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Whoa, long time no see folks. I'm sorry it's taken this long for me to return here after saying I would be back 2 weeks ago :XD: truth is, things have been a little... crazy on my end. And I've been kinda unsure about how to settle down here again after such an absence. It feels awkward to come back again.

So this leaves me to announce that I have an original art account here at The-Verpardess:iconthe-verpardess: - from now on, this is where all non-fanart will be posted. Some of you already knew about this account anyways, but I thought I'd mention it here. I'll be using it to post little bits and pieces of my world building and character designs. There's nothing amazing in that account yet, just simple stuff and a few non-fanart commissions. But if you support me, my art and my own ideas, feel free to follow it ^^
I'll be keeping Lurking-Leanne for all the fanart stuff - Crash, Ratchet, Pokémon, you name it! Although there is one new franchise that has taken hold of me, which I'll get to in a sec...

Also, Deadlocked Syndrome (aka Ace of Hearts) is officially canceled. I'm sorry it had to come to this. I really didn't want to be added to the endless list of unfinished fancomics, but my heart just isn't in it anymore. I still love Ace, no doubt about it, but after nearly 8 years, I feel like I've done enough for my handsome alien friend. I've already written him a big story, produced hundreds of fanart, supporting Fan characters, many commissions... and even a small statue which cost me a fortune. But I have no regrets for what I've done for his character, and he'll forever be my favourite game character. No other Ratchet character matters as much as he does to me. This comic was just another story for Ace that I wanted to tell from an alternative perspective... but I didn't have the power in me at the end to finish it.
I do have the original plan on what happens in the comic and how it ends, maybe I'll release that someday... I'm not sure.

So, what's been happening all this time? Why did I drop off the face of the planet? Truth is, for the past year or two, I've been feeling artistically dead on the inside. I desperately tried to get back my fire through my determination to build up my original-verse, but it just wasn't enough. I was depressed and dead on the inside for so long. I'm still working on my world though, behind closed doors for the most part - so I haven't given up! It's just that I haven't truly been enjoying art as much as I should. I was feeling forced, and 'almost' uninspired to do anything. I just didn't enjoy art so much anymore.

But then... something happened. Several weeks ago, I finally got that fiery artistic power back. I feel alive again. I'm drawing like crazy, I haven't felt this kind of energy in bloody years. I'm not even exaggerating. However, things wont be the same from here on out... :oops: my interests have changed quite, drastically. So much that I don't feel comfortable posting the new art to this account. But don't worry, I haven't completely abandoned Crash, Ace, etc fanart. It just isn't my main interest anymore, but from time to time I'll post something here :D

Also, my website has shat itself and the gallery where ALL of my art was hosted, it gone. I'll need to build a new gallery sometime, but I honestly cant be bothered right now. I'll eventually bring it back though!
And my Patreon has changed - it's now located at - if you wish to support my art (no matter what the content) then feel free to check it out ^^

And I guess that's all I need to report. In the meantime, I'll go upload a few new art pieces I've had laying around :p it's nothing amazing, but it's at least a little something...


(So uhh, if any of you are Dragon Ball Super fans... let me know and I'll give you a link to my 'other' account... although you may be able to find it if you look hard enough XD)
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Been a long time since I said anything here. I've gotten to that point where I'm just not sure it's worth trying to cling-on around here anymore and I feel like it wouldn't make a difference if I deactivated or not.

If you really care about me and my work - and you don't want to see me disappear from here - then comment why I shouldn't deactivate and what you actually like about my work.

I would have made a poll but my core membership ran out and I feel no reason to renew it. I was even planning to use another account for my original work, but even that feels worthless now. I'm becoming more and more distant from the internet and I barely have anybody left that I can talk with or trust anymore. Some days I only get one response from a friend a day, or none for days. It's not even about feedback on art anymore. Without close friends, I feel powerless to go on with anything. I'm starting to think it'll be better for me to just disappear from all social media sites until I'm feeling right again, if I ever will. I'm losing it and I feel like I have no one left to look to.

I guess if I did leave (deactivate) 'some' can rejoice and be glad the evil bully is gone, even though I did fuck all but keep to myself and struggle along with what little time I get these past few years. I barely have time to do the things I love anymore. I'm slowly falling to pieces with little motivation left to go.

If I do leave suddenly, all my artwork can still be found at my official website (including stuff I've already deleted off here). But I'll be changing domains next year, I'll redirect my website if that happens. I'm likely going to re-brand under a new name in the near future (if I go that far)

So yeah I need to hear it from you guys, or else I'll just disappear from here as well as all my art. I'll likely only continue posting to Patreon, whenever I do new art, until I cant go on anymore and that will be when I close that down as well.
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Hey guys, long time no chat. 

I've been feeling very out of touch with DeviantART and pretty much everything else social online. I won't go into further details about what's going on in life outside of here but to put it simple - I haven't been doing well. 
I was trying hard to be strong and go into a so-called 'artistic rebirth' but im barely able to manage half a sketch most days. It is simply too impractical for me to keep up with all these projects I want to do so badly :( the OB remake, the Ace comic... my own original world. 

Too much time is going by too quick for me to keep up anymore and I've become slow as fuck with art. So therefore, I might have to ditch fan projects. Or at least not focus on them much, because my own world takes priority.

I also don't feel like I have a purpose to stick around here anymore.Virtually nobody commissions me on here, absolutely nobody comes to my streams, and I lose more followers than gain. Nobody talks to me anymore, I feel like I'm just that forgotten artist when I don't spew out Crash fanart. Would anybody even care if I left? Most of my statues get ignored as well. I feel no motivation at all to share my art here or anywhere else anymore. I don't even care much for feedback... except from friends I guess.

I just feel like a lost cause with nobody left to stand by. I'm sorry for turning this into a 'vent journal. some of the haters probably will have a go at me behind my back for dare speaking from the mind. oh well. I'm starting to just not give a fuck about anything anymore.

I'll hold onto what little hope i have left in myself and my world and try to continue with it in solitude.
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Alright it's about time I really talk about what's going on for me and why art has just come to a sudden stand-still and things ^^;

This year has been a bit of a mess for me. My future with work has been so all over the place and full of uncertainty that it's left me feeling so stressed, unhappy and unsure of anything x_x it isn't the job itself, it was the fact that the shop I work at was going to close down (due to high lease costs and whatnot) and no serious buyers coming forward. But then at the last freakin' minute, a buyer comes and buys the place. If they hadn't, I would have lost the job over 2 weeks ago already (because it would close)
But that left me unsure of what was happening because the new owners may not have wanted to re-hire me, nothing was certain. A lot of the time, that happens. New people take over, they bring their own staff. Basically I've been working more than 2 weeks straight out of fear that I might be broke soon (my former boss asked if I wanted to, I accepted), but then a few days ago, I was offered to stay on under a new contract with a bit less hours.

So yeah, at least I still have a job. I was scared that I'd have to go back to my old job if I couldn't find anything else. I felt so stressed at the idea of being jobless x_x but yeah all is alright for now. I had a teary goodbye to my former boss and manager because they were such friendly, easygoing and supportive people to work for. The boss himself is around my age, and is actually a bit of a Crash fan himself XD I'm glad I was there for the 10 months I worked for them! Sure it was a bit full-on at times, but I am a hard worker and that's just what I do. I gave them some art as a good bye gift :-) I dont think I'll ever get to work for anybody like them again.

And that's about it I guess. So I'm not too concerned about commissions anymore, although I admit I was a bit let-down by the lack of interest since most other people here seem to get customers easily while it's a huge struggle for me to get any interest at all ^^; (well that may be due to my lack of art activity here, but my Patreon has been active)
Nonetheless, I have opened commissions now anyway because my hours at work have been significantly reduced, so I'll have more time to draw again ^^
  Commissions - Semi-open!Work hours have been cut back a bit this week and next, so I have a little more time for commissions again (and I've caught up on some backlog)
To Do List

-Paid priority list-
Fullbody commission for Brain-Sickness (Working on Lineart)
Collab commission for Bizlok (flats done)
Digital Scene illustration for HuskiBunni (not started)

-Not started not paid waiting list-

$10+ Patreon Supporters get a 10% discount!
Stuff I love to draw
Anthro and Animal art
Crash and Ratchet characters
Verpardi characters, including Ace (10% discount for that XD)
Nature backgrounds
Other fun and interesting creatures and critters!
Fanart is alright too
Stuff I'm okay drawing
Nudity (non-sexual or sexual, both genders)
Pin-ups (both male and female)
Mild fetishes (ask first)
Blood and gore
City scenes (will charge more though, because it's so tricky)

I'm also still selling art originals here at my official website (I've added more artwork to the $15, $20 and $30 galleries now)

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Work hours have been cut back a bit this week and next, so I have a little more time for commissions again (and I've caught up on some backlog)

To Do List

-Paid priority list-
Fullbody commission for Brain-Sickness (Working on Lineart)
Collab commission for Bizlok (flats done)
Digital Scene illustration for HuskiBunni (not started)

-Not started not paid waiting list-

$10+ Patreon Supporters get a 10% discount!

Stuff I love to draw
Anthro and Animal art
Crash and Ratchet characters
Verpardi characters, including Ace (10% discount for that XD)
Nature backgrounds
Other fun and interesting creatures and critters!
Fanart is alright too

Stuff I'm okay drawing
Nudity (non-sexual or sexual, both genders)
Pin-ups (both male and female)
Mild fetishes (ask first)
Blood and gore
City scenes (will charge more though, because it's so tricky)

Stuff I will NOT draw
Flat-out sex scenes (still new to drawing that, so dont ask xD)
No adult content involving ANY canon/copyrighted characters
No adult content with herms/futa/shemale etc of any kind
extreme fetishes
underage characters being sexualized (like Coco)
super detailed city backgrounds
super details vehicles
hateful content
characters with no visual reference at all, unless you can compare it to something!

(if you're unsure, just ask me and I'll let you know if I'm okay with your idea or not ^^)

Prices are in USD DOLLARS. Not NZ dollar!

Price Varies depending on the amount of characters and detail you want! :P also, more detailed character designs are a higher price. PayPal only, unless you live in NZ then bank deposit works fine.

Digital Art

Done with Paint Tool SAI and Paintshop Pro. Wacom Tablet. Full-sized version is sent upon completion.

Headshot (Crash Bash simple style)
Crash Bash - Fake Crash by Lurking-Leanne Crash Bash - N-Gin by Lurking-Leanne

Headshot (normal style)

Headshot - Jenna Joltstride (new) by Lurking-Leanne

Half-body simple shaded
(no sample available)

Fullbody simple shaded
Art Trade - Steph Dragonness by Lurking-Leanne Commission - Shixtine by Lurking-Leanne Commission - Darvarus by Lurking-Leanne

Fullbody proper shaded
Commission - Fargus attacks by Lurking-Leanne

Full scene simple BG (one character)
(extra character $5-15 each)
Commission - Fargus Vaelidian armour by Lurking-Leanne Commission - Fem! Ace by Lurking-Leanne<da:thumb id="600006197"/>

Full scene detailed BG (one character)
(extra character $15-25 each)
Bandicoot meets Tiger by Lurking-Leanne''Fight for You'' by Lurking-Leanne

Traditional Art

Done with Copic markers, Faber Castell Polychromos pencils and multiliner pens on 300GSM card paper!
Shipping costs $6.50 for A4 sized art, $4 for A5 sized art.

Headshot (A5 sized)
Commission headshot - Hbutan by Lurking-Leanne

Half-body or simple fullbody (A4 sized) extra character $10-15 each
Commission - Golden Wolfess by Lurking-Leanne Giftart - Bia by Lurking-Leanne

Fullbody (A4 sized)
(extra character $10-15 each)
Lycanroc by Lurking-Leanne Lo-lo Crunch (air elemental) by Lurking-Leanne Commission - Gorgon by Lurking-Leanne

Pet Portait (A4 sized)
(extra pet $15-25 each)

Full scene simple BG (one character, A4 sized)
(extra character $10-15 each)
Art Trade - Tamir by Lurking-Leanne Commission - Hbutan and Darvarus by Lurking-Leanne

Full scene detailed BG (one character, A4 sized)
(extra character $15-25 each)
Giftart - Cog and Mil by Lurking-Leanne Carmelita Montoya Fox by Lurking-LeanneCommission - Agion VS Ace Hardlight by Lurking-Leanne

Full scene detailed BG (one character, A3 sized)
(extra character $10-30 each)
Commission - Outcast Bandicoot Family by Lurking-LeanneCommission - Out Camping by Lurking-LeanneCommission - for ArtbyNit by Lurking-Leanne

(extra character prices depend on detail, sizing and if they're headshots, halfbody or fullbody)

That's all for now ^^ I'll remove this journal once I create a proper commission sheet but for now, this should be easy enough to follow!


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Just a heads up to those who are interested in commissioning me ^^ all commission options will be open! (Digital, Traditional Copic, etc) I'll be making a new Commission chart with prices and things soon!

I'm finishing at my job next weekend (27th August) so for a while, I will be jobless. I'll write the full details why once the time comes. A lot has been happening in my life with work changing ownership and all, it's been very stressful and I've been working nearly everyday ^^; but I'm still alive - somehow! I'll write again soon once I'm in a better place.

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... I was first introduced to the Crash Bandicoot series, back in 1997. Was only about 8 years old or so, I played it next door with my best friend of the time. That was my first taste of the series and it has clung on to me ever since. I did some of my first ever Crash fanart in 1998 (see on my website if you wanna have a giggle!), Mum bought a PS1 and Crash 3 later that year... and the rest is history!

Granted, I didn't become a full blown hardcore fan until around 2002 when I got myself a PS2 given to me by my uncle, so I could rent out Wrath of Cortex. We were poor back then, so I didn't get to buy many games, always rented them. But that was the start of my whole 'Outcast Bandicoot' era, which I'm rather embarrassed but 'kind of' proud of at the same time :XD: it's an odd feeling! I admit I have a giggle at my old art, stories and movies whenever I see them again. It's was a pretty huge part of my teen years.

I left the Crash fandom/scene around 2009 and kinda didn't want to come back. I suppose it was due to the fact that the Crash series was being tossed to different developers and changed so much and the series went dead after 2010. I was into R&C at the time anyway. Disappointment after disappointment it was... hearing about all these canceled Crash games. You guys may know I was never a big fan of the Radical era games, but... it's not a big deal now. I don't mind if fans like them, but I never got into them personally. I'm rather, picky in my tastes I suppose xD
Truth is, I've still been a fan all this time. I just dabbled with other interests for a few years but I'm now back to doing more with Crunch, Crash, Tani and co. And I'm enjoying the new and improved ideas I have on mind ^^

Just so you guys know, I still adore Ace as well (still my top fav character I dont own :lol: ) and I'm also still working on my original world behind the scenes. Nothing wrong with switching up my art subjects now and then though! I'm also still not very involved with fandoms, but I'll be here to dabble in my own little fan corner for sure ^^

ANYWAY enough babbling of the past, this is now and Crash Bandicoot is BACK! I'm so grateful for Vicarious Visions bringing Crash back to life, along with Sony and err... Activision :XD: (plz keep it alive this time!) and early in the morning (in a few hours), I'll be getting my hands on that pre-ordered copy I've been eagerly awaiting for all these months :la::la::la: SO super excited, you have no idea! Once I've played through these games, surely it'll give me the boost to write my own remake for my old series...

Crazy to think it was 20 years ago I first played the series, and became a fan. Don't expect any art and stuff from me for the next week or two, I'll be busy gaming and... sadly... working fulltime (working all 7 days next week x.x ) so yeah, I'll be back soon... sometime soon... ^^
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Hey guys!

Oh man, so much good footage and stuff coming out from the Crash N.Sane Trilogy this week, it's been insane! :XD: the hype has been REAL!
You have no idea how happy it makes me to see Crash Bandicoot & co getting the attention, respect and hard work after all these years of nothingness and disappointments. Vicarious Visions has been doing such a bloody awesome job with the trilogy remakes, I'm loving pretty much every moment I see some news from it!

Right now I'm trying to avoid anymore spoiler cutscenes and gameplay because I want to experience it first hand myself in nearly 2 weeks time :-) (if it gets a Midnight release here anyways) but I did have a look at some of the Coco gameplay and.... and.... SHE'S SO FREAKIN' ADORABLE IN THIS GAME!!!! :dummy:
I was never expecting Vicarious Visions to actually make her a proper, playable character in ALL 3 GAMES! That's so bloody awesome, what great fanservice! She's not even a dumbed down version of Crash too, she has a full matching moveset and can even use the bazooka. Unlike her poor WoC counterpart :XD:
So yeah, I'm very pleased with how she's been handled. I also love how much character they've given her, I think this is my favourite take on Coco in the whole series ^^ really fits her being the little sister of Crash! I really find her a lot more interesting than she was in the original games.

It also makes me wonder how they introduce her and Crash together in this version, since it was never shown/explained in the original. Same with Tawna, I'm curious to see how they deal with her sudden disappearance in the second game onward....


Anyway onto the idea of remaking Outcast Bandicoot, my super old fanfiction series based on Crunch Bandicoot. A lot of you are probably already aware that I've started working with ideas for 'rewriting' this. I actually came up with the idea of remaking OB back in 2014, and why? Because I really can't stand the old stories. I know a lot of fans still like those stories (and the unfinished movie) but those were written back when I was just 13-15 years old, and I was a very amateur writer who struggled with learning in school. Even now I feel like I struggle a bit with writing; however I do know that my writing, ideas and character development is greatly improved - and that is why I want to do a new story for Crunch ^^
It will go under a new title, but I haven't announced what it will be called yet. But it will essentially be a kind of OB remake. It will only contain 3 stories.

I'm proud of the story I wrote for Ace Hardlight (The Fallen Star), which I completed years ago. So why not try and do the same for Crunch, again? I really dont like the idea of leaving his story behind in an old and unpolished state, and remain unsatisfied with it. I want to do a great story for him like I did with Ace. And I know I can do it if I set my mind to it again ;D
Unfortunately I have no time at ALL to make movies again, so please don't expect to see a movie or animated scenes. It's simply unrealistic for me to get back into animation again, I have a fulltime job and life to tend to now, and I work a lot slower on art than I used to because of the lack of time - and my hand getting too painful when drawing too much :C

But what will this Crunch story remake be like? The same as the old OB? Well, there will be some ideas and elements (no pun intended) from the old OB implemented into the remake, but there will be many changes made to the characters, plot and lore. I'll reveal more over time, you can already read bits about how this remake will be from the character descriptions in the gallery here…
I'm making quite a big change to Tani's origin from the old OB. You may have noticed that both she and Crunch no longer grow up together, they dont meet until they're adults in this newer version. Why? Because I have better ideas planned for her this time round ^^ and so much more for Crunch and other characters...

Also, I need to mention that the planned remake of OB will be a LOT less gory and emo than the old version. I was pretty angsty as a teenager, so when I look back at those things - I cringe. But in saying that, there will still be some violence and emotional scenes when appropriate. Just handled in a better way, in my opinion at least.
I'll reveal more over time through various artworks and scene illustrations as I go along ^^


So yeah, you can probably see that I've been excited to do more work with Crunch, Crash and co again :XD: this doesn't mean I'm abandoning Ace stuff and my 'original world' though (that's something I'm working on behind the scenes) and I do intend to continue Ace's comic 'Ace of Hearts', because it's a story I wish to get done someday. I am done with The Fallen Star related content though, it's finished ^^
It's just that I've had such little time for art as of late, I had a bit of a scare with losing my job the past 2 months. Not because of me, it was because of something involving new owners and whatnot... so I was feeling too stressed and worried about my bad money situation and all and the fears of being jobless x_x
But that's all cleared up now and I'm safe - so I've been able to recover money slowly - and get back into the art stuff again during my free time.

Expect to see more work from me soon, hopefully! Also, I'm sorry if I dont always respond to comments, notes and whatnot. I don't really get to check DA too often, but I do try to keep up with stuff ^^; also, I always appreciate the feedback and new watchers. SO thank you to everyone who has done so. I'm just a bit shy to really talk to people first - and I just worry about what people think when I say something, it's not because I'm a snob or anything xD hell no. I enjoy talking to new people and meeting new faces ^^ so don't feel shy talking to me if you ever feel like it. I'll try and not be shy myself whenever I find I have time to talk a bit more here...

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Heya folks!!!

Well I was meaning to write this as soon as I got back, but I was soooo tired and then I ended up working on art the next two nights after work so.. uhh... just wasn't in the mood to sit down and type a lot of junk :XD:
Anyways, the Armageddon Expo is basically an NZ sized con. Movies, Games, anime, all that culture. The fun stuff we're into! It's the first time I've ever been to a con in my life, and I had to basically beg my bosses at work if I could get at least ONE day off work to go there. And as a birthday present, they did just that :-)

I caught a flight down because it was the ONLY way I could get there in the short amount of time I had, and it was fairly cheap too! 40 minute flight to Wellington, whoo! As soon as I got there, I met up with Ashetoret at an American restaurant, which was packed with people but it was recommended to try and we did have a good time there :XD: ended up WAY too full for our own goods!
The next day was Armageddon day though, and man, it was FUN! There were a lot of people, despite the crappy weather outside :P saw quite a few cosplays, which was pretty awesome since I haven't seen many in real-life before XD so it was good fun to be surrounded by all these geeks like me and Ash :giggle: I was wearing an Ace Hardlight hoodie (printed on the back) as well as a Team Mystic pin (Pokemon Go) and I was carrying around a good quality Ace Hardlight tote bag, which had many keychains dangling off of it - various Pokemon, Crash, Spyro, Clank and Ratchet! Showing off my fan pride to the crowd! I don't think anybody would have recognized me (the Ace freak) there anyways, but I was proud either way looool xD
Sadly we didn't see any Crash or Ratchet cosplays, but it was still fun nonetheless.

Me and Ash ended up buying quite a lot of things, well, Ash bought MOAR than me! I mostly just bought a whole bunch of Knockoff & genuine Pokemon plushies :lol: a few posters and whatnot. I didn't want to go over my budget and amazingly, I only spent about half of it. The prices werent so bad there for the merch! At least the stuff I went for. I basically bought whatever could fit into my Ace bag, so I couldn't really get much more.
I also saw a few fellow artists there, but I only recognized one person from DA. Sadly, my shyness & anxiety made me shy away from wanting to start up a convocation with any of the artists, and I do regret not trying to interact. Especially to the dude with the Crash/Ratchet fanart... I felt bad about it later on. But next time I will try and make an effort to speak up more ^^

But seeing those artists there has given me and Ash ideas that WE should try and get our own stall there next year ^^ it's a maybe though, I definitely need to do a lot more art this year to even have some stuff worth making into posters, but I really do think I have a chance to sell some art there (originals, prints, commissions, etc) if I can just make an effort to do more....
And plus, it would be fun to meet people in real-life if possible! Although most of my followers online are in the UK/US.... xD

Later on after Armageddon, we went to see the new "Wonder Woman" movie and that was a blast! Really enjoyed that one, and I don't normally watch those superhero movies, so yeah I was glad to see it! ^^

And I managed to book a $1 bus to make it back home (plus $3 booking fee). Yes, it actually cost a DOLLAR! It was one of those random cheap deals they do once in a while, it was a 5 hour trip though, but totally worth the cheap fare!

So yeah, I had a lot of fun hanging out with Ash again :dummy: even though I could only come down for 2 nights (work is very tight with taking time off) I also might be in a bit of trouble with my work situation, but I wont say more on that until I know things for certain.

Anyways I just wanted to write about that experience, I'm already feeling a LOT more positive as of late and I think that's helping me get back into the swing of things with art ^^

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Hey guys!

Just popping by quick to say thanks for the birthday wishes ^^ I haven't really been on since I was actually at work on my birthday (yay...) and I had a wisdom tooth pulled last week, so I kinda didn't do much. But I'm fine now, all healed up and eating whatever I want again. Although I have started to try and eat 'healthier' now, such as only drinking water (almost nothing else, except a tiny sip of juice now and then) and severely cutting down on the sweets/chocolates too. Which is hard for a sweettooth like me.... argh xD
I didn't end up doing much since I'm low on cash anyway.

But yeah I'm doing okay, despite my money issues. But I AM going to Armageddon expo in Wellington next month, I managed to find a cheap flight down & cheap bus ride home, so I'm all set to go ^^ my bosses at work granted me a day off work for that, so I'm very grateful and I wanted to grab the opportunity while I could! But yeah I'm a bit more desperate for some commission sales though, why only headshots? Because I KNOW I can get those done very quick on my days off work (and even my days after work) so if I could just sell about 10 or so, I'd be very grateful! Signal boosts are welcome too!

But yeah I better head off and go work on some Patreon content. I got a lot I want to do ^^ I don't owe any artwork right now so.... I'm hoping I get at least a few customers :noes:

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Hey guys ^^

Oh jeez, where can I begin.... x_x well, I didn't want to have to do this but after a doctor's appointment last week, I realize I'm going to be struggling a LOT with bills next month if I don't do something about it quick. Basically this week I got my last wisdom tooth removed ($400) and last week, I had a specialist doctor appointment and it cost me nearly $200. Okay, I was able to handle those payments alright, since I was prepared for them and I have been saving money. But I wasn't prepared for this other MUCH bigger doctor bill coming June.... I wont go into detail here, it's nothing serious, just a big 'inconvenience' to me since I don't have medical insurance. Why? Because I never usually had much health related issues. I often go years without seeing my doctor... and I always feel uncomfortable going in too. Almost as much as the dentist. So I usually avoid it unless I'm legit suffering and can't seem to get better on my own.

Yeah I know, it's my own fault really. I just feel so peeved because I've been working so hard full-time every week, saving up for a car and then all this stuff happens >_< I havent sold any commissions or art in many months, so I'm gonna try my luck with it again here...

Also, next month there's the Armageddon expo down in Wellington. It's basically Comic con NZ, just at a smaller scale. But I've never been in my life and every single year I miss out, because of work or money issues x_x I really want to go but with these bloody bills that keep screwing me over, it's gonna be tough to get a chance to get down there. I really want to go and take my friends Andrew and Ashetoret with me :noes: and wear some Ace stuff! lol jk

So what I'm hoping to do is to try and sell some headshot commissions. No bigger commissions please, I'm still havent got my full artistic confidence back yet and they take too long for me to do right now. Headshot commissions are quick and easy for me to do, and I think me drawing some variety will help get me more excited about drawing a big variety again :-) I might even get to stream these live! (yes, I can do traditional art streams with my webcam now, haha!)

Shipping id $4 worldwide for up to 10 A5 sized drawings, so fairly cheap to send over.

Either that or selling any of my traditional drawing originals, which would be better for me since it would be much less workload ^^; I got tons to choose from.
Traditional Art Sale (signed originals) by Lurking-Leanne

But yeah I hope I get at least some interest ^^; it's been a long time since I tried to sell any art on here.

There's always my Patreon page too, if you'd like to support me on there. It's been more active than my DA, that's for sure lol. It's been a while since I made a plug for Patreon so... yeah! Any support is appreciated ^^

And I guess that's about it. If all goes well, I'll delete the journal and let you guys know all is well. Thanks again for reading, let me know how you've been too since I haven't been able to keep up with a lot of stuff here this year 8O

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Hey everyone!

I'm so sorry for the long absence. Things have finally started to get better for me (both mentally and life-wise), although I am still working full-time at the job, next week is set to be overtime again before things truly go back to 'normal' at the job. I'm expecting mid-March to be quiet again. But I am happy to say I caught up with ALL commissions and owed art, so now I don't feel as stressed about things as before ^^; and as for leaving DA, no I'm not going ahead with that. Honestly, I was so close to deactivating here many times during those past few months of silence. I've had personal reasons why, but thanks to friends and convincing myself that leaving wouldn't achieve anything positive - I've decided I should stay put. But I did need a good break anyway, it's not like I've had anything to post anyway.

However, I have cleaned out my gallery of a lot of art. I removed a lot of artwork I didn't like or just found to be too simplistic for my gallery. Others I moved to scraps. Fear not, nothing is lost forever ^^ all artwork can still be found at my personal website… (just saying this so that people who are wondering why certain pictures are gone, know where to find them ^^)
If you notice some of your commissions/trades/gifts are gone from here, it's nothing personal. I just want my gallery to contain my better quality works and I feel like it was too cluttered. However, if you want to submit the art I done for you to your own gallery - you're free to do so! Just be sure to leave credit to me so people don't accuse you of art theft :P

Now, as for the future of submitting artwork here. This account will be for all my usual 'fanart' pieces (Crash Bandicoot, Oddworld, Pokemon etc) as well as commissions, gifts, etc. I'll no longer be submitting 'simple' pieces of artwork here. I just feel like it's kind of a waste of space and I'd rather be sharing my better works here. However, everything will be posted to my website... or even earlier, to my Patreon. It's been a bit inactive for the past 2 months, but that is the place I share absolutely ALL of what I create. $3+ pledges get access to my 'work in progress' as well, which I don't submit anywhere else. So yeah, I've been making an effort to make my Patreon more active again, especially for the kind people who still support me monthly - despite my lack of artwork D: but I am trying to change that! I promise! And yes, I'm still slowly doing more 'mature' art too, which is shown first on Patreon as well for some supporters.

As for Crash Bandicoot (Crunch) related art, I've been in the mood to continue more with my planned 'reboot' for Crunch's story, so keep an eye out for new stuff relating to that once I get down to it ^^ the Crash PS4 remakes are really helping me with the motivation here! However, my original project is still top priority. But this Crunch story reboot is still something I'm going to do on the side xD should be a lot of fun! I'm so excited for June the 30th!!!
Same with "Ace of Hearts", I still intend to continue with that too. Just gotta wait until real-life settles down a bit so I have the time and mental strength to get back into it. I still love Ace, I can't deny it :XD: even though my new priority is something and someone else hidden in the shadows...

So yeah I guess that's all I gotta say here. Just to clear things up a bit ^^ I'm sorry again for making people feel down or worried about me disappearing for good from here. I honestly couldn't leave this place anyway, all my favourite artists and friends are here. And I have too many good friends and supporters who give a damn about my silly little existence and my artwork. I'll still be inactive on DA for another week or two, but I am crawling back into the art... slowly but surely. But yeah, I am very thankful for all the support as always, no doubt about it.

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Heya guys, how's everyone been while I've been gone?

My apologies for the lack of activity here. November and December were such hectic and busy months for me with work and family, so I didn't get a lot of art done. I did a small amount that isn't 'safe' for DA but that can be seen elsewhere, haha... (good friends are welcome to ask about that)

Anyway, a lot has been going on behind the scenes with me and myself. No, not the adult content xD that's no secret anyway. This other thing is something... a lot more important to me. Those of you who have been following me for a long time may have come to notice that over all these years, I've never truly taken a step into making my 'own world' with my own characters. You know, something that isn't connected to an already existing franchise. The reason why isn't because I'm too uncreative or lazy (despite my low self esteem), it's because I never truly had a great idea that I thought could stand alone. So I never really tried with it. And besides, I had a lot of fun with the world I created for the Crash series, as well as fanon for the R&C series. But those were all for the fun of it... and some of those ideas I feel are too good for being in somebody else' world. Crunch had his run for nearly 7 years with me, Ace had his run for over 7 years with me... and he's still being dragged along by me, lol. But I do have something else in store for myself in time.

With this being said, I was almost tempted to leave this account behind so I can make a fresh start. But I decided not to, and will keep this current account for all the fanart, commissions, trades and gifts I do for people.
Also, I will not be canceling Ace of Hearts, it's still going to continue because Ace means too much to me to doomed to obscurity like before I came along. Unfortunately I know that's most likely his fate sooner or later, but I'll try and keep up with what I've done. I hate leaving things unfinished after-all... and that comic is one of the only things I still like to work on that's R&C related. Even though Ratchet or Clank will never appear in it :trollface:

I also haven't thrown out the idea of rebooting/remaking Outcast Bandicoot too (still codenamed X.Treme Island) but of course, it'll only be a written story with some illustrations. My inspiration has just been lacking a bit lately, but that's for all art related things.

SO as for life, Christmas was actually pretty nice. Then I ran into family issues a few days later... but recovered. And then my good bud Ashetoret came down to stay with me and the family for New years, which was fantastic ^^ I could only get 2 days off in a row (which was only thanks to public holidays) so her stay was very short, but I still enjoyed her company. I appreciate her taking the time to come down to stay for a bit ^^ we did a little bit of drawing, watched movies, saw Moana at the cinema (really fun!) and played some games. I got "The Last Guardian" which has been a real joy to play! :la: love it. Glad I managed to grab a copy of it cheap!
I'm still working 5-6 days a week and I'm often left alone in the shop to manage things myself. I even lock up the shop most days, I wonder if I'll become an actual manager at this rate... xD? Either way with summer being here, it often leaves me too worn out to want to draw or do anything else. But I am at least earning more of a living this way.

And so 2017 is set to be a year of change for me. I've already made the transition away from fandoms and other related communities, sticking by friends who treat me well, and beginning my full focus on my own little world. I hope to create much better pieces of art this year, and I look forward to sharing more of my world with everybody. In due time, of course.

Stay safe everybody! Stay positive... and always be there for your friends in need.

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Hey guys!

Well I thought I'd finally announce this here. But in the past month I've been going through trials at a new job. After 7 years, I finally decided to try for another job in an entirely different business and I did it. I didn't try sooner because of my nervousness with people I'm not familiar with and lack of self-confidence. But I finally did it...
Technically I'm still on trial (it lasts 90 days) but things are looking pretty positive, I've picked up on things quick and they seem to like me! :-) it's also a much cleaner, less crowded and well organized environment, unlike my old job. It's also much closer to home, about a 35 minute walk! And there's buses sometimes if I'm too tired or the weather is shit.
Although I am still hanging onto the old job for 1 day a week. While I do 5 days a week at the new job... leaving me with only 1 day free. Yes, crazy I know. I'm not really used to working 40+ hours a week, I used to only do 25 hours. But it's very good for the money, which I need right now to pay for my last dental visit, pay off my vet loan from nearly a year ago (will be paid off in December), and other things - such as verpi commissions I like to indulge in :XD: but I am also saving up for a car.

I plan to finish at my old job (fully) in the first week of December :-) I hope I have a good holiday bonus saved up, haha!

But what does this mean for my art, comics and commissions? Well the good thing about my new job, is that I finish early enough to still have time to draw in the afternoon/nighttimes! (4:30pm) and lately I have been really inspired to do more work with the things I love (Ace, verpardi, etc)
This means I wont be opening commissions for a long time. I just don't have the time anymore and my new job offers me better money than the tiny earnings I make off commissions. I still do small commissions for Patreon supporters, but it's very limited. Once in a while I'll do bigger commissions for friends though, if I feel like I have the time for it.

I was also meaning to get back to "Ace of Hearts" this week but man, things have been hectic and I've been working on this 'other' comic. It's only short, but I think it's hilarious and I can't wait to share it with you guys :XD: but I will get back to Ace of Hearts soon! I hope.

So yeah, that's what's been happening down my end :P
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just a random journal asking who's open because well, I recently got a new job and I'm working a LOT more hours than usual. Which means... more money to spend! :XD: and I've been dying to buy more commissions recently. Especially since I've had less time to draw for myself. So yeah, just asking who's open! Feel free to suggest me artists to commission too, and please link me to your prices!!! I prefer paying people cash (by PayPal) but I can pay for point commissions too!

BUT I am kind of picky and will likely only commission you or somebody if you're willing to draw Ace or other characters of his species :XD: or my other OC's. Here's a few refs of them!
Ace Hardlight : Reference -Seeker- by Lurking-Leanne Ace Hardlight : Reference -Exterminator- by Lurking-Leanne Reference - Jenna Joltstride by Lurking-Leanne Reference - Bettilena Flightfire by Lurking-Leanne Aster Aftershock (reference) by Lurking-Leanne Leera Lashclaw (reference) by Lurking-Leanne
Ref Front - Jake Jetspeed (Seeker no visor) by Lurking-Leanne Ref Back - Jake Jetspeed (Seeker) by Lurking-Leanne Ref front - Crujeido Varro by Lurking-Leanne Ref Front - Cienna Aries (Maid redesign) by Lurking-Leanne (and more...)

I have more characters, but these are the ones with proper ref sheets!

So yeah if you're willing to take commissions and you feel you have what it takes to draw what I'd ask for, let me know! (also I most likely wont ask for anything remotely NSFW unless I know you're comfortable with it or can handle it... xD)
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Stream is over, thanks again for watching ^^ will likely do more tomorrow!

Well then. I got 2 wisdom teeth out yesterday (instead of just 1) since it was only an extra $100, so why not? Was feeling too dead to stream yesterday but today I plan to be online most of the day! So if anybody wants to join the multistream (up to 4 people, including myself!) feel free to message me so I can send an invite! I'm going to go live in about an hour (I need to have breakfast, lol) well, I'll post a notice when I'm live anyways. Thanks!

Well, I've been streaming tons more than usual (during my days off work!) and Picarto recently introduced quad (4 people) streams for premium members like myself, which means I can now invite 3 others to stream with me! :la: (and people watching can join in even more chaos!)

So yeah, who out there is keen to stream alongside me whenever I'm live? My usual streaming buds cant always be on when I am, which is why I'm asking (and some just dont talk to me anymore) so it would be nice to know who wants to join me. I'm also getting a wisdom tooth out on Monday and seeing the chiropractor, so I'm going to have a bad day next week - but knowing me I'm going to want to draw shit anyway :lol: I gotta make use of my inspiration before it runs low again!

I'll be working on 'Ace of Hearts' pages and if I feel like it - I'll start work on a new big illustration featuring Ace and Betty (and a few foes) it's been many months since I done any decent digital art...
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X.Treme Island - Cast of Characters by Lurking-Leanne
So at long last, I am nearly done with the planning for the so called 'Outcast Bandicoot reboot'. My plan was to first draw all the characters (excluding surprise/secret ones, next generation, etc) plot out all their roles in the new upcoming rewrite of this old as story based on Crunch, and decide who gets to stay and who gets the boot. I'm still deciding on a proper title, but for now it's being refered to as X.Treme Island. Because a lot of the story and events revolve around that island location. Outcast Bandicoot just doesn't fit as a title for the remake.

So, I've decided to open up some FAQ for anybody who wants to know about what changes there will be to the old OB plot & stories, old characters and whatnot! Please feel free to ask anything! :D however, I'll answer a few which may be on peoples minds...

"Why did you decide to do a reboot for OB? I thought you hated it and didn't want to work with it ever again"
Well yeah it's true, I'm not too happy with the original OB stories. At all. Sorry but it's the truth. The story makes me cringe and I really don't like the idea of leaving it as it is, and never coming back to do something that's actually good for Crunch's character. So I decided "Why don't I just reboot it and make it good?" similar to what I did with Ace. The reason I don't like the original stories is because so many of the characters are OOC (out of character), too much random moments that were awkward, stuff that doesn't make sense (Komodo bros being in space, Tiny being made by Cortex, Tawna being Crunch's half sister, etc) and the worst of all - too much emo/depressing moments and gore and torture that was TOO unnecessarily violent at times.
However the reboot will still have some sad and violent/mature moments, but not to an extreme. Swearing will probably be minimal too.

"Which OB stories will be included in the reboot? If so, how different will they be?"
OBZero, OB1 and OB3's plots will be revamped and made into one big story. A bit like how "The Fallen Star" was. OB2's plot is being removed entirely (because it's terrible) and the OB4 arc wont exist neither. I have a different idea on how things will end this time...

"Is Crunch going to become your favourite character again, like the 'good old days' 8D?"
Ace is still my main inspiration... and fictional crush (sorry xD) BUT however, Crunch is my favourite Crash character and he's always got a special place in my heart. So while I don't fangirl over him nor see him as hotstuff, I do care for him and I look forward to doing some good work with him ^^

"How come Crunch and Tani don't grow up together this time?"
I decided to get these two to meet as adults this time because well... reasons :XD: I just have better ideas on how they can interact and how to make their relationship grow. I really like the idea of their relationship starting out rocky and unstable, it's going to be a lot of fun to write. And while they still become a couple later down the line, it happens much later on now and so it's a slow process. I think it's better for Tani's sake too, since I want to make her a better character who can stand on her own. I may possibly do an arc for her (before she meets Crunch)

I guess anybody can ask stuff now :P don't be shy! Even stuff like "Who was Collides father?" and "Will the bandiger still exist?" and more. Although I wont answer huge spoilers for the reboot, or else that would take away the fun of it I guess ^^;

Also yes... I have been thinking about possibly making the reboot a comic story instead. While it isn't quite an 'animated movie' like the original had (well, for 1 hour anyway) it's still the next best thing and I truly believe I could pull it off. But the only way I know I can do this, is if I stop taking commissions and maybe gain more Patreon support, just so I can afford to spend more time on it again ^^
I still want to continue Ace of Hearts though! And I've learned with AoH that a OB reboot comic wont be as complex because Crash characters are much easier to draw, as well as the scenery and objects. So I do think it's a possibility! It's totally possible for me to switch between 2 comics each week if I didn't have to draw commissions so often...

My Patreon offers people much larger viewings of my art (at least 50% larger, at the end of each month) WIP (sketches, lineart, etc )artwork which I don't show anywhere else (like the rare mature art, secret concepts, etc), and first looks at any other artwork I do. Even looks at my work with Project Nitro (again, not shown anywhere else)

I lost a lot of support in the past few months but it's understandable since I haven't been too active and I closed commissions. But anymore support will help push me to be more creative again. Either way, I'll do a 10 page teaser of the OB reboot comic in action and see if it's any good (to myself, and to my audience) but for now... I do need to finish the remaining Trades I still owe. Only 3 more to do (maybe 4 if this other one hasnt been canceled)

Thanks again for all the support either way.

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Hey guys, long time no chat. I've kinda been dodging this place (and most of the internet) for the past few weeks. Kinda was having a bit of a 'meltdown' with myself, which I've had to tend to myself and whatnot, along with getting certain things in my life sorted out... and coming to realize just how much I hate continuing on with the same path I've been on for the longest time.

I've been getting out a lot more often than I used to to spend time with friends. A good real-life friend of mine has helped me get somewhere with learning to drive - after years of avoiding it. I never thought I'd be able to do drive; I always had no confidence, I thought I'd be too 'stupid' to pass the learners test. But... I did it. I managed to pass (with no questions wrong) and get my learners Drivers license. So for the past month, I've been learning how to drive on the roads. My aim is to get to 2nd class (Restricted) sometime early next year. Oh and I'm learning on manual cars, not automatic.
So as you can see, I've been sorting things out in my life. My mental focus has been on the driving, which is part of the reason why I've taken my focus off art for the past month. Because this is very important to me if I ever want to have a chance to be completely independent. You see, driving was never easy for me because I never had confidence, and I was always reluctant. But now that I'm trying, I feel like I can actually get somewhere with this.
I'm tired of locking myself away in my room all the time and spending too much time online whenever I'm not at work. It's unhealthy and I need to cut it out. I've had it with being solitary, the more time I spend outside with friends... the more I hate being alone for long periods of time.

Regarding online life, well for the past several months I've been thinking more about my time in art communities, fandoms (well Ratchet & Clank in particular) and I've decided that I no longer wish to be part of the fandom community. Well, the only fandom I've been involved with is Ratchet & Clank for the past 6-7 years. But my interest is waning.
Over the months I've come to realize I just don't enjoy running those fan groups anymore; the fandom feels very inactive, and I feel like I'm just not welcome in the community. Yeah I know, the incident with that other R&C group happened over a year ago now; I tried hard to not let bullying from a few people push me away into submission. I stood up and made another group to try and make a stand for myself. And it's gone pretty well and all, and there hasn't been any trouble for a long time...
But now? I just can't be bothered. I'm just not enjoying it anymore. I'm done with the fandom.
Even after seeing the Ratchet & Clank movie today, my opinions haven't changed. I did get a chuckle out of it, and I did enjoy Qwark & Nefarious, along with a few other things. But I am feeling rather underwhelmed. I've even started selling off some of my Ratchet & Clank collection (I sold my Carbonox Ratchet Statue recently) to save money towards more important things in life. I'll be selling my presskit and Gamingheads Ratchet statue, among other things... but I'll be keeping the action figures, games, plushies and handmade stuff I treasure.
So what does this mean for the groups I manage? Well in due time I hope to pass ownership onto reliable and faithful fans of the franchise. If you're interested, then feel free to make an offer. Most of my close friends are too busy or not interested in managing these groups.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a fan of the Ratchet & Clank franchise. I just think it's healthier for me to move away from these communities and just focus on what I love. And not waste my breath on trying to please a wider audience than myself and my supporters. Ratchet wasn't my muse anyway - Ace Hardlight is.

BUT the good news is that I've now broken out of the depression and artists block I've had for so long. I now know what I want to do with my art-time. Aim my focus on the projects I want to work with. This means no commissions (besides small Patreon commissions) for a long time. I'll also stop Trades until I've caught up and feel ready for them again. I need to try and enjoy art again, so I can get back into producing works I'll actually be proud of!

I don't need to be part of any fandoms! Heck, I can just have my own mini-fandom here in the corner, haha.

I also have some good news for the Crash fans who follow me - I'm working on some Crunch related content for the so called 'Outcast Bandicoot reboot' story (title is pending) and my aim is to work on both my re-imagined Crunch project, alongside my continued Ace/Verpardi content. Which is pretty exciting for me, two fun projects I enjoy working on. Sure it's still fanart, but it's to cater to my interests & standards. And maybe my watchers and fans will enjoy it alongside me, I dunno :P

So yeah I'm back again. I've got to finish my good friend cybercortex's Art Trade - sorry again for the wait x_x I'm trying to make it worthwhile by making it a full illustration! I'll also continue with the other Art Trades I accepted (although I wont post them until I receive my half, but no rush since I've taken a long time myself!) and I'm eager to get back to my Ace of Hearts comic soon too.

So what to do now... clean out my inbox, leave/unwatch a ton of groups and check out art you guys have been posting :-P feel free to comment or note on how you've been during my time away!
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EDIT: Trades are closed for the time being.

Once I'm done with the remaining 2 commissions, I feel like doing Art Trades :XD: yes, after SO LONG I am finally ready to do this again. But I have to limit it a bit because I'm a rather busy person with my own personal projects and real-life work D: but I have commissions closed so... yeah!
But because I'm such a busy person, I'll only be able to do single-character trades but 'maybe' 2 character trades if I have time (I'll think about it once I start choosing people) but if I'm really in the mood, I MAY do a full scene trade, but only with those who are up for it (I will negotiate it with you if I feel you can do it ^^).

I don't judge people by their art skills, so don't be shy ^^ but I do expect a full coloured character in return though. No unfinished pieces or sketches (backgrounds arent necessary if it's a single or two-character trade though, so no worries there!)

If you're interested in trading with me, leave a comment here and I'll pick people when I'm ready!

(Also, I will not submit my half until your half is complete, unless you're a close friend I know and trust :-) )

-Last Batch-
Slot 1 - Planning

There will be more slots, I'm just limiting it to 3 at a time so I don't get overworked :noes:

These are characters I'll likely be allowing people to choose for drawing for me!!!

(but I'll draw anything for you! Canon, Fancharacter or original characters!)

One of my own characters :D
Kurt Swiftblade
Jenna Joltstride
Jake Jetspeed
Aster Aftershock
Bettilena Flightfire
Leera Lashclaw
Evanna Kaddarik
Crujeido Varro
Cienna Aries
Levi and/or Myra (Ace's parents)
Ace Hardlight
(DreadZone or Seeker version)
not my character of course, but I love seeing him drawn :XD:

But if you reeeeeally want to include someone else who's not here (such as Ratchet, an OC, etc) please ask first! But I do expect at least one character from my list, or two if we agreed on two characters. Sorry, no Crash/OB characters for now.



Still doing Patreon related works! I've been submitting quite a lot of stuff there recently! Only pledge if you're keen on my art and supporting me though. Next month I'll be working on those rewards! :D
Patreon Name by Lurking-Leanne

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