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[Fooling|auction|open] Only for the Newbies



Haven't had a first timer auction in awhile, so here we go! 
Hope you like these two babies and yes, only if you currently do not own any NIO SPECIES, you can bid on them!
Funnily enough I was very art blocked today (long time no see old friend?) so I pulled out one of my prepared design lines. 
Protip: on the days you feel juice for art, prepare some backup lines, sometimes you will be too
worn out to line or sketch something, but still be ready to rock those design skills!! So always have some backup ready B) 

anyways, I'm not gonna spam you any further with my blabla, 
so let me introduce you these two babs

Jingle Bell by Gasara

Baby Auction1 by Lusomnia
start bidding here please 
First Ember
A rowdy Fooling coming down a line of fire deities. Just like their element of choice, they got a temperament that will make a bonfire look cool as ice!
They are the top in street fights, so be careful and don't get on their bad side!
Other than that, they are a true sweetheart. So much, they only eat sweets (I didn't believe it either, but it's true) 
They protect a fighting deity

SB: 45usd
Min Inc. 5usd

FOOLING, tiger pride neckfur (common), collar (common), bell (common), normal ears (common), 
normal eyes (common), crinkle tail (common), raptor feet  

Jingle Bell by Gasara

Babyspace2 by Lusomnia
start bidding here please 
Space Master
Funfact this Foo is actually quite down-to-earth, quite in the literal sense. 
They don't like space. nope. don't give me one of those "your eyes open up the sky for me" or any of this bongus sayings.
They like nature and all that earth has to offer. Some say it's because they had a big fight with their parents once when they were
younger, but they don't like to talk about it. But apparently sometimes they can be found sitting under the nightsky, 
whispering to the stars shining overhead.

SB: 45usd
Min Inc. 5usd

FOOLING, tiger pride neckfur (common), collar (common), bell (common), normal ears (common), 
normal eyes (common), fluffy wagger tail (common), crow feet  

R U L E S 
No false bids or backing out. PLEASE.
Payment has to be received 24h after I give you the "okay"
ALWAYS reply to the “bid here” in chain (=always to the last bidder)
Payment is in usd! not payal, will be asked to be sent to fundraiser
be sure to check out my Adoptable T.O.S 
The winner will get the transparent/unshaded file after the payment has been sent
You can change the name and backstory of course! 
Snipe Guard
 is active (extension of 2h if a bid is being placed within 2h of closure)
If the snipe guard gets triggered, then the auction will end 2h after the bidding stops.

Jingle Bell by Gasara 

Time and Date of Closure: 
February 13th, 11:30pm 
Check out the CEST time here!

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Wish I was more active on DA now both of these are so ❤️️❤️️❤️️

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Thank you!! and no worries, honestly, I'm much more active on discord right now as well (where most of the foo activities are happening) haha, so I feel you!

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aghhhh first ember :love: such gorgeous designs!!

Lusomnia's avatar

ee Thank you Awshumness!!

iiAwshumness's avatar

no problem ;u; <3 I hope these cuties find good homes!!

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Space Master has such nice colors!

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Could I bid, even though I have just a foo egg? ;;

Lusomnia's avatar

yes! it still counts x)

*edit: yes, you can still bid (sorry my brain is a bit slow with english today haha)

SaitoPsyncin's avatar

LOL it's okay, thank you ;v;

And it's okay, English is a funky language xD

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:star: start bidding here for SPACE MASTER please! :star:

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:star: start bidding here for FIRST EMBER please! :star:

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Congratualtions, you won the auction!! I will shoot you a note in a minute x)

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