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Commission - Gems and Dragons

Interesting little commission (done in my simple style) for a friend Charciko (of Furaffinity!) with Crash encountering a dragoness by the name of Kikoli....

Basically one of the many ways Crash could get taken out - not unusual for the series :lol::slow::noes: do not fear, he has unlimited lives in Crash Bandicoot 4! :XD: he'll need to find another way to get those gemstones!

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And this is why Crash Bandicoot and Spyro should not coexist.

Take note Skylanders! 😅

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Crash gets eaten all the time xD

he might have some extra lives to try again....and again :p

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Poor Crash, always so many deaths...
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Crash contain alot of calories apperently ^^;