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Character  Tawna Bandicoot
It's been a long LONG time since I posted art here. An even longer time since I drew Crash fanart too... 
So here's that kickass Tawna from the so-called Pirate Dimension :meow: 

Also if anyone here cares, I'm hosting an Art Giveaway on Twitter!…
Be cool to have more Crash fans joining in! 
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Very nice- I liked her, too.

Crash 4 was such a good game, even though some levels were excruciatingly hard.

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I am very happy to see that you are still active on the internet and always up to date. I love what you did in the crash bandicoot community, and your persistence is what makes me love you even more :heart:

P.S: Forgive me if there are any spelling errors. I usually write in Portuguese.

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Oh crash 4 is really about time for an amazing crash sequel. Hope they bring Crunch back though as a playable character...
Lurking-Leanne's avatar

I have fairly high hopes that Crunch will appear in a sequel to Crash 4! And yes, I think he'd be a perfect playable for the next game - he deserves it after years of being neglected for the most part (despite being part of the bandicoot team!)

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Crunch seems like the bada@@ cousin that's always there when troubles get brewing. I have to admit that the remaster of the trilogy was good of not amazing, but not including Crunch felt... You know. He can be the best strong character that if made right, his levels would be very fun to play.
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Amazing love the shading

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nice work on pirate tawna 👍

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She's looking cool here! She's finally getting back into action after years of absence? :D

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she's gorge. thanks to your art, I got to know she was "redesigned", and managed to watch the clip to see her in game! <3 great job as usual! ^^

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oh she's simply Tawna in another dimension, so not the same one as seen in the main dimension :XD: but yeah she is pretty awesome! And I can't wait to play as her :D

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It's pretty cool to see some new Crash Bandicoot fanart from you. I've gotta admit that I'm not the biggest fan of Tawna's redesign, it just seems a little... Well I dunno what to call it, I would've rather they paid more homage to the 90s and had her have a more Lara Croft theme BUT that aside, I'm still glad she's back and it looks like they found a way to make her work into the narrative. Hopefully we learn more about what she was up to during Crash 2 and Crash 3 :) Anyway nicely done!

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XD all aboard the Punk Tawna train. But seriously you did amazing on her! :)

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thanks! yes, I may not be involved with the Crash fandom for years but I am still a fan all along and Im still hyped for Crash 4 :XD: who knows, maybe I'll get inspired to draw some more fanart...

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Glad to see more Crash stuff from you :) Looks amazing as always ^^

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thanks! yeah it has been a long time, I might do more if I get inspired enough :XD: still excited for the game nonetheless!

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You're very welcome! I look forward to seeing more if you decide to do more. I've been a big fan of your work since the Outcast Bandicoot days and your art as well as your stories have inspired me in my own Crash related endeavors, including a large fanfic/headcanon project, so thank you so much for that from the bottom of my heart :3 And yeah, the game looks awesome and though it'll be a while before I can, I look forward to when I can finally play it :)

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