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Commission. This will be the last commission piece in a while. Wanna focus my free time on other stuff like BtK and other personal works.
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Congratulations! This deviation is my 1000th favorite!
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Just realized she got 4 tongues.
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Oh you did a wonderful job with this one :iconlutherniel: 
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all dat slobberin' 
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Its slobberin' time.
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You are too good for us, Luth.
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And I'm nothing without people who love my works!
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Is that to me? I'D BE HONORED! *becomes pet* ;3
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Sorry, that name just reminded me about Skyrim... most notably, the Wabbajack! :XD:
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Or I could give you...

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Damn, Sheogorath is fun. And one of the few Daedric Lords I can actually consider not evil. Sure, some of the things he does aren't exactly nice... but then again, madness wears many faces, and he's so batshit crazy about his fun he never presented a significant threat to the world.
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True! :XD:

Epic usage of Sheogorath's gift:

Step 1: Find a bear.
Step 2: Use Wabbajack at the bear.
Step 3: If the bear did not turn into a sweetroll, repeat step 1.
Step 4: Eat the bear what has turned into a sweetroll.

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I did this to a guard after he asked about my stolen sweetroll...
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A person once told me that the Wabbajack is not an effective weapon, and should not be used as such. He said to only use it if you feel like screwing something over.

I think it's pretty obvious why.
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Apparently, if you're lucky, even powerful enemies can be reduced to easy prey.
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Ooo, is that for me?
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On one hand, I'm sad commissions are closed for awhile, on the otherhand, I'm super pumped that Bolter to Kokoro is going to continue!
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On one hand, I'm sad I won't get money from commish, on the other hand, I'm excited to continue Bolter to Kokoro!
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If only she was not dooming a nation...
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