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I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself ^^;

I mostly just made this for my own use (me being his number 1 fan on the planet, obviously XD), but if you're an Ace fan as well then feel free to use or collect.

And here's a FAQ entry to explain why he is my favourite...

Question: "Why is Ace Hardlight your favourite R&C Character? he's a jerk!"

Answer: Well lets see... to be honest, I actually played Ratchet: Deadlocked/Gladiator long ago but never took much notice of him. Didn't like or even hate him. Until sometime in December 2009 while I was browsing the R&C Wikia and finding out more about the characters. I kept hearing that Ace survived his defeat in DreadZone and I was curious to find out more about him.
Then I came to learn of his past; with the whole Sonic 7 and Bolden 3 thing and I just thought it was so interesting, and then I started to like him as a character and an inspiration.

The main reason I like him is simple - because I can see potential in him. Potential that I can work with and so... I created 'The Fallen Star'!
I also like his voice, his design, his story, his abilities and even his easy-to-dislike attitude. I do like his design especially, it's just so unique and cool looking to me; different to what I usually used to draw.
I don't care if he's not a fluffy anthro like Crunch and the lombaxes, I still like him. And I don't care that he was unpopular.
He has muscle, skills, vanity and style, heh. His personality may piss people off, but for some reason I don't get pissed off, lol. He's so imperfect and that's another thing that makes him very fun to write about and develop a bit more. Far more interesting than writing about the oh-so-perfect characters, and characters who already have a lot of development in canon.

So there... those are my reasons! Ace is awesome and I love working with TFS.

Here's some other R&C related stamps I made...

(Images used are from Ratchet Gladiator/Deadlocked. Only main game Ace has visually appeared in so far D: )
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Honestly quite enjoyed Ace as a character, while yes he was an asshole, I found him to be quite a charismatic and likeable character.

Also sorry for commenting on such old junk, I just randomly sparked interest in the R&C series and have been really getting into it XD
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Haha yeah, he is a dickhead in the game but I still love him :la:

Oh it's fine, really! :D the R&C fandom has been a bit quieter than it should lately, due to the lack of any info on the movie & new game coming... it feels like Sony doesn't care at all for neither. But I hope to be proven wrong sometime soon...
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lovable assholes are the best kinds honestly XD

Sony's prolly trying to not spoil anything and keep hype, tho it seems to be backfiring due to the outrageously small amount of info they are giving us :/ would be nice to know a little more about the movie, like at least a release date or something.
Me and my brother are still pretty hyped for it to come out, whenever that is tho
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It's just kinda weird that I didn't become an Ace fan until years after Deadlocked came out... (late 2009) I sometimes wish I did a lot earlier, but I'm also glad I didn't because my art & writing skills back then were pretty rubbish so I probably wouldn't have done Ace justice anyway... but ever since exploring with him and the R&C universe, that has helped me improve a lot with both. And I'm glad for that ^^ I still adore him to bits, even with the lack of game appearances and references XD I don't see myself getting tired of him anytime soon!

yeah I'm kind of worried that the movie isn't going to get enough marketing and thus, fail at the box office D: I'm also worried it wont even release in New Zealand, at all! But yeah, still too soon to be concerned I guess. It's just lack of info that's putting me off a bit ^^;
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Well at least you like him now XD
It's sorta the same with me as a whole with the series. When I was younger I didn't really care that much but now I really do since I've been reading stuff about the canon story and everything.

I'm pretty sure it will make it here, it may take ages to come out here tho :/
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yeah I know right? I did play the games as early as 2004 but I never payed much attention to them at the time. And I remember avoiding Deadlocked because lots of fans were saying "it's too different, nothing like the previous 3! It sucks!" so I didnt even know Ace back then, at all pretty much :lol: but I was still too obsessed with Crunch to care about anything else anyway :slow:
But Crack in Time got me interested in the series and that's when I saved up for all the R&C games on PS2 and then later got a PS3 and all those games XD

yeah I know... damnit D: I hope it doesnt get delayed too much. I want to plan this fan get together here but I cant do anything without a damn release date...
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for me it was mostly because there was a lot of guns and stuff, that sort of thing disinterested me, plus our family was quite religious back then so RaC was looked down upon most of the time, but mum caved to my brother's demands and got the second game and we had that for a while, until mum deemed that one a bit too violent and traded it in for the first one.
 I admit, I was a little thrown off by Deadlocked as well, hearing and seeing about how different it was, but I played it for a little bit and enjoyed it, it's challenging without being frustrating. I wouldn't mind playing it again honestly, I'll probably have to grab a PS2 for it tho, not gonna waste my money on the HD remake XD
actually watching your lets play for nexus sorta interested me to look into the series again, now I'm hooked lol
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wow really? Damn that's a bummer D: well I never liked shooting games myself (typical first person shooters that is) but when I tried R&C, it was fun and creative. But I was still obsessed with Crash games back then so it didnt get much of my attention despite that.
But yeah Deadlocked is darker than the other PS2 R&C games too so I can imagine :XD: I played it for the first time in 2009-2010 and I just fell in love with the lore, characters and ideas in it. And I enjoy playing it with my brother and other family members XD

Good thing PS2's and the R&C games on PS2 are cheap nowadays! I have 2 old FAT PS2's, I got them both secondhand off Trademe cheap :XD: along with controllers. My old Fat and Slim PS2 died ages ago.
Oh man my Let's Plays, LOL! :lol: I was hoping I can do a Let's Play for the PS4 Ratchet & Clank game when it comes out (that's if I get a PS4, I only will if the game is promising enough! But there are some other PS4 games the family here wants anyways so yeah XD)
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I just got Ratchet: Deadlocked today, and I have to say Ace is my new favorite R&C character now ^^
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Hey that's cool! :D yeah I love Ace a lot, he's sooo underrated and has a lot of potential! I wont stop giving him the praise he deserves XD
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Ace is awesome!!! :dummy: (Lol, shoulda commented on this ages ago XD) Yeah, I think he is really cool. ;P I really like his design. Even if his armor is a pain to draw sometimes. :XD:
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Hell YES 8D Ace rocks!
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Me: Hell yeah!

Ace: :iconacepalm-plz:
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i used to hate him untill the end of the game where you find out, hey... he isnt that bad... just curupt :P
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