembiann 141 14 Billywise Godfrey by Bembiann Billywise Godfrey :iconbembiann:Bembiann 158 20 Time to float! by Bembiann Time to float! :iconbembiann:Bembiann 266 26
Here are awesome works of my friends of :devart:!


- Chibi: 20 Points
- Headshot or Bust: 40 Points
- Realistic Headshot or Bust: 70 :points: 
- Half body or 3/4: 80 Points
- Full body: 100 Points
+20 to 100 Points per additional character (according to the style you pick)
+ 50 Points for detailed background
+ 20 :points: for pencil shading

- Chibi: 30 Points
- Headshot or Bust: 50 Points
- Realistic Headshot or Bust: 80 :points:
- Half body or 3/4: 90 Points
- Full body: 120 Points
+30 to 120 Points per additional character (according to the style you pick)
+60 Points for detailed background
+20 Points for colored lineart

Digital or Traditional (Watercolor or Colored Pencils) 

- Chibi: 70 Points
- Headshot or Bust: 80 Points
- Realistic Headshot or Bust: 90 :points:
- Half body or 3/4: 100 Points
- Full body: 160 Points
+70 to 160 Points per additional character (according to the style you pick)
+70 Points for detailed background
+40 Points for colored lineart
+30Points for shading

Your Lines Colored By Me
For you who have a drawing and want to see it in colors!
+30:points: for background
+30:points: for shading
+30:points: for lineart in colors



Journal History

  • Listening to: Joji
  • Reading: IT
  • Watching: Lazy Town
  • Eating: Healthy
  • Drinking: Water
I'm getting old. I can feel it in my bones. Age is coming to me as fast as a bullet and I can't stop it. So I'm slowly deleting my social media. Started with Twitter. Now I deleted my Tumblr again. And I'm really close to get rid of Facebook as well... But I still have a few friends there that are worth keeping the account there so, not yet. 
These social media are being very toxic for me atm. Some of the stuff I follow were great there, but it was too little close to the amount of bullshit and negativity. I do believe I am So I'm staying away from it for a good while. Maybe I'll return one day... Maybe not. Only time will tell.

The only account that I'll never close is dA. I accomplished so many nice things in this website that closing it, after almost 11 years, would be stupidity. dA is the only place on the internet that I feel safe to be myself and to express my thoughts and feels through my art, and I do believe this is the main goal of this website. Here I met awesome people (others not so awesome as well), but I always got the most sincere and thoughtful feedback from here. So keep calm, I'll never leave you guys.

I'm still open for art trades, point commishes and paypal commishes. But my main goal for now is focusing on my improvement. 

You guys know that I'm always open to you, so feel free to send me comments, notes, llamas, anything. You guys are awesome and I'm grateful for having you, and even more grateful for having the idea of opening this account back in 2008. I love you guys. And I love you, dA. Fella Heart Kiss (Love) 


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Donate me how many points you want, and I'll feature your icon on my deviantID for eternity!!! Even 1 single point is on! :)


:iconpink-pplz::iconpink-aplz::iconpink-yplz: :iconpink-yplz::iconpink-oplz::iconpink-uplz::iconpink-rplz:

:bulletgreen:What I can draw:
- People;
- Anthro;
- Chibi;
- Some animals (ask me)
- Horror and slight gore (blood, skeleton,etc.);
- Slight nudity and ecchi
- Yaoi/Yuri;
- Famous cartoon styles (ask me).

:bulletred:What I don’t draw:
- Explicit sex or nudity (I can open exceptions depending on your request, and art of this kind will be delivered on private);
- Explicit gore;
- Vore or any other fetish
- Hate art of any kind.
- Requests (sorry, but I can't draw for free anymore)


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Camila Roberti
Artist | Hobbyist
Brazilian,♀ She/Her, Pansexual, Aquarian, Witch Apprentice, Fujoshi/Yuriko, Hobbyist Artist, Polyglot Wannabe, Actual Ex-coulrophobic and Mother of Dragons. Well... They're not actual dragons, but lovebirds who bite and scream like dragons... Anyways... My art is based in what I like. I belong to lots of fandoms, maybe we have one in common! Take a look at my gallery and see how many fandoms you can count from there... ;)
If you want to make a friend, watch me and let's talk about our fandom, trade some art, make some noise in this place! :la:
PS: Please, don't come here wanting to ruin my page with bad intentions! I ask you to respect me as I respect you!
Current Residence: São Paulo, Brazil
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Original Art Style: Cartoonime
Operating System: Windows 8
Favourite cartoon characters: Roger Klotz from Doug, Captain Haddock from Tintin, Amethyst from Steven Universe and Freakazoid
Personal Quote: "I'm too cool to be a dork, and too dorky to be anything else."

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