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Until the End

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i've been... meaning to do a picture for this for a while. i have so many mixed feeling about phineas and ferb ending, i just didn't know how to show them. sure, i was really sad, but at the same time i was happy.
i was happy for every single accomplishment that these characters have overcome in their show, as well as in real life.

phineas and ferb was the very first cartoon i ever remember watching that i ever actually truly loved. i don't even remember when i started watching them... i always just remember knowing about them and loving the way that they did life. their creativity and positivity gave me reason to be happy and follow their example. i literally began to look at life through their eyes and not through the way that others may see it; i began to pull out the terrific things and put them into play. i didn't just sit around and do nothing all day but play on the computer and do whatever, i began to want to do things for a purpose, and, you know, seize the day.
i know it might sound silly to some, but looking back, phineas and ferb gave me a way to open up and express things i never thought i would be able to in the past.

now... this show, these characters... these brothers which i have continuously smiled at, only to be smiled right back at, were a part of my childhood. i go through phases with TV shows. i may find one and say, "OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!" and i may watch like, one season of it, and then be done with it. phineas and ferb was different. the more i watched, the more i fell in love with them. in fact, some of my story ideas came from simply improvising ideas with those two. so the fact that the show that i have adored since the beginning is coming to an end feels as if a part of my childhood is dying.

at first, i wanted to cry because i had no idea what to do. i felt a little empty inside after hearing the news. (i haven't seen the last episode, so d'ON'T SPOIL IT FOR ME) but, after thinking for a minute, i thought about all of the moments of glory that we, the fans, have had with these two brothers and their friends. honestly, i didn't think a show could change lives until i met those two. i thought, even if the show itself is ending, the legacy will continue on for years to come. phineas and ferb were jewels in a mine of rock. precious. we are what gives the show life, anyway. without us, the show would died a long time ago. but we kept it alive from the very beginning.

so technically, the show doesn't until we do, hehe

and that is something i will hold on to as i continue to draw them, write words for their mouths to speak, and just keep on pushing as a fan.

i don't know about you guys, but phineas and ferb will continue to dance around in my sight until i stop believing in moving forward. :heart:


gas planet texture (c) priteeboy (go check them out, btw, reall cool stuff!! :D)
phineas and ferb (c) :icondanpovenmire1::iconjeffswampy1:
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Phineas and his friends fun in the space.
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I gotta ppeEEEE..!!!!!!
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If it weren't this for this show, I never would have realized I wanted to be a cartoonist, and I wouldn't be trying to make it happen at age 14, you know, be doing somthing I'm a little young to be doing.

My heart broke when this show ended. Now where left with all the junk Disney is spewing out. Phineas and Ferb was the only good show out there in my opinion,   
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oh yeah, phin and ferb were some of the best disney channel characters out there. they were the make up of my childhood. i feel like it's so underrated, too. :(
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My main reason for being sad that the show ended is because it showed that everything goes by quickly and then then next thing you know, your 15! And to think, I started watching this when I was 7 or 8. I feel like they should continue it not them being young and in summer but older and in high school or middle school. But at the same time, why would you change it? They've done so many great things and it wouldn't be the same great show. Sorry for my rant but Ya.
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Great Picture. I feel the same way, I love Phineas and Ferb. As I watched the credits roll on the series finale, I died a little on the inside. To quote Dr. D, "I have an ouchie. *points to heart* In here." It's gonna be impossible getting over this.
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This touched me Lovey,,, this is a beautiful picture, and what you said was just as moving. It sure has been an amazing journey with the gang and it hurts knowing that after this their summer is over. :( I know that you and many others will continue their legacy though, and that's...well... Phintastic. ^-^
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i will for sure stay an eternal fan of phineas and ferb, and  i know that so many other people will too ;w;
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YES LIKE YOU~~ if you were to leave the fandom i wouldn't know what to do with myself
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YELL nO omgH
I will always be a fan of pnf :heart:
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omg that's soooooooooo frickin amazing
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ur welcome, sweetheart :iconsquishyplz:
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Come June 12th, we say goodbye with one last adventure.
It's like losing a loved one. It's even harder losing such a good show like this.
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i'm going to cry so hard when i see the episode ;n;
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