Fizzypop's Best Night Ever

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Fizzypop's Best Night Ever

by Lurks-no-More

First, a note: This story won't make any sense unless you have first read ItsTheWhinyGuys' excellent but SAD fanfic, "Happy Birthday, Fizzypop"! You can find it here:…

Fizzypop and her friends are technically his OCs. Fizzypop herself is a Hasbro recolor of Pinkie Pie, while her friends' looks are based on G3 ponies.


It was late evening in the small island town of Sugar Cove. The glorious tropical sunset had faded out hours ago, and if not for the uncountable stars, glittering like diamonds against the black velvet of the sky, it would have been quite dark.

Three ponies stood waiting where a smaller, sandy path branched off from the main road, connecting the hillside farms with the town. Well, two of them  - an orange pegasus with a  fuchsia mane and tail that looked wind-swept even at rest, and a pink earth pony whose red mane and tail were tied into neat ponytails with strings of coral beads -  were standing; the third, a blue unicorn with vividly flame-colored mane, was sitting in the dry grass of the roadside, apparently more focused on the small book she was reading than on the little sphere of pale-blue fire that floated above her head, illuminating the pages with its flickering, underwater light.

"Where are those two?" the pegasus asked, sounding annoyed. "If they don't show up soon, we'll have to leave them behind. You can't be late for somepony's birthday party!"

"Relax, Island," the blue unicorn said, not taking her eyes off the book. "You know just as well as I do that Flippity Flop and Shell-Belle are always late. That's why we agreed to meet half an hour early in the first place!"

"Yes! And they're very nearly half an hour late already, Waterfire."

The earth pony, who had been checking the condition of the large cooler, dew-dropped with moisture, that sat next to her, interrupted the budding argument. "Girls, girls! I think that's them coming now!" She pointed a hoof towards the curve of the road, where two ponies had appeared.

The first of them was a magenta pegasus, flying low to the ground at a slow walking pace. She had a big, flat bundle almost the size of a surfboard on her back, and had to pause every now and then to rebalance it or to adjust her straw hat, decorated with seashells. The other was a yellow unicorn, her sunglasses hiked up behind her glowing horn. Everypony's eyes widened when they saw the big, bulky box floating in the air beside her: it was the jukebox from Flippity Flop's surf store.

"Oh, Celestia! Don't tell me she's been levitating that all the way from the Beach Street?" Waterfire said, a mix of awe and exasperation in her voice. She saw the yellow unicorn stagger, and the jukebox wobbled in a threatening fashion.

"Looks like she has," Island Rainbow said, shaking her head but smiling. "C'mon, let's lend her a hoof!"

Waterfire extinguished her reading light and hurried down the road, right behind the pegasus - and just in time, too, as the glow of Flippity Flop's horn was starting to flicker with exhaustion. "Thanks a million, brah," the yellow unicorn said as her friends caught the jukebox and put it safely down. "I was totally starting to think I was gonna sprain my brain carryin' that thing!"

"Ah told her she oughta have left that contrap'shon behind," the magenta pegasus said as she air-kissed the earth pony. "Evenin', Strawberry. Ah say, ya'll are lookin' fabulous!"

"Why, thank you, Belle," Strawberry Reef said, throwing her forelegs around her her friend in a hug... or trying, at least; the big bundle on the pegasus' back got in the way. "Oh, is this your present for Fizzypop?" she asked, sounding excited. "Can you tell me what it is, please please please? I promise I won't tell her!"

"Nuh-uh. No peeking, no telling, no cheating," Island Rainbow said, landing next to them. Behind her, Waterfire and Flippity Flop were bringing up the jukebox, their telekinetic auras flickering around it like colorful auroras. "This is Fizzypop's first birthday on the island, and we're doing it properly!"

Strawberry sighed, but relented. "I guess you're right. At least we don't have to wait for long!" With a little help from Island, she hoisted the large cooler onto her back, the pegasus picking up her own panniers and Waterfire's over-the-flank bag. Together, the five of them started along the sandy path, towards the home of their friend Fizzypop.


Fizzypop lived in a small cottage a little way outside the town. It was too far from the beach for the tourists coming in from mainland Equestria to be interested in it, and the hillside was too steep and rocky to be really suited for farming, but it was a nice, affordable little place.

The small garden in front of the cottage had the haphazard but well-loved look that characterized everything Fizzypop did. Well, almost everything - when it came to ice cream floats, the purple pony was a bona fide genius! The flowerbeds were oddly shaped, the bushes grew crooked, and the seashells and water-polished stones along the last dozen yards of the path didn't seem to be laid out according to any kind of scheme or plan.

Despite all that, there was something disarming and cheerful about the garden, just like Fizzy herself. The purple pony was so eager to try everything, so overwhelmingly happy to just do things without worrying if she was any good at them (usually, she wasn't, but that never stopped her for long), that you couldn't help but enjoy her company.

As they approached the little porch, Island Rainbow stopped suddenly, her wings flashing open to stop Strawberry Reef and Shell-Belle who'd been walking right behind her. "Hey! Did you hear something?" she asked, a puzzled frown appearing on her face.

"Yah sure it wasn't just Flip-Flop hummin' one o' her Beach Bronies songs again?" the magenta pegasus asked, gesturing with her tail towards the two unicorns that were bringing up the rear. Then her ears perked up, as she heard a muffled crash coming from inside the cottage. "Wait, Ah heard somethin', too!"

As they hurried closer, they could hear more thuds and crashes of breaking glass, along with muffled yells and what sounded like sobbing. "Fizzypop!" Island shouted, crossing the remaining distance with a single wing-assisted leap. She tried to peek inside, but the curtains were all drawn. "Dammit, can't see what's wrong," she called out over her shoulder to the others, who were galloping after her. "Don't worry, Fizzypop, we're here!" she shouted before yanking the door open and rushing in.

The scene before the pegasus made her stop in her tracks and stare, eyes wide with shock. Somepony or -thing had totally trashed poor Fizzypop's living room! The tables had been overturned, spilling fruits, vegetables and melting ice cream all over the floor. There were broken soda bottles, shreds of burst balloons and torn-down streamers, scattered dice and board game pieces and who knew what else all around the place.

And there, next to a big, ragged purple-pink mess that was barely recognizable as a torn and trampled banner, was Fizzypop herself, curled up on the floor and crying with big, shuddering, soundless sobs. Her usually bouffant pink mane was a lank mess, and her soft purple coat was covered with splashes and stains. There were bits of crumpled paper and glitter sticking to her dinged hooves, and her ankles and lower legs were nicked and scratched.

"Oh Celestia, Fizzy!" Island cried out, horrified at the sight of her friend in such a state. "What- ooff!"

Strawberry Reef, unable to stop as quickly as the pegasus, had run full tilt into her rump, sending both ponies sprawling onto the floor. Shell-Belle, who'd stopped to drop her gift on the porch before running in, had just enough time to take wing, and it was she who landed next to the shaking earth pony first.

"It's awwright, Fizzy dahlin'," Belle said as she crouched down to hug her friend. "Yer safe now! We're all here for yah, an' yer gonna be just fine, Ah promise."

Fizzypop opened her eyes and looked at the pegasus. For a second, it seemed as if she didn't recognize Shell-Belle at all. Then, with an inarticulate cry of anguish, she pushed the pegasus away. "G-g-g- 'way frummah!" she screamed, flailing with her hooves as her baffled friend tried to embrace her again. "G'way! I, I, I hate you all!!"

A flickering blue-and-red aura surrounded Fizzypop, lifting her in the air. "Stop that, Fizzy. Now what the motherlovin' hay is going on here?" Waterfire asked from the door, looking around the smashed room with a confused look on her face.


It took a while to get Fizzypop stop screaming and trying to hit them, and even longer until she finally had cried herself to exhaustion. Waterfire lowered the sniffling purple mare gently down in her garden, where her friends had gathered. "All right, Fizzy," she said in a tone that brooked no disagreement, despite its sympathy. "Care to tell us why it looks like you've just gone and destroyed your own birthday party right before it was about to start?"

"S-s-start?!" Fizzypop managed to say, her voice hoarse from crying. "It's over! I waited for hours and hours and n-n-none of you c-came! I, I thought you were my f-f-friends!" She started crying again, with big, wheezing gulps.

The ponies aroud her exchanged surprised and incredulous looks. "Oh, whoah. Don't tell me that she's, like, been waiting for us to show up at eleven in the morning!" Flippity Flop said, putting everypony's thoughts in words.

"Yes!" Fizzypop shouted. "I waited and waited and none of you came, and I fell asleep, and it was d-dark when I woke up and everything had gone bad and you still hadn't come!"

"Oh, Fizzy," Island Rainbow said in an unusually soft voice. "You poor silly pony... you invited us here at eleven PM!"

She looked up, blinking at the orange pegasus. "What? N-no way, Island! Why are you trying to trick me like that, it's mean..."

"Listen, Fizzypop," Island said, crouching next to her friend. "I'm not trying to trick you. None of us are! We thought you wanted us here at eleven in the evening, and that's why we're all here together." She craned her head to take the invitation out from her saddlebag, and unfolded it before Fizzypop's eyes. The purple pony's red-rimmed eyes widened as she saw what was written on the invitation, in her own mouthwriting:

"To my very best friend forever, Island Rainbow! You're hereby invited to my first birthday party at my house, 11:00 PM. (I know how much you value punctuality, so I wanted to be precise!) There will be snacks and salads and cookies and candy and fruits and chocolate, and my VERY BEST ice cream floats! I hope you'll like games, because I've got a ton of them, too, and I want to try them all out with you and everypony else!

Your ever-so-happy friend, Fizzypop

PS. Don't worry about gifts or anything! The best gift I can hope for is to see you all here with me! - F."

Fizzypop stared at the invitation for what seemed like an eternity. Then she slumped back down, moaning in dismay. "Oh no oh no ohnoohnoOHNO! I blew it, it was all my own fault! Oh Celestia, I'm such a stupid, worthless loser..."

Her friends gathered around her, nuzzling the whimpering pony and patting her on the back with their hooves. "There, there... We're all here now," Strawberry Reef said in a soft voice. "It was just a silly mistake, that's all. You'll be laughing about this in no time, Fizzy!"

The purple pony sniffled. "D-d-do you think so? Because... this was my first birthday party, and I w-w-wanted it to be perfect! I, I hoped when I moved here that I could have friends like everypony else, and go to Summer Sun Celebration with them, a-and to have birthday parties!"

Her friends listened with expressions of shock and sympathy as it all spilled out: how Fizzypop's parents had seemed to resent their daughter, how they never gave her gifts or threw her parties or even let her visit any friends, and how she'd moved as far from them as she could at the first opportunity. It explained so much about Fizzypop.

"A-and now I ru-hu-huined it myself," she finished with another moan.

"Not necessarily," Waterfire said, causing everypony to look at her. "How old are you again, Fizzy?"

"Uh... I'm just turning s-sixteen," Fizzy said, unsure what her studious unicorn friend was getting at.

"Thought so," Waterfire said, pushing her glasses up her nose with her hoof. She picked up a dry twig with her magic, and began to scribble calculations into the sand of the garden path. "Let's see... Taking in account the leap years, and the time zone difference, and the precession of the Summer Sun Celebration, not to mention the Nightmare Moon's return... Yup, it all checks out. Congratulations, Fizzypop: your birthday is actually tomorrow." She looked up at the stars, then back at Fizzy with a broad smile. "Or, to be precise, today, since we're past midnight. So all that you've lost was the party rehearsal, and who cares about that, huh?"

Fizzypop's eyes widened. "Y-you're serious, Waterfire?" she asked, a sudden hope in her voice.

The unicorn nodded with a solemn expression. "Completely serious."

"Dahlin', ya ought ta trust Waterfire on such things," Shell-Belle interjected. "She's got th' head fer them mat-hem-a-ticks." There was a chorus of "Yeah" and "That's right" from the rest of Fizzypop's friends.

The purple mare jumped up on her hooves, her eyes lighting up with joy. "Oh, that's such a relief! I'm so glad you guys came and I can have a birthday party after all!" Then her face fell. "Oh... But, but there's nothing to eat, a-and the place's a mess, and-"

"Hush now," Island Rainbow said, placing her hoof across Fizzypop's lips. "We'll take care of everything, right girls? First, we got to get you look a bit more presentable..."


By the time Island had helped Fizzypop clean herself up at the well behind the cottage, the rest of her friends had set up an impromptu party on the porch and in the garden. Flippity Flop had set her jukebox up in one corner where it was playing a mix of cheerful surf songs and calypsos, while Waterfire had lit the garden up with dozens of small balls of colorful fire, burning in little trays made from the broken bottle bottoms.

Strawberry Reef had brought a big birthday cake, decorated with dozens of her choicest strawberries, and had gathered the still edible fruits from inside onto the table: bananas, oranges, a few pineapples and a couple of melons. There were even six intact bottles of various sodas she'd salvaged from the ruined party, and the spare ice cream from Fizzypop's freezer was now sitting in Strawberry's cooler.

Shell-Belle had unwrapped her present for Fizzypop, and (with the unicorns' help) hung it in place over the porch: a big sign, made from driftwood, shells, sea glass and colorful stones, proclaiming "FIZZYPOP'S COTTAGE" for everypony to see. The rest of her friends had placed their gifts in a row on the porch railing, a riot of colorful wrappers, stickers and ribbon.

When she saw it all, Fizzypop burst into tears for what must have been the tenth time that night, but this time she was crying from joy!  Then, with childlike glee, she began to unwrap her gifts as her friends watched and congratulated her. There was  a snorkel and a pair of swimming goggles from Island Rainbow; an illustrated history of ice cream (with 101 recipes for floats, splits and other ice-cream treats) from Waterfire; a jug of strong fruit punch from Flippity Flop; and a set of cake pans from Strawberry Reef.

"Oh, thank you thank you thank you! You guys are the best friends I could have hoped for!" she cried, gathering them all in a group hug. "This is going to be the best night ever!"


The eastern sky was already turning pale pink when three very tired but very happy ponies walked back to the town. Shell-Belle and Flippity Flop had stayed behind with Fizzypop, sharing her big loft bed, to make sure she didn't do anything silly and to help her clean up.

"That was possibly the best birthday party I've ever been to," Strawberry Reef said and yawned prodigiously. "It's a good thing you figured out that poor Fizzypop had miscalculated things, Waterfire. She was so miserable!"

Island Rainbow chuckled and gave the unicorn an affectionate wing-nudge. "Yeah. That was impressively quick thinking, my friend."

The pink earth pony blinked, looking suddenly worried. "Uh... You were really serious there, weren't you? It really is Fizzypop's birthday today, right?" she asked.

Waterfire was silent for a moment. "You tell me, Strawberry," she said finally. "What's the really important part of your birthday: the date on the calendar, or you and your friends celebrating it together?"

"Well duh, the latter of course," Strawberry said and yawned again. Then her eyes widened. "Oh. Oooooh! I get it! You're right, it really, absolutely, totally is Fizzypop's birthday today!"

Laughing, the three ponies walked down the hill towards the sea and the town of Sugar Cove that was just starting to wake up to a new, beautiful day.
First off: this story won't make sense unless you've read :iconitsthewhinyguys:'s excellent, but really SAD fanfic, "Happy Birthday, Fizzypop"! You can find it here: [link]

- - -

This is an alternate, but author-endorsed, ending to one of the most heart-wrenchingly sad fan fics I've read in ages. I felt so bad for poor Fizzypop that I just had to write a happy ending to her night!
You should have no problems figuring out where it branches off from the original.

Special thanks to ItsTheWhinyGuys for inspiring me to do this, and for letting me post the story. :)
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This was such a sweet ending <3
Would've been funny for Pinkie Pie to show up as well, like in the original. She is SO random!