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Trixie Fireworks by Lurks-no-More Trixie Fireworks :iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 1 2
The Love Song of B. Macintosh Apple
With apologies to T.S. Eliot
Let's go, y'all and me,
To Ponyville in the evening, under the sky
That the pegasi have cleared away;
Let's go, through the pony-crowded streets,
Passing the couples by
Thinking of restless nights in my upstairs room
Lying awake beneath the homespun bedsheets
With faint scent of lavender
Leading to an overwhelming memory...
Oh, don't you ask "What is it?"
Let's just go and make our visit.
The purple plums in the market, piled high, not from here
The ruddy peaches with soft fuzz that tickles my muzzle
Licking my lips, just the corners of my mouth,
Lingering, watchin' the foreign fruits from all over the place
Then Ah fall back, turn my back to them; can't let AJ see.
Ah slip around the market place, make a sudden leap,
And seeing that she's busy sellin' the apples we love and grow
I turn around the corner, and sneak away.
In the library the mares come and go
Talking of friendship.
There's sure gonna be time
For the big red pony that slides along the s
:iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 2 4
Exalted - Pilvi by Lurks-no-More Exalted - Pilvi :iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 3 0
Dreams, Shadows, Memories
This story is inspired by and continues Omny87's comic "A Somber Meeting":
Go check it out first!
If this had been a mediocre horror story, Twilight Sparkle would have woken up with a scream and a start, her still-new wings flared and ready to propel her away from whatever danger her body and sleepy mind had conjured. She probably would have also been drenched in cold sweat, and unsure about where she was and if she had really woken up.
In reality, she did nothing of the sort. Twilight stretched languidly in her familiar bed, located in her own bedroom in the upper story of the Ponyville library. She wasn't sweaty or disoriented, and there weren't even any phantom aches on her neck and limbs from her nightmare.
And yet, from the moment she was fully awake, Twilight was absolutely certain something was wrong. Badly wrong. She felt a sorcerous chill in the core of her horn that seemed to radiate throughout her new alicorn body,
:iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 5 10
Dry Bones
Her name was really Ivory, but everypony called her Sad Ivory. It was not a very auspicious name, but it fitted her well, for she was a pale and wan little thing, with long thin legs and a lean body that never seemed to fill out, no matter how much she ate. Not that she ever ate much, which worried her foster parents to no end.
Ivory had lost her entire family when a ferry capsized during a fall flood. She was one of the handful of survivors, and with no kin to take her in, the little unicorn had been sent to Princess Luna's Orphanage for Unfortunate Foals in Canterlot.
She spent the winter at the orphanage. The food was good and plentiful, but she did not have an appetite for it. The beds were clean and the blankets warm, but the chill of the river seemed to cling to her bones. The caretakers were busy but kind and her fellow orphans friendly and sympathetic, but she felt alone even when she joined them in play.
As the weeks passed, Sad Ivory gained a reputation as a loner. The careta
:iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 1 9
Last Will and Testament of Starswirl the Bearded
To Clover, my foremost apprentice.
A year and a day have passed without my return from my quest to plumb Time's depths. Therefore I set out my last will here and appoint thee to execute it with thine usual skill and sedulousness. Let no pony say that they have not received from me what they deserve!
To my sister Starbright and her family, I bequeath the mundane wealth I have accumulated, save for the portion in the red chest of my strongroom. That is to be left to my servants and apprentices per instructions therein.
To my second greatest apprentice Silvertine, I bequeath my tower and the peak upon which it stands, and everything in the tower save for what I mention here. He is to honor my memory by continuing his study of magic and taking on apprentices to teach the arts and sciences of magecraft.
To Burnheart the Red, I bequeath the Grand Ruby in my chamber of curiosities, in memory of our youth. May its beauty and magic warm her smoldering heart and taste sweet in her mouth.
To thee
:iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 2 4
Ask Twilight - Equestrian Government
Q: Dear Twilight, there's something we've been wondering about for a long time now. If Princess Celestia is the ruler of your country, why is it called the Kingdom of Equestria?
A:  That's certainly a good question! I've received several other questions about various aspects of the Equestrian government, too, and this provides me with an excellent starting point for explaining the subject.
Equestria is a kingdom because it is the successor to the legacy of the Old Kingdom – the ancestral homeland of the three tribes – via Princess Platinum, who was the eldest daughter and heir presumptive of the last unicorn High King, Aurum III. (Despite briefly proclaiming herself the Queen of Unicornia, she never took the title of the High Queen of either Old Kingdom or of Equestria, however.)
Instead, the Founding Compact assigned supreme authority equally to the three leaders of the tribes and their successors, each bearing the title of Prince or Princess. Princess Celestia and Lu
:iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 5 8
The Shadow Over Hoofsmouth 3
Chapter Three - It Runs In the Family
Nopony knew better than Rarity that the first impressions, although important, could be deceiving. Yet, as she descended the rutted hillside track into Hoofsmouth with her friends, everything she saw and smelled just reinforced the atmosphere of decay and decline. Even the air was unpleasant, for the salty scent of the sea was almost overwhelmed by a nasty rotting odor.
"Ugh! What's this stench?" Rainbow Dash asked, wrinkling her nose in distaste. "Smells almost like the outhouse after somepony's been eating bad turnips!"
Rarity grimaced at the uncouth metaphor, but it wasn't far off the mark. Applejack, who looked less bothered by the stench than the others, shook her head. "This ain't manure, but there's somethin' familiar about it... Reminds me of some kind of a fertilizer, but not eck-sactly."
Fluttershy said something in a voice too quiet to make out. "Pardon me, darling; I didn't quite catch that," Rarity said, giving her fri
:iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 4 19
[MLP-WTG] Applezilla!
The angry roar rattled the library boughs, making the ponies inside cringe.
A floor-shaking *CLOP* was accompanied by the sounds of breaking timbers and crushed bricks, followed by hysterical screams and a thunderously loud "MAH BAD".
"Oh! I think there went Berry Punch's house," Pinkie Pie shouted from her observation post at one of the treehouse's upper windows. "She's almost at your house, Dashie, just a few more steps."
Rainbow Dash cringed again, feeling the accusing eyes of Fluttershy and Rarity on her. Even Spike looked away from the hastily put-together alchemical workshop in the middle of the room long enough to give him a hairy eyeball. She'd be making amends for this for a long time, that was certain!
Another roar echoed through the room, making Fluttershy curl back into a nervously quavering ball of pink hair and yellow feathers. Rarity leaned closer to her friend, no doubt to comfort her, before looking back at Dash.
:iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 1 7
Making Do
Rainbow Dash yawned and shifted in her seat, her wings twitching with barely contained tension. The Mayor had called Dash into her temporary office in the town granary first thing in the morning, way too early for the sleepy pegasus mare's liking. It did not help that Dash had a very good idea what the Mayor wanted to discuss with her: the yesterday's fiasco, when Ditzy Doo had blown up the Town Hall's turret roof with an errant lightning bolt or two. She did not look forward to it.
"Ms. Dash, the Mayor will see you now."
Dash took a couple of deep breaths and flew across the converted waiting room to the door the Mayor's secretary was holding open for her.
The Mayor looked up from the papers piled up on her desk, hastily moved here from her office in the Town Hall. She looked tired and frazzled, but mostly her expression reminded Dash unpleasantly of one of her old Flight School instructors after that one time she'd crashed through the school atrium's ice dome.
"Sit down, Ms. Dash," t
:iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 4 12
Ask Twilight - Family Matters
Q: Dear Twilight, we were surprised to find out that you had a brother! With his wedding over and the Mother's Day coming up, could you please tell us a bit more about your family, and the families of your friends?
A: Why does everypony always seem so surprised by my brother?! Anyway, my apologies for delaying my reply so long. I felt that I couldn't talk about my friends' families without asking for their permissions, and some of them were a bit hesitant. Still, in the end, they all felt that it would be good to make things clear.
- - -
Starting with myself, Twilight Sparkle... well, you've seen my brother Shining Armor, and our parents, Star Sparkle and Crescent. We're not nobles, but our family has a long and illustrious history in the Equestrian civil service. Mom is a Senior Aide to the Comptroller of the Palace Administration, while Dad is a Permanent Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry; their jobs aren't very glamorous, but they are important ponies and work ver
:iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 2 8
Golden Folly by Lurks-no-More Golden Folly :iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 1 6
My Little OC - Golden Folly
Golden Folly - Origins
Almost three centuries ago, when Princess Celestia still occasionally engaged in romantic affairs with mortal ponies, one of her most persistent suitors was a unicorn wizard named Golden Star. He was a handsome and charming pony, and likely the most powerful mage of his generation - in his prime, his talents even approached those of Twilight Sparkle! - but he was also vain, selfish and incredibly arrogant. It is no wonder that the Princess, politely but very firmly, turned him down.
Unused to rejection, Golden Star convinced himself that the only reason the Princess could not accept the advances of such a perfect stallion was because she was immortal and imperishable, and he was not. The solution was obvious: he must become immortal and imperishable himself, so he could be the perfect, eternal consort and lover for the Princess of the Sun! (Remember when I said he was incredibly arrogant?)
He removed himself from the court (much to Celestia's sec
:iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 0 4
Zecora's Interlude
Zecora finished pouring out a circle of glimmering, gray dust. She put the gourd back into her saddlebags and trotted quickly around her hut, checking the integrity of the line. It was perfect, just as she'd thought, but with matters like this, you quickly learned not to trust your first impression. The scars on her neck, hidden by the golden neck-rings she habitually wore, were an ever-present reminder that she was lucky to have gotten a second chance.
There were three circles, all made with powders of different color and composition, around her hut, with carefully made fetiches placed at precise intervals between them. The barrier would not stop the Kraken, but it would turn away anything lesser that it might bring along, clinging to the Ancient One like splinter-ticks to the hide of a timber wolf.
Finishing her examination of her defenses, Zecora cast a concerned look over her shoulder, towards Ponyville. She'd been busy with her own preparations ever since her bone chimes had alert
:iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 10 22
It's About Trixie, This Time
It's About Trixie, This Time
by Lurks-no-More (c)2012
A powerful surge of magic woke Trixie up from pleasant dreams of fame, fortune and a certain purple unicorn in a maid's dress.
She opened her eyes and saw a sphere of bright, silvery-blue light hanging in mid-air. It filled her cramped garret with showers of sparks and a wind that made Trixie's mane flutter. She had just enough time to say "What the hay?" before it exploded.
When her eyes cleared, Trixie saw... herself, only wearing silver-rimmed spectacles, a slightly singed rune-embroidered cloak of midnight blue, and the most magnificient wizard's hat she'd ever seen, encrusted with jeweled stars, moons and suns and topped by a long silver tassle, currently on fire.
"Trixie!" she heard herself say in her best showmare's tone. "I am you from the Future!"
"That's impossible!" Trixie blurted. "Nopony can-"
"Do not doubt the Great and Powerful Trixie!" she snapped, then looked sheepish. "I learned the s
:iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 7 7
[MLP-WTG] Nightmares
On top of the tallest tower of Canterlot, Princess Luna stood and watched over the sleeping Equestria. A gust of cold wind ruffled her starry mane and rustled her feathers, sending a strange chill into the body and soul of the dark alicorn. It reminded her of the piercing cold of the starry voids beyond the Sun and the Moon, where nightmares lurked and brooded, seeking an opening into the world. The princess raised her head and listened to the wailing of the wind. "This will be a difficult night," she murmured, a severe expression on her face.
- - -
Applejack sweats as she turns and bucks at the tree. Instead of the satisfying thud of a solid impact, and the welcome patter of falling apples, she hears just a muffled thump. She sways on her hooves, feeling weak and out of breath, and turns to look. The tree is full of apples, red and fat and ripe almost to the point of spoiling, but not a single one has fallen.
She grimaces and wipes her brow with her fetlock. It's stifling hot i
:iconlurks-no-more:Lurks-no-More 13 26


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I'm not dead or anything, actually. Just distracted by many many other things.
Still, I went and saw the new Star Wars movie, and I liked it. Definitely worth seeing, if you haven't seen it so far. And try to avoid spoilers! To quote Luke himself from one of the trailers, "This is not going to go the way you think." :)
So, I just saw The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug tonight, and I'm pretty damn stoked. :D

Smaug, as you may have guessed, was my favorite thing in the whole movie - and I liked the movie overall, a lot! Not only does he have a really cool design, Benedict Cumberbatch does a truly great job as Smaug. He's arrogant, vain, cunning, cruel and greedy as heck. Truly, Smaug in this movie is going to be the standard against which all dragons in fantasy movies are going to be compared from now on.

The rest of the movie was very good, too. Bilbo and the dwarves were great; there are some very interesting moments with Bilbo and the Ring, in particular, and while Thorin and Balin get the most screen time, the rest of them are well handled too. Tauriel, the elf warrior woman added for the movies, fits in really well, and Evangeline Lilly manages to steal a lot of scenes. She's the best female warrior I've seen in ages!

The scenery deserves a mention. It was uniformly gorgeous, from the dark and choking Mirkwood to the underground beauty of Thranduil's halls; from the terrifying haunted ruins of Dol Guldur to the Laketown that's best described as run-down Viking Venice, clearly going through hard times yet still bustling and interesting; and to the grandeur of Erebor itself.

Overall, I rate it higher than the first Hobbit movie; the additions and changes from the book work better here, IMO, and the whole thing just seemed to click. Well worth seeing, if you like Middle-Earth, elves, dwarves, orcs and especially dragons.


Relic Android
I'm an art watcher, a gamer, a fantasy and SF fan, a Star Wars fanboy, and an eager reader.

These days, I'm also a part of the herd, as you can see. Friendship is Magic!


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