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I don't do on-line roleplaying, but I am willing to play a tickle-fetish version of "The Letter Game."…

The setup is a fictional exchange of letters between two characters. For example: Two female cousins who were sold from the auction block as tickle-slaves to two different masters, and who are allowed to write letters to each other. Each character then describes her experiences and surroundings in her letters to the other character.

The shared elements of the background are set by the first letter, or by private agreement between the two writers (use PM). For example, the "letter from Susannah" below sets up a fictional city of Anadova in a vaguely Moorish fictional land known as the Sunlands, and implies various other elements of the setting.  

One drawback is that the Letter Game does demand that the players have better writing chops than simple on-line RP.

Here's sample letter for starting a Letter Game exchange:

Dear Cousin Emmaline

As you can tell from this letter, I am alive and reasonably well. Even though I felt that I would die from embarrassment when we were sold from that awful stone auction block. It wasn't the chains that disturbed me so much, or even my being sold into slavery. Rather it was my nakedness. That, and all those eyes raking over my skin. I could feel those eyes, every pair of them, and I'll tell you that they had me squirming and shivering by the time the bidding ended. It was actually a relief to be sold. Even now I feel that way, even though my new Master has often stripped me naked for his own delight, and has proven himself a true expert at the sweet torture. My great fear is that he will reject me, and that I will find myself naked and chained once more on the stone block of the auction house in Anadova

My new Master is Bey Ekem, and he is a perfect fiend when he has a feather in his hand. Especially when I am strapped down with leather straps, or trapped and helpless in the finely polished wooden stocks he prefers. Those are fine pieces of furniture, worthy of the manor of a Squire, or even a Lord, but for their design and the use to which they are put.

These stocks are in Master's villa, just outside of Anadova. Master is not too cruel, other than when he indulges himself at the sweet torture. I am kept barefoot, but Master does permit me a length of cloth at most times. A thin cotton cloth, this is, if brightly dyed. Before I would have considered this short length to be shockingly scanty, as clothing, but the weather here in Anadova is terribly hot. Also, being put through the slave pens and upon the stone auction block does change ones perceptions.

However, the best news is that I have been permitted to write you this letter. I hope that this finds you, if not in the best of circumstances, at least as well as I am. Master will not say where you have been taken, other than to another city in a different province, or satrap, or whatever they are called here in the Sunlands. He also will not say who your new Master is, only that I will learn it if he permits you to reply. My own Master appears confident that he will, but I do fear that I shall never hear from you again.

With my best wishes for you,
Your cousin Susannah
(Who is now "Slavegirl Susi" to her new Tickle Master)

First, I don't blame DeviantArt for their often-cramped rules. They're looking at the spiky mace of government power crashing down to crush and rend them if they displease Our Bureaucratic Overlords.

Second, the obvious intent is to have the definition of "pornography" in literature mirror the definition used for drawings, photos, and other images. But there are a few wrinkles where writings are different from drawings.

Third, I think the definitions for images are mostly clear. (In fact, I sometimes wish other sites would be equally clear in their definitions.) The chief problem is when images have naughty porn-bits that the artist blocks or blurs in self-censorship. This leaves the artist open to having his self-censorship "deemed insufficient or lacking by the reviewing staff member." But an artist acting in good faith should be able to tell ahead of time if his blurring or blocking of naughty porn-bits has avoided being "insufficient" or not. He shouldn't have a ban-hammer come down on him because he made a reasonable guess that the reviewing staff member turned out to disagree with.

Fourth, the problem above is much more severe when it comes to writing. Either the author leaves sex scenes out entirely (which is a bigger burden on writing than on images), or he does the writing equivalent of "blurring" them by using euphemisms rather than anatomical or vulgar-slang terms, by not giving details about what ...things... look like or about how ...things... interact, and by using indirection and innuendo. But how can an author tell ahead of time if his efforts have avoided the dreaded "insufficient"?

Fifth, if DeviantArt can't completely avoid subjective judgments, can it at least avoid double jeopardy? If a piece is reported, but then deemed to be acceptable after all by a staff member, will it be tagged so, to prevent the unfairness of a second review by different staff member bringing down the ban-hammer?

(Expanded from my comment on a DA post here)
One of my pet peeves is that there are so very few actual bondage stories out there, as opposed to BDSM stories that happen to have a lot of bondage included along with the D/s and the SM. The very few I have found all seem to be a variant of “woman is introduced to consensual bedroom bondage games by a partner, and find that she likes it.” To make it worse, I’m either oversensitive or else most other people are blind to just how much SM there is in various “bondage” stories. It makes me feel like a character in the Monty Python “Spam” skit:

Me: Don’t you have any stories without SM in them?
Them: Well, there’s this story, featuring SM, SM, SM, bondage, and SM – it only has a little SM in it…

Now D/s I’m OK with – as long as the D/s is SM-free. This means leaving out humiliation, degradation, and other forms of “mental” SM, as well as excluding the straight-up physical-pain-for-teh-sexy sort of SM. For a long time, I thought I didn’t much like D/s either, but I’m actually a big fan of fantasy female enslavement. It turned out that I was confused by so much of the D/s fiction out there having SM mixed in with it.

I really am most sincerely allergic to SM, to inflicting pain, humiliation, and degradation for “teh sexy.” Instead, what rocks my boat is when pleasure is “inflicted” on the “victim.” Instead of being a character in the Spam skit, I want to be the Monty Python version of the Spanish Inquisition, where the cuffs and collars are comfy, and the “punishments” pleasant ones. (“Cardinal Fang, give her fifteen caresses with the lambswool duster.”)

So I love bondage. I love the fantasy of a bound and barefoot slavegirl, struggling helplessly without the slightest possibility of either hurting herself or getting loose. I love the idea of her cuddling with an affectionate master, as opposed to her being treated like a sexual chew-toy by a bastard master in love with his own masterlyness. I love stories that either leave off the whippings and the groveling in the dirt, or that relegate these things to the villains’ acts of villainy, without any sexiness being imputed to them at all. But stories about these things are so rare that I have to write them myself, and the desire to see more such stories in existence is a major motivator of my writing.

Now this does create certain problems with plotting the stories I want to write. “Slavegirl suffers and struggles under the boot of a Master in love with his own masterlyness” is an easy plot to fall into. So easy, in fact, as to be a trap. Even though I dislike it, I have to make a conscious effort to avoid it. Thus far, I’ve found the best way to avoid this trap is to adopt a template along the lines of “He’s a Master. She’s his slave girl. Together, they fight crime!”

(Note: This is a newer version of the essay; I've also kept the old version for the sake of reference and to preserve the comments.)
NOTE: This is the older version, kept for reference and for the sake of preserving the contents. See: Bondage Stories (version 2) for the new version.

One of my pet peeves is that there are so very few actual bondage stories out there, as opposed to BDSM stories that happens to have a lot of bondage included along with the D/s and SM. Not only that, but the very few bondage stories all seem to be some close variant of "woman is introduced to consensual bedroom bondage games by a partner, and find that she likes it." Anything more exotic seems certain to be full of pain, punishment, humiliation, and degradation.

In fact, a major driving force for my own writing is to produce more bondage stories that are not BDSM stories. When I do include D/s and SM elements, I try very hard to make them a combination of something lighthearted, something rare, something necessary but undesirable, and something that only the bad guys indulge in. I have lots and lots of barefoot slavegirls in my stories, yes. But I make the slavegirls saucy and cheerful, their masters kindly and indulgent, and the frequently-applied bondage comfortable and even cuddly. Inescapable, yes, but also comfy.

What I want, and try to write, are stories about slavers who resemble the Monty Python version of the Spanish Inquisition, where the cuffs and collars are comfy, and the punishments pleasant. ("Give her fifteen strokes on the back - with the lambswool duster.") Where the bound slavegirl can snuggle happily against her new master, with the smiling master holding her gently in return. Sugary scenes of luv are no problem. It's the spicy spankings, stingy fetishistic croppings, and the sour taste of humiliation that I want to leave out.

Of course, this does create some challenges when it comes to telling a story.
Sometimes I wonder how much people want their kinky erotic fiction to be real stories with actual plots, conflicts, and all the other stuff that gives a piece the story-nature. If people skip ahead to the "good parts" then why not write vignettes consisting solely of "good parts," rather than expending brain-sweat in crafting a plot and in writing out all the non-kinky and non-erotic scenes needed for a complete story?

I know it's not all one way or the other, but maybe writers - including me - are spending too much effort trying to write all stories, all the time, when we should be doing a greater proportion of simple vignettes, concentrating on the description and setting. Or maybe it's just me that needs to do this.

The advantage of the traditional story-with-a-plot is that it's a time-proven way of providing extra interest. If done right, a story will explain why the kinky action is taking place, and will give the reader reasons beyond "hey, it's kink!" to care about the characters who are being bound or tickled, and/or the characters who are inflicting these things. The disadvantage is that a real story usually requires a number of non-erotic scenes with a lot of non-erotic verbiage. The reader may have to go through a fair amount of material before reaching the "good parts."

The advantage of the vignette is the other way around. It jumps straight into the hot stuff and will stick to being pure sexy kink all the way to the end. The disadvantage is that there is no reason other than the sexy kink for the reader to be interested in going through to the end. The characters risk being flat and generic, and there won't be any tension, or any reason for the reader to care about why these particular characters are suffering (or enjoying) the bondage, tickling, etc.

A writer can try to combine the two, producing a piece that's almost all sexy kink with only a minimal or implied plot. But this is hard to pull off and can easily backfire, with the minimal plot repelling the reader more than it attracts, and thus diminishing the value of the "hot" scenes rather than enhancing them.

One idea might be to write a series of vignettes, all in the same setting (preferably an exotic and interesting one) and with recurring characters. That might make them more interesting to read than simple one-off vignettes.
(Apologies in advance for the snooty-sophomoric tone of this piece. I set out to write an "essay" and the word seems to have triggered that attitude.)

Here I am considering only the flaming heterosexual situation of a barefoot woman bound by a man.

The barefoot, tied-up woman may be nude, dressed in skimpy clothing, or well-dressed except for lacking shoes and stockings. The different combinations of bare feet, bonds, and dress or undress all have their own special attractions.

The woman may be barefoot by choice before encountering the man who binds her, or she may be forced to go barefoot - her captor may make her remove her footwear, or he may remove it for her. Likewise, the clothing that the woman wears (or fails to wear) may be due to her own choice before she encounters her captor, or it may be forced upon her.

Full nudity is powerful in its attractions, but also blatant and extreme. It can make it seem more logical for the woman to be barefoot, but it also can take away from the "specialness" of her feet being bare. And then there is the "perversion" (from the viewpoint of a barefoot bondage fan) of a woman who is nude except for stockings and/or shoes or boots.

Nudity can be something the woman chooses for herself, but it's more likely to be something forced on her. Even when she does choose it, there is often the sense that the binding man used careful timing to catch her when nude.

If the woman is barefoot by choice, but not nude, the clothing she wears may make her lack of footwear seem typical, or odd, or somewhere in between. Swimsuits go with bare feet, as does lingerie. Bare feet also don't seem too far out of place with tropical costumes or casual summer-weather clothing. On the other foot, a lack of shoes and stockings is extraordinary when combined with fancy or formal dress. Footwear is a normal part of the costume for a secretary, or a lady lawyer in a business suit, or a woman in a formal evening gown, and the unexpected appearance of naked feet makes things interesting. Either the woman is extraordinarily eccentric, or unusual circumstances drove her to ditch her shoes - or a captor came along to take her shoes away.

A captor can take away footwear for both practical reasons and for symbolic or psychological ones. As a practical matter, shoes and boots can be weapons, or can conceal escape kits. Also, a barefoot prisoner - especially one accustomed to wearing shoes - will generally be less able to run away, even if she does get free of her bonds. As for socks, stockings, and hose, removing these and applying bonds directly over bare skin can make those bonds more difficult to escape. And stockings and hose can even be used as bonds, once removed.

On the symbolic level, bare feet imply vulnerability, submissiveness, and nakedness-in-general. Bare feet combined with other clothing - especially clothing not normally associated with bare feet - also has an implied threat of that other clothing being taken away as well, creating tension and excitement in the scene. But even setting this threat aside, bare feet combined with other clothing can give a double whammy of sexy clothing and sexy (symbolic) nakedness all at once. And of course, putting the barefoot woman into physical bondage enhances all this symbolism.

Likewise, clothing combined with bare feet and bondage can make the naked feet seem even nakeder, highlighting the various symbolic and practical aspects that make barefoot bondage sexy. Or bare-footedness can be part of a fully nude package, where the bare feet make the nudity complete. Or yet again, the woman's clothing can be skimpy or partial, creating various attractive tradeoffs between the sexiness of a bound woman who is completely nude, and one who is completely clothed except for her lack of footwear.
"Damsel in Distress" is in some ways a compromise, something consisting of various overlapping forms. Any given Damsel-in-Distress fan is apt to like some of the forms more than others, especially as a given liked (or disliked) form moves away from the central idea of "damsel tied up."

Here's my take on some of the different forms. Of course, any single Damsel-in-Distress scenario may combine more than one.

Gagged for Gold
The damsel is tied & gagged to keep her from escaping and/or giving the alarm as the captor proceeds to obtain the loot he came for - money, jewelry, secret papers, etc. One variant is the kidnapping, where the loot is ransom money paid for the captive damsel's return.

Tied for Terror
The damsel is tied up and subjected to a peril that will frighten her, demean her, and/or cause her pain. The darkness of this form will depend on the seriousness of the peril and on whether the damsel is only threatened with the painful & humiliating torments or actually subjected to them. One common variation is for the peril to be (threatened) death.

Roped and Rescued
"Villainous Interruptus," where a rescuer comes in to foil the captor (or at least his plans) and free the damsel. Most commonly played off a "Tied for Terror" variation, but can be played off on of the other DiD forms. The stereotypical examples are the damsel rescued from the railroad tracks, from the big saw in the timber-mill, or from being a virgin sacrifice to the local dragon.

Pinned-Down Pin-Up

Here the damsel is restrained in a way as to provide a sexy display, not just for the admiration of the audience, but also for the captor and for other characters within the scenario. One example is the scantily-clad female chained (or at least leashed) at the foot of the tyrant's throne - as in the famous case of "Slavegirl Leia" and Jabba the Hutt.

Cuties in Comfy Captivity
This one is my personal favorite. It's also notable for the "peril" factor being dialed way down - possibly to zero. The damsel is tied up or otherwise restrained, but also pampered. The form may be combined with "Pinned-Down Pin-Up" (e.g. in an odalisque or harem-slave scenario) or with "Gagged for Gold" (e.g. a gentleman kidnapper who keeps the damsel comfortable while waiting for the ransom to arrive.)

Knot Really In Danger
This focuses on the point-of-view of the damsel, catering to the fantasy of being tied up and given the thrill of being put into peril. But of course without the peril being a real danger, because then the fantasy wouldn't be any fun. The "force fantasy" is one version of this, where the peril consists of actually being ravished, but with the ravishment not actually being bad because it was either pre-arranged as part of the game (in real life) or because it's in fiction and the Power of Poetics is invoked to make the unconsenting sex romantic rather than horrible.

Bad Girl Bound

The damsel here is, if not an actual Villainess, then at least a Naughty Girl. The captor here is actually the hero (or a reasonable facsimile), who ties the damsel up in order to keep her from hurting others. One variant has the damsel tied up so that a possessing spirit can be questioned. This blends into "Secured for Safety," below.

Secured for Safety
As with "Bad Girl Bound" the captor is the hero or a reasonable facsimile. However the damsel here isn't Bad, but simply someone who innocently gets into trouble. Thus the damsel is tied to keep her out of peril, rather than putting her into it. This can blend into "Bad Girl Bound" or "Gagged for Gold" if the damsel is simply on the opposite side of the hero-captor, with her bad-person aspects being downplayed.
I’m a writer and artist who is into bondage - as in physical restraint, rather than as a shorthand for the whole gambit of BDSM activity. Mostly I’m into women being tied (or otherwise restrained), either by me or by a male character I can identify with. The methods used can vary, but my ideal is that the woman can struggle as hard as she likes, without either getting loose or hurting herself. Oh, and that she’s barefoot. I’m a “If the woman isn’t barefoot, she isn’t in bondage, she’s just... tied up” kind of guy.

In fact, I’m sincerely allergic to sexualized pain and to most sorts of SM play in general. This extends to “verbal” and “psychological” SM as well. I like any D/s that comes along with the bondage to be of the happy and cheerful sort, with insults, degradation, and other such sadistic elements left out. Also, I want to see bondage that’s comfortable and pain-free. I itch and break out in hives at predicament bondage, painful bondage, and fictional descriptions of bondage that emphasize how the restraints become more and more uncomfortable with time.

I like instead to see bondage combined with pleasure. This can range from the comfy & cuddly feeling that goes with being tied up, to various kinds of pampering, to intense pleasures “inflicted” on the captive in order to provoke ecstatic and useless struggles. A big aspect of this for me (but not the only one) is tickling - tickling as a pleasure, rather than “tickle TORTURE!!!” Here I’m more focused on the feet. For bondage in general, I just want feet to be bare and there without a big focus on them. Also with tickling I’m more willing to see myself (or a male character I identify with) as the victim. That’s still a minority interest for me, however.

I’m also turned on by the idea of exotic fantasy slavery - the more exotic and luxurious, the better. The slavegirls don’t necessarily have to be human, but they do need to be pampered PLEASURE slaves, rather than sexual chew-toys that their masters use to indulge their nasty masterly impulses. This has given me a love-hate relationship with the Gor novels. On one hand, they have a number of elements that hit my hot-buttons, and on the other hand they include a number of things that provoke a strong ick & squick response from me. They’re like moonshine whiskey, they’re of uneven quality, have a nasty taste, and are at least faintly toxic. But they do pack a real 100 proof emotional punch. I’ve searched for a smoother, sweeter literary tipple, failed to find one, and ended up writing a couple of novels myself, partly as hommages to Gor, and partly as an answerback to it.

My squick, ick, and leaves-me-cold buttons do as much to describe me as my turn-ons. Some of the more important ones are: I’m very heterosexual, to the point where “hot girl-girl action!” leaves me cold, to say nothing of hot guy-on-guy action. I’m squicked by, and just don’t get, the whole oral sex thing. “Keep the mouth above the waist, please.” I’m unfond of sexualized scat, piss, and blood. I can appreciate gags, but I mostly prefer to leave them off - and drool makes me go “yuck!” I don’t like piercings, to the point where even ear-rings are marginal for me. And as I mentioned above, I really don’t care for pain or humiliation.

[Edited/updated Feb 28, 2015]