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Paper texture

FULL VIEW PLEASE! The preview image is malfunctional for some odd reason, misrepresenting the edges such as the bullet holes and tears particularly badly.

A paper texture. Nasty, crumbling, weathered, stained, and grungy. Use it for your wanted posters or your treasure maps.

A sample use of this texture is here: [link]
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Nothing says "Wanted Poster" like a nasty, crumbling, weathered, stained, and grungy paper! Thx! Charming Emoticon by Gomotes
Ripper Paints The Town Red One Last Time by surreal1st1cp1llow
'Jack The Ripper' Wanted Poster by surreal1st1cp1llow  
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No problem, have fun with it.  Try some transparency on the text, and even the silhouette - you might have better results if it looks like paper stained by ink, rather than being a solid color.  You might need to use a shadow or a black glow around the text if you do, though, so the red text over the red circle remains legible.
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Used your texture here [link]
Thank you
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I used your texture here [link]
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Lovely work! I used it here [link] on the sign post for antiquing
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Nice! :D
I used it here: [link]
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Nice! There's a feature somewhere in Photoshop that lets you delete all colors within a range - if you use that to erase the tan in your image, and leave only the lines behind, you may be able to show the paper texture through the artwork.
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