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Metalhead vs Trve Patrician Black Metal

Luso's Handy Guide to Metalheads

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Band Caricatures

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Shadows of Darkness comic

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One Dead Nation under Dead God


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Solifugae VII

VII  "Look at this one here." The old man instructed to the younger one, dragging his claw along an etching printed on a yellowed page. The illustration seemed to be of a skeleton, meticulously drawn, every bone carefully rendered. "I used to have one of these. I mean, the city council did. I was the one who took care of it though, so it was as good as mine, either way."  He took a puff on his pipe, exhaling two fine strands of smoke out of his nostrils. Alexander examined the figure meticulously. He dreamed of one day, be skilled enough to carve something similar out of a lump of stone. That would sure be something he could take pride in


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Metalhead vs Trve Patrician Black Metal


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