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Crunch Time (commission)

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Long time no post (here), this was done for one of my Patreon supporters! ^^

This was an old sketch from late 2017.... or something. The commissioner wanted a Crunch Time scene done but I failed miserably with it in traditional medium, so much that I just gave up on it and refunded it with some other CB traditional art. But he's been supporting me for so long on Patreon, and I felt bad that I never got this done and so I finished it just recently.

SO YEAH. I can still draw Crash art - if I get commissioned that is.... :P but jeez, my art style has improved. This one looks weird to me, since the sketch was done so long ago... XD

If anybody else is interested, I am still open to take more orders! I'm not having much luck (I have no more to do...) so please note me if you're interested.... xD

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Good Lord I loved playing that game, despite all of its flaws. Crunch was so amazing it made the worst sequel (Unfortunately, mostly overshadowed by the awesomeness of crash 3) That's a good game, more than worth it.
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heheh yeah I actually love Wrath of Cortex too, even to this day :XD: but of course I still recognize that it's not nearly as good as the original trilogy. But I think a Crash 5 would be great with introducing Crunch and the Elemental masks as powerups! (for everyone!)

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Well, the first trilogy is the holy grail, The Wrath of Cortex introduced a cool boss, but it's three main flaws are 1) Only Crunch as a boss, 2)Crash mouvement became too realistic, and 3) Too short for a ps2 game, if it had more levels, like 100...

Oh that's gonna be the best idea ever for our favorite marsupial. Oh I really can't wait for it, if they include all of our characters, then it's definitely going to be the best game ever.
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Originally, the final boss fight was going to involve the Mech Suit at some point. If I recall.
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background drawn to this is excellent :clap:
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Next to the 'Crashes To Ashes' boss battle, the final fight's another good battle if I do say so myself!~
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Look up the voice cast for the Elementals, you'll be impressed
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I ounce have known since I played the game before, and the Elementals cast was legendary.
I was surprised that Jess Harnell voiced lolo the elemental of air as well as Crash
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Jess is a cool dude
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Heh, heh... looks like quite an encounter between Crunch and Crash! :XD:
Love the colour and shading, and I love the muscle on Crunch!
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DAT BACKGROUND. Your outer space backgrounds are always something to behold.

Good to see some Crash art from you again (even if you had to be paid to draw it). =)
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Ah, the nostalgia.
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and crash manage to free crunch out of cortex's control
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Shame the masks never returned.
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