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Sandust Books by lussinka Sandust Books :iconlussinka:lussinka 0 0 Honeydukes by lussinka Honeydukes :iconlussinka:lussinka 0 0 reunited love by lussinka reunited love :iconlussinka:lussinka 3 0 Auror OC by lussinka Auror OC :iconlussinka:lussinka 2 0 inktober - skull by lussinka inktober - skull :iconlussinka:lussinka 0 0 inktober by lussinka inktober :iconlussinka:lussinka 3 1 blood by lussinka blood :iconlussinka:lussinka 4 0 Welcome Home by lussinka Welcome Home :iconlussinka:lussinka 4 2 Hot Tea by lussinka Hot Tea :iconlussinka:lussinka 1 0 Universe by lussinka Universe :iconlussinka:lussinka 3 0 Axolotl by lussinka Axolotl :iconlussinka:lussinka 1 0  Princess Pink Hair  by lussinka Princess Pink Hair :iconlussinka:lussinka 2 0 Maxine by lussinka Maxine :iconlussinka:lussinka 2 0 World by lussinka World :iconlussinka:lussinka 0 0 Sunny by lussinka Sunny :iconlussinka:lussinka 1 2 Necklace by lussinka Necklace :iconlussinka:lussinka 2 6


Object of Affection (LokixReader) (One shot!)
(Name) is an XMAN turned Avenger. She was known for her electromagnetic powers and her codename was Nanoshock. She'd often be paired with Thor, the mighty wielder of Mjolnir. But it was his brother Loki who (name) had feelings for. It was unfortunate, for she didn't see Loki much. He lived a separate life on Asgard. And since Thor was Earth's protector, Loki usually stayed on Asgard. (Name) moped in her private quarters, wishing Loki would come. But she wouldn't have that romantic encounter. And he would never know he was the object of her affection. 
(Name) slumped off her bed. She hadn't eaten since breakfast. In the battle versus (name) and her stomach, (name's) stomach won. (Name) dragged herself to the kitchen and peeked into the fridge. She pulled out leftover Chinese food and placed it in the microwave. It whirred as the teriyaki turned tender and brown. When the timer beeped, (name) slid the food onto a plate and sat down on a bar stool. "Mm" she savored. 
"You have q
:iconlady-paladin-skye:Lady-Paladin-Skye 203 8
The Last Straw (Loki x Reader)
Summery: Loki gets too busy with work and the distance between you causes some tension.
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 1,229
You couldn’t help but notice how distant Loki had become. When you ask him what’s wrong he just brushes it off and says it’s nothing. Anytime you tried to spend time with him he’d respond with ‘not tonight’, ‘I’m too tired’, or ’maybe another time.’
He has refused you like that for weeks now but you still asked, hoping that one day he’d finally say yes. It didn’t seem like it would ever come though. The more he said no, the more you felt like he just didn’t want to be with you. He seemed to be more concerned with work than anything else. Still, you kept trying.
He came home early today, to your delight. Maybe he’d be willing to do something tonight.
“Do you want to go out on a date tonight?” You saw how he was ready to say no instantly but ke
:iconfoxnamedloki:FoxNamedLoki 24 1
Tender Moment (Loki x Reader)
Summery: Just a little sweet thing between you and Loki~
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 947
Yesterday, Loki finally came back from a long mission with some of his teammates. Both of shared a some ‘I missed you’ hugs and kisses but then shut himself off in the office room. Apparently, something happened during the mission and now everyone who went has to do some kind of paperwork. It must be serious because Loki has only left the room a few times. He went to bed late last night and woke up early this morning. You were sad that you didn’t get to see him when you woke up but you couldn’t hold back a smile when you spotted a tray on your bedside table full of your favorite breakfast foods. This is probably his way of saying sorry.
Now, it’s around 2pm and he’s still in the office. He only came out a few times to get something to calm his grumbling stomach or use the bathroom. You wish you could convince him to take a break but you di
:iconfoxnamedloki:FoxNamedLoki 30 6
AU| Loki x Reader: Light Foot {Pt.1}
:bulletgreen: AU | Loki x Reader: Light Foot | :bulletgreen:

“Excuse me, my dear. But is this seat taken?”
I felt my mouth go incredibly dry as I looked up at the man who had addressed me. How had he noticed me? What on earth had compelled him to come over to my table and engage in conversation? As my mind raced to explain the anomaly, I found myself without an answer. There was no reasonable explanation. . . .  
I had been as silent as the grave since entering the restaurant, fitting into the background like I was just another part of the wall. If the truth were to be told, I had blended without meaning too. But it was hardly a surprise for me, after nearly fifteen years of being a shadow and keeping to my own company. I was a self-made chameleon. My clothing was purposefully nondescript and bland in color. Neither bright or dark, mellow blues and grays, and my steps were never louder than a hushed murmur whenever I moved. My hair was cover
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 56 8
Loki x Reader: Nightmare
:blackrose: Loki x Reader: Nightmare :blackrose:
I screamed loud and long, the gales of eternity scrapping my lungs as I choked and sobbed. I reached for him but he was beyond my grasp or sight. But I knew. Even without seeing, I watched him leave.
I felt his heartbeat like it was my own, the familiar blue-green eyes I’d come to love so much, fading into the void of a pitch black sky. I could see his hair fanned out around his face, though it brought no pleasure. The soft black locks were tangled and windswept, but I could not comb them. I could not hear him laugh, nor see his lips rise into their trademark smirk. And I hated it. Loathed it with all that I was. . . But still he would not return.
He was gone, and I was alone.
I felt him ebb away and begged for him to come back to me. But he could not heed me. Slowly my beloved Trickster disappeared from my senses, and I mourned him.
Come back, I wept. Come back to me! Do not leave!  
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 127 31
Loki from the Avengers Infinity war by alex5228 Loki from the Avengers Infinity war :iconalex5228:alex5228 274 11 Henry V by AnnikeAndrews Henry V :iconannikeandrews:AnnikeAndrews 348 36 Crows by MissStreelight Crows :iconmissstreelight:MissStreelight 118 7 i'm not a witch by MissStreelight i'm not a witch :iconmissstreelight:MissStreelight 169 18 The sun - Thor and Loki by Lykusio The sun - Thor and Loki :iconlykusio:Lykusio 87 10 Loki by tinyyang Loki :icontinyyang:tinyyang 78 18 hold me/thorloki by mokonosuke hold me/thorloki :iconmokonosuke:mokonosuke 246 20 hello  brother. by mokonosuke hello brother. :iconmokonosuke:mokonosuke 397 15 2017-10-05 thorki by zheyuan 2017-10-05 thorki :iconzheyuan:zheyuan 119 7 Avengers-One last war by pastellZHQ Avengers-One last war :iconpastellzhq:pastellZHQ 154 15 Loki - One last stab by pastellZHQ Loki - One last stab :iconpastellzhq:pastellZHQ 65 3


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Sandust Books
I had this for a loong time (2 years, +-) in my sketchbook, and I actually started to paint it with watercolours. But me being me, I chose a shitty paper and it all looked terrible ughh. but I still wanted to paint the thing! so I did it digitally ✨💛
anyways, this is an illustration of a scene from fanfic named Stealing Harry by copperbadge (I believe it's on ao3 or some other fanfic site). It's Remus and Padfoot, in front of their Sandust Books bookshop 📚💌
AAAAAAND FINALLY IT´S FINISHED! I can say that I really like this one (at least rn haha) Love 
btw it´s Sirius and my OC with ice cream. And yep, it is winter. I just wanted to paint the Honeydukes shop fOR SO LONG! Ice cream 
reunited love
tadaaaa! I've been working on this for the last week and akfhdhgd this is my first official art I can call digital painting haha 😭♥️ it's Sirius and my oc which doesn't really have a name yet. Also, while drawing this, these two lovebirds remind me of Roxanne, the oc of viria! aaah, how I love them
la in love :Gryffindork: Bunny Emoji-73 (Tears) [V4] 
(my name on insta is lucy.lucius)
Auror OC
hello! after a loooong time I thought I should upload some art here. I bought a graphic tablet xp-pen star06 a couple of months ago :) I´m still a noob but I like learning new things, and I feel that I´m better every time I draw. 


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