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17 January 2013 Study

Did a sketch in oils (Griffin Alkyd Oils) of :iconaarontyree: image [link]
about 4 hours give or take.
was fun

taken on my crappy Iphone Camera
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2048x1536px 1.17 MB
iPhone 3GS
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1/30 second
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4 mm
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Jan 17, 2013 12:32:35 PM +00:00
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b-Dedi's avatar
A very beautiful and expressive painting! I like it :aww: !
LutherTaylor's avatar
thank you! you have some nice skills Ms :D 
b-Dedi's avatar
Thanks a lot for the nice compliment and even a watch "Mister":wink by Gomotes! I'm always very honored & happy, when someone wants to stay up to date:)!
And great that you noticed, that I'm a female ;) .... well....My mustache sometimes causes misunderstandings concerning that :grin: by guitarcraze
LutherTaylor's avatar
hahaha no problem :D all you need now is a plumber hat and people will start confusing you for Nintendo's Super Mario. :P
b-Dedi's avatar
Super Mario ??  Me ?? Come on.... I'm a Yoshi one :D
(at least when I play Mario Card with my old Super-Nintendo :wink by Gomotes)
RimKello's avatar
Amazing work. Really like how you draw her lips.
LutherTaylor's avatar
Thank you for the compliment :)
AstromChang's avatar
This is great again, did I say great? I meant excellent.
LutherTaylor's avatar
hahaha xD focusing back on the pencil for now. I devised some exercises to improve colour recognition while i've been on hiatus.
briefly, its just a case of opening up a photo in photoshop. focus on a colour like on a grass or tree. think what it is, where it is in terms of value and chroma scale, then pick it on the colour wheel and paint where you was looking. if it's correct it will be invisible to near invisible as if you didn't apply colour. Hope you well bro, looking forward to more from you!
AstromChang's avatar
sounds complex to my mind right now, im focusing on line, but when i try more experiments i will look at your technique. its an excellent portrait.
SamTheConceptArtist's avatar
Man, really love the use of light and shadow in this one. Keep it up :)
LutherTaylor's avatar
heheh! thanks dude! :)
Abegglen's avatar
Once again, great work!
LutherTaylor's avatar
Fuck I knew I was forgetting something!!
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! :D hope you had a good one!
And thanks for the comment as well xD
JoelWhite's avatar
Wow dude, nice. I wouldn't even know where to start with traditional painting!
LutherTaylor's avatar
Thanks bro! you'll be happy to know your skills (almost directly translate over with oils from digital) more so if you work on one layer only in your studies. a lot of it is getting use to the process of working with it. other than that it's simply a case of your drawing ability and recognising colours.
unfortunately, my skills at backgrounds lack in comparison in my skill for portraits, so they come out shit, in both digital and oils. so focusing on them more. might focus more on practicing drawing them with pencil and paper rendering.
JoelWhite's avatar
Definitely. The more you practice your weaknesses, the less you have!
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