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Prize pic - Komodo Joe

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Prize Giveaway drawing for a user on Twitter who wanted me to draw Komodo Joe :D been years since I drew him!

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Really cool pose. Funny enough I didn't realise Commando Joe was actually a Crash Bandicoot character until recently XD (I never played the whole series XD) I thought originally you had made him up

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Hey there, thank you so much for this prize its hanging proudly on my wall :)
StephDragonness's avatar
joe looking sly and scaly awesome as ever :D
StarwindArts's avatar
That is a really cool pose you drew him in! I hope they'll add his brother Moe to Nitro-Fueled eventually. :)
Queen-Koopa's avatar
I did saw this on twitter and I did noticed the style was yours, you have improved so well on them 
Lurking-Leanne's avatar
Ah thanks ^^ yeah it had been years since I drew Crash characters (I felt a bit sloppy drawing them! xD), I guess my style still shows with Joe :D I would like to draw more characters too!
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Well you seem you have improved to me and I would love to see more of your art again,
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Heh, fat but dangerous looking lizard guy there!
Then again, I haven't encountered this fellow yet - I'm still playing Crash Bandicoot 1 in the N-Sane Trilogy... :XD:
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