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Adopt Open #36

By Luterre
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55 USD on Paypal

payment only Paypal !

Term of use

- Can be modified.
- Can be used in trade.
- Do not claim the design or artwork as yours.
- Do not resell higher than the price bought.
- Can't be used commercially.
- No refund.
- Hold max 3 days.
Image size
2537x1786px 3.62 MB
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If she is still open, I would like to buy her.

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She is still open! Are you going to buy this adopt now?

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Ohhhhhh they are stunning!! I love their colours so much! I wish I could buy them. They’re such an ethereal design <3 I hope they go to a good home
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Ah, I wish I had the money!
She's such an beautiful Girl!
But maybe she will still be open when I get paid in a few days. At least I hope so!

Anyway, dies she has has a Name?
And can ye tell me more about her?

Btw, are there additional rules for her? Like, would it be allowed to reupload her? With proper Credit of Course?
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Oh, I hope so, too! And thank you for love the adopt!

I only draw pictures! Story, name and everything is made by the buyer! <3

I haven't thought about any other rules but, I hope you don't Pictures without watermarks(my sign @ RyuA0229) should not be re-uploaded.

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You're Welcome!

Ah, what a shame! Allways love to hear about thoghts an artist had about there Characters!

I'm not entirely sure what ye mean. Could ye try to explain it?
Does that mean when ye put an watermark on it, it's okay?
Or what exactly?
And what do ye mean when ye say your sign is @RyuA0229 ?
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if you to buy this adopt, i'll give you this adopt's no watermark image. so i mean when if you upload a picture on another community site (like twitter, insta, facebook), pls upload with my watermark image. Because at least I want to prove that I drew it.

Sorry for bad english T_T

and @ RyuA0229 is my twitter ID! :)

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Ah, I see! Of course!
I just didn't seen the watermark on this one! It's so small!
But reuploading it WITH the watermark and Proper credit is on Deviantart okay too, right?
And I know how ye feel! Had problems with it at first, too.
Following ye now there too!
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