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Metalhead vs Trve Patrician Black Metal

i see you're a memester

i'm pretty memester myself

derivative meme
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Is there any black metal that doesn't devolve into "I hate black people because reasons"
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i literally only know like 2 bm bands that explictly mention black people at all
Are you familiar with Demogoroth Satanum? An all-black Black Metal band from South Africa?
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Not yet! will check them out
That makes two of us! I Googled "African American Black Metal bands" just to see if there were any and they were the first name that popped up.
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thank you for the tremendously insightful commentary mr person man
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You put ["1rst" Wave Black Metal.]
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Holy shit, Lich King was right!
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hah they fucking wish
Pagan Black metal ftw
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Dude, you forgot Thrashing Deathly Christian Satanic Feminist Islamic Hindu Metalcore black metal!
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You're missing unblack metal.
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Man I'm really missing the Black and Roll there ;)
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So many sub genres and sub sub genres, it;s impossible to keep up.
What about Canadian BM? :D
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Trve Kvlt \m/ 
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holy crap that's a lot of black metal
When are you gonna submit more Guide to Metalheads?
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