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- Please ask me through my email at instead of sending me a note on dA as I'm rarely on dA unless I'm uploading something.
- If I don't reply to your email within 12-24 hours, your email probably ended up in my spam mail because the retarded spam filter thinks your email sounds like spam.
- If that happens, try to resend your email and change up some stuff like the email title or some other details, or notify me through dA note.


Commission - Skitarii SOPMOD Junya on a scarab by Lutherniel  Commission - Chibi by Lutherniel
  • Price is $60 USD per character.



Commission - FFXIV Character Portrait 4 by Lutherniel  Commission - FFXIV Character Portrait 1 by Lutherniel  Commission - FFXIV Character Portrait 3 by Lutherniel 
  • Price is $50 USD per character.


Commission - Azur Lane Hiyou by Lutherniel   Commission - Lotara Sarrin by Lutherniel   Commission - Ironsides from Malifaux by Lutherniel  Pinky Promise by Lutherniel  
  • Price is $60 USD per character.

The Cavalry by Lutherniel  Commission - Brother Dumedion and Yang by Lutherniel 
  • Price is $70 USD per character.
  • Price may vary depending on details and complexity



Commission - High Chaplain Grimaldus with a puppy by Lutherniel  Sister Miriya from Faith and Fire by Lutherniel  Commission - FFXIV Character Portrait 2 by Lutherniel  Commission - Sister Hospitaller by Lutherniel 
Sisters of Battle discord emote commission


Lelith Prep by Lutherniel    Ilothe - Commission by Lutherniel  Commission - Kitagawa Marin by Lutherniel  Kejourou - Commission by Lutherniel 
Overwatch Mei by Lutherniel  Commission - Jain Zar and Asurmen drinking tea by Lutherniel  Commission - Alarielle ogling at Tyrion by Lutherniel
Commission - Blood Angel's Sanguinary Champion by Lutherniel  Commission - Sanguinius and St Celestine by Lutherniel
  • Price is $100 USD per character.
  • Recommended if you're looking for an artwork that emphasize on character's expression


Commission - Ember by Lutherniel  Blood Angels Leviathan Dreadnought by Lutherniel  Ork Santa by Lutherniel
  Commission - A Sister of Battle and a Guardsman by Lutherniel  Commission - FFXIV Lalafell Machinist flamethrower by Lutherniel  Commission - Serberys Raider chasing a Tyranid by Lutherniel
  • Price is $150 USD per character.
  • Recommended if you're looking for something that like a concept art that shows the whole design of the character, or if its a shot that shows movement of the whole body.
  • Bundle price can be negotiated if there are more than one character within a single image. The extra character could be 50-70% of the original price, depending on the pose.
  • Price also varies depending on the degree of complexity of objects or details in outfit.
  • +$5-20 USD if the character is non human / part human / human with extra parts and limbs / have something that breaks the normal silhouette.
  • +$5-20 USD for each critter / plushie / object held in hand such as weapons / tools or other items.
  • +$5-20 USD if the character's outfit has a lot of details and complicated. 
  • The non human I'm referring to here are ones that have limbs unlike normal humans, either in the number or position of limbs, shapes, or proportions. 
  • Animal ears, tails, weird skin, or slightly irregular face does not count as non human in this case, as long as they stay within the constraint and proportions like that of a normal human. 
  • I will only do illustrations of characters with an existing design (previous artworks and the like)
  • I will not do design work (basically a character or anything that doesn't have an existing design for me to draw from)
  • Completion time is within 2 weeks maximum. 
  • There will be an extra charge if you do not wish for me to post the artwork anywhere.

Email / note / message MUST contain these items:
  1. Information regarding the character, the pose, mood, backstory, and other details that you want in the artwork.
  2. Reference images of everything relevant to the artwork (character design, clothes, accessories, etc, you get the idea - IN COLOR).
  3. I do not do any design work (basically anything that doesn't have a reference image for me to draw from, or characters that don't exist yet in visual form).
  4. If the information is sufficient, I can then proceed in quoting a price, and you can then pay it to my Paypal account at

Please don't send me emails asking me whether or not I'm available for commissions WITHOUT PROVIDING THE ITEMS ABOVE.
I know people do that to be polite and considerate, but it takes up what limited time I have to go back and forth asking for details that should've been included, and I just don't have the time for that, especially so since most commissioners tend to come from different time zones, which makes responding emails taking up precious work time. 
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