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Photoshop Action Set 8.


Set of 11 Photoshop actions

(only 5 actions are featured in the preview)
Made in Photoshop CS4, but should work in any version of Photoshop.

Check out my other Photoshop resources HERE!

>> Please comment or :+fav: if you download this action set!
>> Feel free to edit these actions as is needed for your photo(s), but do not redistribute and/or claim as your own.
>> Also, I'd love to see what you used these for! <333

Enjoy! :heart:

*stock image by ~yellow-stock
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thanks brilliant stuff :)

I couldn't get this to open in CS5.
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hey ... thanks a lot :) ... wait for more

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Nice action, . . . .
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Downloaded. vere que tal es :)
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Thanks a lot for actions!
I've been wondering for a while (I'm not a pro at Photoshop), how to create the same effect as in your picture? (to make stripes of multiple actions)
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you're welcome :]

and the way i did was i had the original stock picture open in a separate window and the actual action preview image open in another window. i used the actions on the original picture, flattened the image, and copy + pasted it onto the action preview image [remember you'll have to revert the stock picture to its original state before using each action]. then i just used the selection tool to create rectangles, inverted the selection, and deleted the excess picture. do this for the rest of the actions and you'll have a preview image like mine.

sorry if that's confusing, i just typed it quickly so it might be a little jumbled up haha
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Oh no, actually I got everything^^ Thank you!
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okay, thats good haha :] you're welcome!
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Downloaded and thanks for sharing them ^_^
They look AWSOME
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a289e895ae45e84baa96's avatar
Downloaded too.
Same goes as in my other comment mate
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thank you, enjoy :]
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