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Horus and Sanguinius

By Lutherniel
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Old ambitious artwork that I decided to post now. Horus and his brother Sanguinius fighting side by side for the Emperor, before the corruption, the betrayal, the heresy.

There's a lot of mistakes in here which I decide not to fix because it has taken too long. But despite the mistakes, I've learnt a lot from doing this piece.
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The red eyes are so not reserved to horus?

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those were the fun old says
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commanderjonasHobbyist Digital Artist
This is something I feel like we need more off.

Some pre-heresy stuff.
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it looks awesome! honestly a well done pre-heresy piece!
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Ah before Erebus decided to be a Dick.
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Two great brothers in action. It's a same how it all went to hell.
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The good old days
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The two greatest primarchs ever. It's easy to see why these two were the Emperor's top favorites.
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the best artwork of Sanguinius i have seen yet!!!
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These two were THE Primarchs. The strongest and in my opinion most noteworthy. This is coming from a guy who's a huge Dark Angel fan and I Love the Lion. But these two.. it's sad Horus was possessed.
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gazzz477Hobbyist Writer
just wondering, is this inspired - or a drawing of - the 'war' on the planet Murder shown in Horus Rising, because this is what I pictured whilst reading it
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LuthernielProfessional Digital Artist
yup. from planet murder.
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gazzz477Hobbyist Writer
I really enjoyed that bit of Horus Rising...mainly because the Wolves are my favorite legion

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The-AvatarHobbyist General Artist
'Fear To Tread' was awesome!^_^
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Horus had hair before the heresy...unless this was RIGHT before the heresy, Horus used to have short brown hair in a simple crew cut sort of style.
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do you think youll ever do pair of other primarchs?
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LuthernielProfessional Digital Artist
I dunno. Who do you have in mind?
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how does Fulgrim and "the Gorgon" Ferrus(not if that was his actual name) sound to you , at least sticking with loyals and heretics
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LuthernielProfessional Digital Artist
Hmm that sounds interesting. Keep coming with them ideas and I might do them someday.
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how about Leman Russ (space wolves) and Magnus (thousand sons), when Russ takes Magnus to Terra
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