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I already posted this on tumblr, but I felt like drawing an impromptu Lyra and Bon Bon doodle. <3 In celebration for the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in the US. I apologize if you are not in favor of it, I do not mean to offend. 

This is probably kind of odd to see in my gallery and the most bright and cutesy thing I'll ever post. Colors. What are they?

A note that if I'm drawing you something currently, I should be nearly done with it.
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I know I'll get a lot of flak for this, but I'm just tired of hearing this all.

I can't wait for this whole trend to end.
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wow, this is brilliant. i was blasted away by your solar flare ( back then and now this!
you should definitely go ahead whenever you are in the mood for colour :D

also: you shouldn't apologize to homophobic people for supporting basic human rights :3

rock on!
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This is so damn cute, Luted, and you are so much better than the last time I saw your drawings. This is so lovely in every concept... :heart:

I am Okenta...
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TwT soo beautiful
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Thanks >0< Hope you have a nice day!
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uvu have a nice day too, Luted!
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I love the colors for this! So cute! :)
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WOW I HATE YOU SO MUCH LUTED BECAUSE i dont know how you do shadows like that i never understand shadows please teach me your ways?????????

(sorry i had to make a joke like that, the joke is that im gay well pan and a lot of people think im homophobic for some reason? and im just like ha ha i like girls) 
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I could make a tutorial of sorts I guess I dunno, if ya want :> I'll send you it when I'm done

(Lol homophobic? That doesn't even make sense, you don't come across like that at all :< and cool, I like girls too although I'm bi instead)
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Wow...didn't expect something so colorful from you^^
Great work, looks very nice! :)
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Yeah, it's not really something I do much I guess ^^;
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Congratulations Murica!!!!!! :3
The colours in this look so gentle and nice! ;u;
ahhh the cuteness >u<
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:party: 'Murica indeed.
Thanks! >O<
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omg its colors XD
gorgeous as usual and adorable!
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Yeah, colors :XD: Thank you!
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oh my, this is so cute ♥
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