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- Shadows of the Past -

I'm done. I'm finally done :iconimdedplz:

Not sure if I feel like doing a description, I'll just let the picture speak for itself.
I did this as a personal celebration for working with Ace and R&C art for more than 4 years now. Time sure goes by! I also finished "The Fallen Star" 2 years ago now - aaaaand nope! I'm still not done making stuff about Ace and co :XD: the muse is still strong, man.

So yeah, I may touch this illustration up a bit in the coming days but for now, I'm outta here ._.
Commissions I shall focus on for the next month or so...

Created with: Paint Tool SAI and Paintshop Pro 9.
Characters: Kurt, Jenna, Kaedos & Verpardi lore © to Me. Ace Hardlight, Vox, Juanita & Ratchet © to Sony, developed by Insomniac Games.
References/Help used?: Had game screenshot refs for the Battledome, Ace's armour and gun. Rest was done entirely myself.

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© 2014 - 2021 Lurking-Leanne
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I like this too ^v^
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This should have been the cover for the game... even though I liked the original cover, but still this looks so epic. 
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Hehe for the game XD? Well I guess if it were from Ace's perspective then I suppose that works. Except this plot extends over several of the game's storylines, the Deadlocked part is only about 1/3 of it. Loved that game though. In fact, I miss the older style games to this day.... it was never quite the same after Crack in Time. But Nexus did go back to the roots briefly.

Thanks for the compliments, nonetheless ^^
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That is some FINE looking artwork. And yes, it certainly speaks for itself. =)

I really need to finish Deadlocked one of these days. I never had it on PS2 but I got the free PS3 port when they botched the Full Frontal Assault cross-buy for Vita. I heard it's better on PS2 but I never had the original version to compare. (i guess ignorance is bliss)
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Aww thanks :)

Oh god, so you played the PS3 remaster first then ehh? Well yeah, the PS3 port bothers me. But I guess you might not notice as much problems as I would :XD: and I understand that not all R&C fans may enjoy Deadlocked, due to being different from the traditional R&C games. It's clearly more action and arena orientated =P but I still love it. I just love the characters and setting the most! =P but my fav R&C games are the traditional ones for sure.
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man this pic is so deatailed, i love everyhting about it.
your digital shading is so perfect and i always loved how you draw mechanical things like ace's armor.
this wjole picture tells a story of his like even without words, like when he was in dreadzone and the later.
man this is such a complex pic its so awsome too look at,damn how long did this take you girl, no amount of shading i do comes out this
Also hell eyah keep up with the ACe goodness im totaly a fan and i love the stuff your drawing lately X3
Lurking-Leanne's avatar
hey thanks a bunch man, I appreciate it :D
That's what I was trying to aim for, to tell as much of his story as I could with this picture alone. The damn shading/colouring took about 3 weeks, but I sketched/planned it nearly a year ago, and made edits to it along the way. So I dunno how long it took all up XD

I'll keep trying to do more art over the coming days in-between the commissions, thanks again ^^
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Happy 4 years doing Ace fan stuff :D!!!!!! 
You did really out for your self, this picture is amazing! The concept, the colors the expressions's like the whole action is happening right before me. (Kurt also looks kinda cute with that face ouo) Thought... I can't remember which that planet on the lower left is o3o... 
Lurking-Leanne's avatar
that planet is Vaelidius, I just didn't have enough room to show it properly, but at least it's a little mysterious that way xD
Anyways, thanks a lot ^^
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A nice collage of images and expressions to say the least, Tara. Well done.
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BUGGERNUUUUUUUUUUUTS!!! This must have taken you quite some time to finish! But the final produce is pretty awesome :nod:. I especially like the teeth on these guys. You are quite the genius at teeth :iconevilgrinplz:
Lurking-Leanne's avatar
thanks ^^ haha I love drawing teeth, especially sharp ones :XD:
TheGraphicAcademic's avatar
Sure thing dude! And sharp teeth really are the best :heart:
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Really nice, and awesome ^^
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Whoa, this looks great and would make one hell of a poster. :D
Very nice work!
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This must have taken quite a bit of time to do. I can tell because the careful attention to detail along with the outstanding 'push and pull techniques' with the shadows is just so clear and expertly done. I also love the placement of the characters and how it reads like a Star Wars poster; that epic sci fi feel to it an how each character represents a certain aspect of the story taking place.
You know in spite of everything that happens on here or in your life I can tell it doesn't stop you from improving and creating some awesome and top stuff. I may not be totally up to date on your story or the characters (simply because time hasn't allowed me to sit down and take a good sincere look) but I am glad you keep at it and take pride in your own work.
I think Ace's armor I like the best. How you got it looking so dark and shiny at the same time without making it look tacked on. The complexities of that must've takenyou among the longest to do.
So overall: excellent job. You just keep chugging right along girl. Neko Emoji-32 (Clap) [V2] 
Lurking-Leanne's avatar
Aww thanks a lot :la: yeah, I normally don't spend as much time on artwork as I did for this piece. Although most of the work here was done in the past 3-4 weeks, but I did start the concept for it last year, and worked on it a little bit at a time.

But yeah, each of the 6 characters around Ace had the biggest impact on him throughout his life. Yes, Ace's armour is one of the things I don't look forward to rendering when I get to it, but at least the result is alright xD thanks again for the compliments! Much appreciated, really! :-)
What-if-Writer's avatar
So awesome o.o as always, love the detail...I love how you've incorporated Ratchet here, too ^^ The amount of detail here is mind-blowing, on the fur and metal :la:
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Woooooooowwwww, this looks...pretty freakin' amazing, Tara. :D You've really outdone yourself here. :D Just wow, so much DETAIL, especially with that Ace Boss Armour Suit closeup!!! :la: :wow: And I love both his angry expression of his Dreadzone days and his worried/concerned expression of his Seeker version. :D I can tell you've REALLY improved drawing armor and clothing, and the characters in the general. It all looks amazing!! I bet this took tons of patience to get through with it, coloring all this must've been exhausting! Ratchet has really improved in your style as well, and I really like how you did his armor too. And Vox and Juanita look awesome, of course!! :heart: ;P Lol, Vox's smile makes me grin XD Those teeth, tho. So terrifying, lol. XD Jenna and Kurt look good too :) And you even drew the flippin' Dreadzone Station/Headquarters!? I don't think I could draw that...

Seriously, this turned out crazy fantastic, you ARE A-MA-ZING, period. :worship: This deserves a flippin' DD. Just AWESOME work!! Fabulous! :iconlainloveplz:
Lurking-Leanne's avatar
Aww thanks Ashley :la: Ace's boss armour is an absolute nightmare to shade sometimes x_X but I suppose I got there in the end xD
but yeah, those shots of all the other characters was a lot of fun to paint, they were the easy parts to do in this :lol: I actually finished Juanita and Vox first! It's interesting, Juanita & Jenna are the total opposites, and then there's Vox who made Ace into a villain, Kurt who raised Ace into a hero, etc. I didn't add Dallas for a reason though, because he didn't have as much of an impact on Ace's life as these other characters did.
The DreadZone station, god :XD: luckily I had a reference for it, but I still had to paint it myself, especially to match in with the whole setting here.

but yeah thanks a lot, I appreciate the kind words :dummy: at least with this pic done, I can now focus on getting other pictures finished ^^;
Fantasy-Fashionista's avatar
I bet it is!! I just die of intimidation by just looking at it, just the thought of even shading and drawing his armor! X.X Even his normal Dreadzone armor seems like a pain to even shade...Stupid light source problems. DX

And yeah, you did an amazing job with all of them :D Lol, the thought of Jenna and Juanita meeting...I gotta draw that sometime, if I remember. :lol: And I understand about Dallas. I figured that's why you didn't include him in the first place. Juanita was the bigger part of Ace's Dreadzone days for sure anyway. XD

I wish I could draw stuff like the Dreadzone Station and such. Man, I need more practice with that type of stuff X.X I just gotta find the patience...Lol. But you did well with all the small details in it :clap:

And you're very welcome :D :aww: And I understand, I get sidetracked with art as well ^^;
Lurking-Leanne's avatar
Oh man, Jenna and Juanita meeting would be scary :XD: although Jenna's not an aggressive or jealous type, but she wouldn't let someone talk down on her, that's for sure XD
but yeah, Juanita loved Ace when he was bad, Jenna loves Ace when he's good. The opposites! :lol:

Anyway, yeah, armour and buildings are the hardest things to colour properly but with practice you'll certainly get better with it in due time :D
Fantasy-Fashionista's avatar
Haha, I can imagine Juanita getting ready to pounce on poor Jenna XD Ace might have to hold her back though as much as he can :lol: Well, if Jenna doesn't get jealous, I bet she'd just get mad or annoyed at Juanita's antics to try and make her stay away from Ace at some point if they ever met...Lol, God, it sure would be both scary and hilarious, for sure. XD :giggle: And I assume Juanita would still like Ace even if he turned good. I mean, she was his biggest fan. I don't think she'd reject him that easily, whether he turned good, and got a new woman. :XD: She could at least be friends/allies with him. But I dunno, maybe that's just my headcanon talking. :P

And yeah, I definitely will try to practice that stuff more along with vehicles and backgrounds too. :nod: Thank goodness I draw everyday. XD
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