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Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

It is finally time! So I've been doing lots of work lately, and you can check some stuff exclusively out on my inkbunny here!:

(Yes that includes some of our old faves, and some new ones as well ^_^)

*Note, you will have to follow the link in the description to send you back to D.A, because I found out Inkbunny can't host this type of human work directly. So it might be a link chain or two to reach the animation hehe ;) Also you will have to create an account there and make sure you can view +18 works in order to see it. 

So your guys' commissions have been keeping me afloat since I've started, a really heartfelt thanks to everyone! It has been exciting to work with ya'll so far, and I'm happy to have met so many awesome people on D.A to help bring to life their deepest fantasies! ^_^ I really want to continue, although a lot of my silence this month has been due to me working my irl job which has kept me very busy 0.0 I just recently moved across the country and I realized in the middle of all this that my financial needs have changed. Where I am living now is much more expensive and in order to keep doing commissions I've had to raise my prices so I can keep up with demand and continue to make a living as an artist. With my old prices, I was making less than $5 an hour putting as much quality into each commission as I could. Unfortunately this is time taken out of my regular day job where I could be working for higher living wages.
I understand it is a hike in price, but it will greatly encourage me to continue to make a living as an artist here and create more work for you guys~ 
Stay tuned guys! Also a little taste of something I am working on below~

Till next time,


-----------------------------Commission info (Updated!)--------------------------------------

Standard NSFW: Looping animation of simple character design with background plus Moans, screams and sounds: $200+

Complex NSFW: Looping animation of elaborate/OC character design (Furries, highly detailed clothing, Non-human characters) with background: $255+

Climax NSFW: Coded button ending scene after loop (birth, orgasm, burst, etc.): Additional $40+

Custom Climax to any existing works: $100 flat (Current deal!!! Note* Requires permission of original commissioner, might not be available for all animations.)

Dialog within voice track:
 Additional $15 flat

SFW: Generally lower than the NSFW pieces

***Please note these prices are estimates, and that I will give a more accurate quote based on your individual requests. The more complex your request, the more effort and time it takes.***

Minor changes to the finished product are part of these quotes, but major changes outside the originally requested commission will require further estimate.


Rules: Pretty much anything goes, but if there is something I feel is too far, I will let you know. No judgement! Never hurts to ask.

Dos: I am fine with birth, burst or inflation, heavy belly movements, and unrelated offspring birth etc. I can also age a character so they look 18+

Don'ts: I prefer not to do m-preg, hyper-pregnancy (Although I will do large bellies within reason, just not double the size of the person), or scat-related etc.

I accept Paypal only.

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so, are the other ones still pay to see? there didn't seem to be anything but judy on the inkbunny page. 
wish i could afford another commission, but right now, that's almost a whole months rent for me, haha ^^;