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Metal 101- The Black Metaller

By LusoSkav
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So, after a few years passing, and many, many metal shows attended, i couldn't help but to notice the diferent archetypes and demographics in the metalhead culture that i kept coming across.
And since i never saw any kind of descriptive charts that accurately portrayed the metal subculture i so dearly know and love, i decided to do it myself!

So, based on people that i know, people that i merely saw, often or not that often, and on blunt personal experience, i began scribbling out a few, and constructed many more in my mind, which is to say, that there will be quite a few before i'm done.

Also remember this is not meant to offend. It's all harmless satire, more often than not :)

So yes. Hope you enjoy Luso's Handy Guide to Metalheads

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I still remember when I first got into metal, then I found these. Still golden, even after all of these years
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I love black metal & I'm anything but a racist
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You need the old metalhead like me: raised on Iron Butterfly, Sabbath, Deep Purple; listened to Maiden, Priest, Slayer, Anthrax in high school, tried virtually all the subcategories; generally easygoing and happy, except when talking about how 'metal doesn't get the attention it deserves'; wears old jeans and very old tour shirts, work boots; shaved head--better to avoid the bald spot XD
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you should make a stoner metal guy :D
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Pretty much the bottom half isn't true
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Gotta love dem boots, though. With my kicks and those boots, I'd destroy concrete walls......maybe walls of moshers...nah that's unprofessional
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NO FUN ALLOWED ! Best part ~ 
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// I agree xD //
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Throw atheist in the mix and drop the smoking, then it's me spot on! :)
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This seems more like this is describing those metal elitists more than black metallers.
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Hmm. I have a crewcut, don't smoke at all, and definitely not on the skinny side, but otherwise yup. :D (The goatee thing is probably only for males? lol) Also, the jacket is not worn often because I'm heat intolerant, but I've got one :3
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were is doom O)))
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He committed suicide. 
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This Is Kinda Funny. It's Not Everyday I Get To Laugh At Myself. Thanks For Sharing.
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I've seen this for quite a bit and I've finally found the author.
Great job!
The Satanism/Ásatrú part is amusing.
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Possibly Right wing or Racist. LOLOL. Ill say some of these things aren't quite true, while some might be.
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Yeah fuck that right wing bull shit
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This one made me laugh out loud.
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Here's black metal: :iconbieberplz:
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errrmagherd sooo fuckn metal bruh swhut up all of ur ar just haterzzzzz jb and 1d aka true metal forrrrr LYYYYYYFFFFF!!!!! (I'm Joking, Hopefully it's obvious XD )
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